Do you think we'll ever get a good diablo 5?

Do you think it’s possible? I’ve been sitting here all alone in the conservatory contemplating this after watching Raxxanteraxx’s video about quitting Diablo 4 and diablo for good. And it dawned on me, there is no way on planet earth we get another good diablo game unless they completely sell off the IP or hire an entirely different team that somehow remains uninfluenced from current blizzard ideology. Blizzard just can’t make good games anymore. They dont know how. They dont intend to do so. Their intentions are solely to make a profit, which is a terrible standard because if you just make a good game the profit comes with it.

I mean, what are we supposed to do? Just play diablo 3 for the rest of our lives? The one person working on d3 through this last year is a hero, but come’on, the players are craving a good new diablo game. you saw how easily they were baited by that garbo d4. Some of us exceptionally smart and skilled diablo gamers saw through the lies, but most didnt.

So in the words of Raxxanteraxx, “Where do we go from here? Now that D4 is a complete waste of time, what options lie ahead?” Will D3 seasons continue to hold us over? and for how long? Do we hope and pray for advances in A.I so that maybe we could get a good diablo 5 soon? I feel like im in the twilight zone of gaming, what is even happening to us?


I think this is the only way. Mainly because they’ve backed themselves into a corner with how they develop games.

They base every development decision around meeting engagement metrics. They need quantifiable data to show shareholders profitable projections. Once that became their main guiding principle, there was no way it was ever going to be reverted. They can never go back to simply just making a game because it’s fun and anticipating that to engage the players. They need quantifiable data to include in quarterly conference calls so they can give positive guidance and thus increase share price.

I believe they will never make another good game because of this.


You lost points for quoting a streamer.

I have low expectations of anything after I and 4.


Stop with this nonsense already. Matthew Cederquist Senior Game Producer has made reference to the “team.” :point_left:

i’ll believe when i see it. those quotes are several years old.


So if 99% of us can not believe that there are more than 1 single dev working hard on D3, then HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW? They wont release numbers anymore, because the numbers arent good. They certainly shared them when they were riding high off of Blizzard North games and early WoW.

anyways, troll DESTROYED, back on topic.

You truly are soft in the head. A current comment about D3: “It’s been out for 11 years, it’s on season 28, and we still have millions of players that come back to that game every season.” - Rod Fergusson, 08/15/2023, The Hollywood Reporter.

Matthew Cederquist, Senior Game Producer, 08/16/2023 :point_left:

“We have a fantastic team of design, engineering, art, QA, and many others that come together to bring content to Diablo III.”

Yes you were yet again. :clown_face:


Customers. Not supporters.

But of course not surprising you would use that word.

Welcome to the year 2010.

And no, profit does not automatically come by making a good game… not even close. Unfortunately.

Surely nobody actually think like that.

There are countless good games out there. Blizzards creative issues are not the industry’s issues.

Raxx never said that in the video. He said he will cover D4 regardless of the state of the game. And when it gets enough updates and content, that it’s worth to cover it more seariously, he will be doing so. He didn’t quit for good. He takes a pause, but keeps a finger on D4 pulse, and when the game is in a shape where it’s worth to stream it every day, he will be back.


He’s not quitting D4. He said he’ll keep playing it …

As far as Blizzard making quality games, Microsoft would need to reinstate profit sharing, promise to give more autonomy to teams, replace the head of Blizzard with someone better and poach top talent from other companies.

There is still a chance that D4 becomes a fun game, but who knows if the current team is up to the task?

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Of course we will see a good Diablo 5.
Initial release in 2030 will be meh, but by 2036 it’s once again the best game in the genre

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Not unless Blizzard changes fundamentally or the IP goes to someone who cares.

And even then they would first need to make a proper D3 and D4 (declaring the current mess non-canonical). After D2 there was not a single good Diablo entry, not on release not after years of changes.

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Ahhhhh… D2 fanboys still being butthurt after all these years. Nice.


Not a chance in hell.

The people that run these game companies hate gamers and look at players as little more than atm machines to be used as much as possible. This is true of all the big companies. And it won’t be any better with Microsoft it’ll be worse.

The good news though is that a future D5 will be so bad and monetization will be so greedy, it’ll make D4 look like a wonderfully fun charity project of a game by comparison

Remember, you are not the customer. The investors sponsors and company execs are. So shut up and spend and grind away in game getting those engagement numbers up


Yes, good, good, let the hate flow through you.

How’s that old saying go? “Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice…well you can’t get fooled again.”

Once for immortal, twice for D4, and thrice for D5. Third time is the charm for emptying your wallet.

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Wtf we are talking about D5 already? :joy:

Well if D5 has open world and low stash space it’s a insta skip.


Sounds like a monetization opportunity, after you buy the base game and battle pass of course.

Hehe they missed that opportunity by infinity with D4. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Game laggs with full stash. :joy:

If only, I would pay for more stash space abd Charakter slots in D3, and even then Blizzard won’t offer it, since the wrote trashy network code…

Perhaps, there is no guarantee which is why we are in this situation.

People who care might struggle to reimagine ARPGs and create something fun, it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s just simpler to hire people who will execute the microtransaction model, that’s all.

I think it can be done, both a good game and a profitable sequel. It’s not a zero sum game. Let’s say Diablo 4 was a great fantastic game, all the microtransactions built on top wouldn’t take away from it.

What the microtransactions are is an easy way to profit off a game with no creativity. You don’t need extremely passionate employees to make profitable games anymore, all you need is someone who is happy to take an existing model, like Diablo 3, and figure out how to insert microtransactions into it.

Sad but true.

To keep things in perspective, why would they care? First they never played the games back in the day, secondly they don’t know any of the original staff who created the games, so there isn’t really a strong reason to follow in the footsteps of those who came before.

In many ways Diablo is dead, in the sense that the spirit of Diablo is dead and those in control don’t even know what Diablo was, the idea of caring is a bad joke to them. It would be like us caring about their honeymoon and trying to recreate it or something - why on earth would we do that, we would just make honeymoon2 to make money and not care about the details - that makes more sense.

So the flaw truly is in the hiring practices, which might have been intentional seeing as everyone planned to jump ship anyway. So the people are fine, they are doing what they were expected to do.

Might surprise you, but this isn’t the problem. What gender someone is or what sexuality they are doesn’t determine if a game will be good or not. A good game stems from the team’s competence, creative luck, and its leadership. There are plenty of terrible games made by people who don’t have rainbow flags or trans shirts.


Way too early. This is like asking do you think the 2032 Lakers will make the play in tourney? Lol