Does anyone here think d3 was a better game then d2?

would be interesting to see a vote


Not on launch, and maybe not for its time, but yes, it is a better game.

It is really hard to beat the sucess and impact d2 had in its time


It’s like comparing Alien to Aliens for me- different types of movies/games and aren’t directly comparable. Diablo 2 is a better immersive dark action RPG with fun loot to find. Diablo 3 it’s best when skipping all story elements and just get to murdering thousands of enemies.


I played D2 from 2000 to May 2012 with very few breaks (deployed to Iraq in 2005). Since D3’s launch, I’ve played it regularly until about 9 months ago (logged about 4000 hours).

After thousands of hours spent in both D2 and D3, I currently derive more enjoyment out of D3’s skill mechanics and it’s moment to moment gameplay. I still load up D2 now and then, but it’s short lived because the gameplay doesn’t feel nearly as smooth.

I enjoyed both games very much.


I don’t think this question is really a yes or no answer because what is good about D3 is obviously the fact that it is/was a more modern game with better combat fluidity. They obviously a did great job with the combat, so hats off to them for that. The skill modifier for legendary’s was a good save for the itemization and to make legendary’s a fun item. Those are the two main things to take from D3 that should be improved upon further for D4 which clearly already has happened.

But to act like its surprising that D3 had better combat and fluid game play as if that in all itself 1 ups everything about D2, is just ridiculous. Of course a game that is released 12 years later should be expected to have certain things about it that out do its predecessor.

However, there are still things to be taken from D2 that are important which is really what makes an ARPG what it is. Which I do not feel like repeating because there are countless threads discussing it already.


Played d2 for 15 years d3 for 3 months mmm. Ofc d2 was better game and comparing time when d2 and d3 was realeased it looks like d2 is masterpiece there.


Played D2 for maybe a month on and off before uninstalling it. D3 still installed thousands of hours played.
In terms of time played for me D3 is a far more enjoyable game.


I don’t think that D3 is better than D2, but I do think that certain elements of D3 is better.


this isn’t even a contest; D2 all the way.

I got hundreds of hours put into D3, but guess what? I got THOUSANDS into d2. D2’s replayability is just years ahead of D3-- D3 is a fun romp but that’s really it, D2 is an everlasting gobstopper.


No. D3 is a mediocre, game, which was striped from the essence of D2.


No, D2 in my childhood, was a very addictive game. I remember I always got on to play with any free time I had. I loved playing with others and we were able to share items to help improve each others build. Whenever I got a good item I would save it and when my friends comes online whether it was hours later or 2 days later, I would share that item and we would run some ubers and kill baal over and over again. The multiplayer expereience made it really fun. D3 is limited with only 4 players and trading can only happen within 2 hours within your current party, which sucks.

But D3 does have potential to be better, there’s so many good suggestions brought up by our community but D3 team tends to throw away 90% of them straight to the trash.


For me D2 is the better game. I’ve played D3 a bunch as I have a buddy who got it for the PS4 and loved it, so I played with him. He never played D2 but I’m confident he wouldn’t enjoy it as much as D3. He doesn’t care about the RPG element and just wants to kill enemies by the bunch. The simplicity of D3 attracts a lot of people but D2 has far more replayability for me.

If D4 takes D3 mechanics and adds a skill tree/talent tree AND itemization like D2 it would be a winner for me.( In fact, if D4 doesn’t change itemization from what they’ve shown so far I won’t be buying it.) I think we can have a blend of the 2 games for an epic installment. I don’t have a ton of confidence the Devs want to do that though. They like appealing to more casual fans.


For it’s time Diablo 2 was amazing while Diablo 3 wasn’t.


For you. That isn’t nearly true for everyone. There as still quite a few people who were playing D3 at launch that are still playing D3 today. And unlike D2, none of those are bots.

I loved D2 in its time. I love D3 today. I don’t see it as a competition and I certainly don’t see either game as a failure.


You CAN’T be serious. D3’s got plenty of bots, just like wow.


As an Action game D3 is better imho but… not sure how fair of a statement that is just due to the time gap and the advancement in many areas to allow for that.

As a RPG game Diablo 2 is MUCH better than Diablo 3 because my character feels more unique. As someone put it you’re playing an individual character more than a class in D2 compared to D3

Since I still play both I’d have to give the nod to D2 because that is some insane staying power. Don’t get me wrong I like D3 in doses and have put A LOT of hours into it. The combat is good and I really like three of the classes (WD, Necro, Crusader) but Diablo 2 still be playing today, even if a couple times a month, is saying something. I’m also not much of a nostalgia player, for instance, I haven’t jumped to WoW Classic, WC3:R, or the old console systems. I just find D2 to still be an enjoyable game.


is got no debate there ,
1- still d3 have any pvp because the game is a mess to balance
2- 7 year after the game is dead vs d2 stay very active for over 15 year easy
3- d2 never have all the bad press d3 have ,



At the initial launch it was terrible, after a few patches it was a close experience to D2 gameflow in terms of a sustainable loothunt, but it still was too dependent on the market due to bad randomization.
After expansion pack it tried to add D2-like features, without addressing multiple layers of randomization and all features looked like tacked on. By removal of trade it swapped the sustainability with linear progress, because “modern approach”.

Now we’re playing loot casino and for a change and do chore quests sometimes for materials. Then we all grind on the same yardstick that scale up nigh infinite for 0.1% monotonous upgrades in a game that never leaves quickplay model, nor allow us to meet up at similar power level plateaus for a good endgame experience.

As for a tl;dr version: vanilla was close to D2 already despite following a reverse model, until it tried to mimic D2 badly at expansion pack. So in short; “no”.


I have thousands of hours in both games. Diablo 2 is WAY better than diablo 3. Just look at how dead the game is now, less viewers on twitch than runescape. While Diablo 2 still has an active player base and arguably more people playing than D3 STILL after how many years?!?!

Diablo 2 just has a legendary complexity to it. With itemization, economy, skill synergy, and build viablity. Compared to diablo 3 its like comparing the mind of an adult to the mind of a child.

Both games overrun with bots. Diablo 3 has cheaters on the ranked boards too. Kind of pathetic.


D2 to me was like crack, I got totally addicted from the get go.
D3 to me was as addictive as a slice of bread