Do you hate us in forum?

Now I am going to register here, as in my future posts, to apologize for my bad English language.
But I will keep posting here in English, to improve practice, and to discus diablo3.
So I didn’t read in forum conduct, that to post in this forum, you must speak 100% English language, or you need to be British American, or any comon wealth country.
I want to know, if you guys who look over these “forum conduct”, allow ppl to make joke and moke on ppl who hasn’t English as main language.
In my country, if you don’t speak our language, we try to do best we can to help, and we don’t make jokes, cuz we do respect other ppl nationality.
I just reported a reply about a fact. But I just want to know, are foreign ppl, who don’t live in US, or non American, are allowed to post here???

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Of course they are allowed, troublemakers :point_left: are another story.

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Anyone is allowed to post here. It’s not technically in the Code of Conduct that you have to speak English here but being that that’s what most of us know, you’re probably not going to get very far if you don’t use it.

Going around mocking and insulting other posters around here is against the Code of Conduct but the mods can be kind of inconsistent as to if they do anything about it, and it does require that the post be reported first.

Then again in another thread you also suggested somebody was simple and doesn’t use their brain because they don’t think PoE is amazing.

So it’s probably not surprising that people are taking shots at you if that’s how you act.


As a non-native English speaker, who know I am butchering English grammar… of course you are allowed to post no matter how incomprehensible your posts might be.
Now, the actual content of your posts… that is a different matter. Which can hardly be excused by being a ‘foreigner’.

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You just posted here… What kind of question are you asking?

Also, as a foreigner, it’s best not to use slangs such as “cuz”. It can mean many things such as a relative (cousin). Avoid slangs and use an online translator.

It seems we have a cultural shock here…
So if I say to same person:" you didn’t used mind", Gona have a different interpretation???
Indeed, I noticed in this forum, that ppl are not really allowed to say what they think, until hell set lose. Cuz if the forum dude do not remove your post, the guys here, especially psycho fans, will try to put you down.
What ever I say here, is not personal at all, in this post or other.
Most important, is to make the community glad, just put my self in the line like many others, and blindly clap blizzard.
Ty for reply.

The forum has a code of conduct. You should read what types of things are allowed versus violating the rules.

Forum Code of Conduct - Blizzard Support (

Some answers show how much ppl are so upset, with my posts. Maybe I mentioned diablo2 and Poe too much in my posts, in fact both games are great example to follow, beside disagreement with a lot if things in diablo3 mechanics.

So in this community, there is no place for disagree, because what blizzard did during last 15 years is over perfection, and if any 1 dares to disagree he is not welcome here.

This is how community works. If you even talking to someone in forum friendly, and joking, you made a question about “phones”, they remove your post.
Big deal this forum…

Already I learned lessons here, really impressed of UNITY of community, to oppress any sense of criticism on blizzard.

Congratulations to community!!

Anyone can post here, your native language doesn’t matter.

I’ve noticed that most often it’s the native English speakers who really butcher the grammar. As a non-native English speaker myself it makes me struggle to understand what that person is saying.

Personally I don’t expect people to write with perfect grammar but I do expect them to try. It really rubs me the wrong way when I see people use words like “cuz” instead of “because” and other similar nonsense. Things like that make the writer look extremely immature, illiterate and otherwise bad.

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That is not the issue at all. Both D2 and PoE are better games than D3. Nothing wrong with stating that here. It is a matter of how you state your opinion.

I wont have a different interpretation and that’s not really the point anyway.

The point is that you decided to start making personal attacks on somebody, rather than attacking their argument. When you do that, don’t be surprised when they start making personal attacks against you.

That’s just how it works, regardless of if the forums moderators will actually do anything about the individual posts in question or not.

I say what I think all the time around here. I’ve thrown plenty of criticisms at both Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 around here and been rather open about how I think Diablo 2 is the vastly better game. Sure both games have their fanatical defenders but nobody is “trying to put me down”.

What I don’t do is go around making personal attacks then cry foul when somebody starts firing back at me.

No. It has nothing to do with you talking D2 or PoE. That has been explained by multiple people across multiple threads at this point. It has to do with you attitude and how you have treated others who disagree with your points. Yet instead if trying to understand, you double down on the attacks. Add to that, you start a new thread asking for help in the very game you have done nothing but bad mouth and demean others for liking.

If this truly a case of a language barrier I apologize for confusion caused by your inability to communicate. However, you seem to grasp enough English, ever made a left wing v right wing jab in another post, to make be believe you are a troll just trying to rile others up.


There’s nothing wrong with sharing your ideas, there’s also nothing wrong with debating the ideas, as long as things are kept civil. If you can’t reach an agreement, at least agree to disagree. Idea sharing among the community does not go unnoticed by game developers and helps shape the future of the games we play.

The majority of the time I see any problems in the forums is when two or more people that must have the last word, which usually progresses into a beligerant text shouting match.

If someone pokes fun at your spelling or grammar, it shows their level of intelligence… Ignore them.

Good quote from Mark Twain:
“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

I hate to say it, and will probably take a hit for it, but this is the troll handbook 101. Attack first, play dumb, get upset over being attacked back, then cry for moderation. It’s like in the NHL, doesn’t matter if you started something the person who attacks second gets the penalty.

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That was a good mode to see, how ppl interpretation works on my words.
But I said, nothing to me is personal here. Seriously, i just point things that ppl said, and make an opinion over it.
I believe to judge things, as a player, you need to have enough XP, or being in same situation, most notable thing here, is this forum has no freedoms to speech, and psycho fans will eat your liver, and rip of your spine, before you try to complete discussion.
I answer ppl in same way they direct their self to speak, even if he is the company president.

These are American forums so of course they’re not proper English.
This is what an Englishman like me would call humour. :wink:

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Trouble makers…
You mean the people who disagree with blizzard, and do not stand in same line of fans??? And talk about diablo2 path of exile, as good examples to follow, and David Brevik???
And the people who question forum moderators about freedoms of speech, also people who asked for better optimization for diablo3.
And sane people who point serious issues in game after playing over 600 hours???
So these are trouble makers?
Or people in community are too sensitive when you just talk about these things, maybe if not the forum it self remove your post for pitiful reasons, the guys already here make their best to put people down.
Good man…

In another thread, where people disagreed with your opinions (even though you mistakenly said they were facts) your responses have included…

I can’t imagine why some people have gotten the impression that you’re not being an honest interlocutor and are just attempting to stir up trouble / bait people into responding in a manner that you can report them for.

I initially gave you the benefit of the doubt.
Not any more.

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You Englishmen…lol.

Sorry. Next time I’ll miss the U out to make you feel at home. :wink: