Download randomly 66.08mb

ive been playing for about 3-4 hrs today, left for shopping, came back and when i launched diablo less then 5 mins ago, it started to download 66.08mb, anyone know what that was for?

Patch notes up / for the season exploit

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secret code to catch you botting. you’re done son


news to me, lol things ppl will do…
thanks though.

i have nothing to hide i aint worried - i dont bot,cheat, or exploit…dont matter to me ! i think the worse i do, even now rarely, is use ISboxer and quad log…even then thats boring plus thats already been ruled out over the YEARS as ‘ok/approved’ to do, by blizzard themselves, again im not worried

I dislike how its just the seasonal theme fix. While Monk’s TR Flurry rune has issues with stacks dropping randomly…