Do you have to complete darkening of tristram in one go?

Check this out: [SPOILER] The Darkening of Tristram Guide

You have until Sunday, January 31, 2021 4:00 PM PST.

You don’t have to if you just want to finish it.

You do if you want the achievement…

An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision

…which grants the Butcher pet. For this one, you have to start the dungeon at level 1 and complete it in one game session.

The thing is I exited the game on lvl 6 of the dungeon and now I am back in tristram???

Yes, that’s why I said you had to complete it in one session, i.e. you start with a level 1 hero, go into the event dungeon, and make it all the way down to the final boss without leaving the game.

I’m pretty sure this is covered in all the guides.

Just go back to the portal. You can see the icon on the map.

the guide just says for the ____ achievements you need to do it in one session nothing about the event in general

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And where else would you expect to be? You exited the game and started a new one - of course you’re going to be back in Tristam (or any of the other starting areas). It doesn’t save where you were in the event. Just go back to the Old Ruins and re-enter the portal to get back to it. You’re overthinking it.

Just to be clear: Tristram is the Event. New Tristram is the D3, Act 1 starting town. (I assume @trickyness and you mean [New] Tristram).

If your “original” Character entered the Portal to Tristram at Level 1 with 0 XP you’re good-to-go. Use the same Character to return to the Labyrinth and complete all 16 Levels in one game session. And don’t die. (In your case, you may have to create a new Character). This only completes ONE of the Achievements. (I believe the reward is the Butcher’s Pet).

ALL other Achievements can be earned AT ANY TIME and in MULTIPLE game sessions.

There are many good guides, including videos, out there. I tried to provide step-by-step instructions in the [SPOILER] The Darkening of Tristram Guide, which I linked above.
Good luck and good hunting!  

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OP is somewhat vague, but I think he’s wondering why he doesn’t restart at lvl 6 of the Cathedral. That’s how I read it, anyways.

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Yeah thats exactly what I was asking that is if you quit do you go back to lvl 1 imo that really should be clarified at the top of the guide. I don’t know what everyone else is interpreting this as

If I’m understanding you correctly:

  • There are no Waypoints to the different Labyrinth Levels, so you would enter Level 1 again.
  • Anything you completed on any of the Levels, including side Dungeons, you can skip.
  • You need to work your way through all 16 Levels of the Labyrinth and kill The Dark Lord (Diablo), without quitting the game, to get the Achievement and reward for An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision.

I guess for the sake of brevity they didn’t give exact, specific, step-by-step instructions. However the achievement does say ‘Kill the Dark Lord in a solo game beginning with a level 1 hero…’ Most people reading that are going to get the impression it needs to be done in one single game, without stopping.

Had your opening post been clearer so would the responses.

Yeah but they prefaced it by saying only if you want ____ achievement and I’m more of an I just wanna finish the game kinda guy.

It takes, max, 30 minutes. Just create a new lvl 1 and run through it. It’s not hard to do at all.

No need to create a level 1 character. Just pick your fastest character and blow through the levels.

True, however I’m still not sure if the OP is after the achievement or not. If not, why bother?

True dat.

I believe you only need to start with a Level 1 Character to get the Achievement An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision and The Butcher Pet. And once you get that, your done. (It’s a global Achievement and Cosmetic Pet).

The Dark Lord (Diablo) is just like a Greater Rift Guardian. He always drops the Red Soul Shard when you kill him. But, only if your current Character doesn’t already have one in their possession.

So, if you want multiple Red Soul Shards you’ll need to put any you have in an alternate Character’s Inventory and then kill The Dark Lord with your main Character.

Here is a list of all The Darkening of Tristram Achievements and rewards and how to earn them:

Location: Achievements → Career → General → Special Events

Thank Goodness You’ve Returned!

Kill all 4 bosses in The Darkening of Tristram event.

  • The Butcher
  • Skeleton King
  • Arch-Bishop Lazarus
  • The Dark Lord

Achievement Rewards: Ogden’s Sign Banner Sigil and Ogden’s Brew Banner Accent.


Protector of Tristram

Kill all unique monsters from the Labyrinth.
(The numbers in parenthesis are the Labyrinth Levels you’ll find them on).

Nightwing the Cold (7) Goldblight of the Flame (10)
Viletouch (12) Bilefroth the Pit Master (6)
Baron Sludge (8) Oozedrool (9)
Shadowcrow (5) Snotspill (4)
Foulwing (5) Gharbad the Weak (4)
Deathshade Fleshmaul (6) Bloodgutter (6)
Blighthorn Steelmace (7) Bloodskin Darkbow (5)
Gorestone (7) Zhar the Mad (8)
The Vizier (15) Breakspine (9)
Bluehorn (11) Blackstorm (10)
Firewound the Grim (8) Brokenhead Bangshield (3)
Lionskull the Bent (12) Graywar the Slayer (14)
Rustweaver (13) Steelskull the Hunter (14)
Warlord of Blood (13) Sir Gorash (16)
Madeye the Dead (3) Blacklash the Burning (4)
Fangspeir (11) Viperflame (12)
Witchmoon (13) Blackjade (UA)
Red Vex (UA) Stareye the Witch (14)
Brokenstorm (9) The Flayer (10)
Shadowbite (2) Rotfeast the Hungry (2)

Achievement Rewards: Classic Demon Portrait Frame

I Sense a Soul in Search of Answers

Collect all the Cultist Pages from the precursor event.

  • Cultist Page 1
  • Cultist Page 2
  • Cultist Page 3
  • Cultist Page 4
  • Cultist Page 5
  • Cultist Page 6
  • Cultist Page 7

Achievement Rewards: Classic Angel Portrait Frame

Pssst… Over Here…

Acquire Wirt’s Leg in The Darkening of Tristram event.

Achievement Rewards: This starts the hidden event, Map of the Stars, and yields the Royal Calf Cosmetic Pet.

The Dark Passage

Visit the Dark Passage.

The Chamber of Bone

Visit the Chamber of Bone.

The Halls of the Blind

Visit the Halls of the Blind.

An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision

Kill the Dark Lord in a solo game starting with a Level 1 character in The Darkening of Tristram event.

Achievement Rewards: The Butcher Cosmetic Pet.

When you kill The Dark Lord he will drop the Red Soul Shard Legendary Gem.

Placing the Red Soul Shard Legendary Gem in any socketed Helm will give you the Red Soul Shard Helm Transmogrification.


The thing is, this is just how Diablo III has worked since Adventure Mode was introduced. It’s been so long since I played Campaign Mode that it took me a second to remember that the check points would actually start you where you left off. Diablo II is the same way, when you exit the game, you re-start in town, and all the areas are re-populated and all maps re-randomized in the new game (single player saves map layout though).

So I think most guides (for better or worse) are assuming familiarity with Diablo III Adventure Mode, which is needed for the event. So if you’re playing in adventure mode, no “world” progress is ever saved between games, only character progression, items, etc. So leaving in the middle of an area always puts you back in a starting town the next time you login. So having the guide explicitly state this may have been seen as overkill.

In the case of the Tristram event, if you just want to experience all the levels, and don’t care about getting 100% of the achievements, choose your fastest/best character, and just blow through them. If you want all the achievements, you’re going to have to play through the levels multiple times anyway. The good news is the achievements are remembered, even over multiple years. I think it actually took me 2 or 3 Tristram events to get all the unique monsters killed for “Protector of Tristram” since it’s RNG on which monsters spawn, having killed them in a previous run doesn’t prevent them from spawning again (instead of the monster you actually need to kill to finish the achievements) and I had limited playtime/interest to go through it all over and over.

As has been said, if you want certain achievements, you have to start with a new character (although I’ve killed monsters on the way so had more than 0 XP before starting the event before and still got the achievement) and complete all 16 levels at once.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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