Do you guys feel vindicated?

Because I most certainly do.

After spamming these forums throughout the last 9 years, a lot of the time I felt like it all fell on deaf ears. Sometimes I’ve even contemplated on how much time I’ve wasted writing long posts, trying to convey what made the previous games successful and why, how D3 falls short in certain regards, and so on…

For me this was the best BlizzCon, specifically due to the info in regards to D4 and D2R. Finally, after all these years it seems, that someone on the other end was really hearing me, and other posters like myself.

Now I feel thankful.


Not really. There’s still the matter of the ridiculous 30yr Anniversary packs that should’ve been free or at a heavily reduced price.


Did I get it wrong or did they say at the opening ceremony that we get the new anniversary collection of the 3 original Blizzard games (Lost Vikings etc.) if you bought the Anniversary packs. If so, that makes it a much better deal.

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100% Feel like the D4 and D2R are on the right track. I was terrified they were gonna world of warcraft design them like what they did to Diablo 3. I feel like D2R has the right darkness that I wanted for Diablo 3/4. Diablo 4 I feel could be slightly darker but its very close to what I think of for a Diablo game.


Would love to see Rock N Roll Racing on HD.

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I’m feeling rather good after everything I saw at Blizzcon between Diablo 4, Diablo 2 Resurrected, and TBC Classic for WoW.

The funny thing is the WoW forums are filled with people complaining about the “Diabloification of WoW”.

Which I would argue that WoW took more from Diablo than Diablo 3 took from WoW.


I don’t play ancient games. So they are 100% worthless to me.

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When I asked “Do you guys feel vindicated?” I didn’t mean anything in regards pack prices (I asked something different about prices in a completely different thread).
I meant more like the overall sentiment of what fits the franchise and wha doesn’t, and spending hellavalot of hours here trying to convey that to them.

Just at the top of my head:

After spending years criticizing the D3 team and saying, that from where I’m standing, my impression is, that many of them clearly never touched D2, let alone understand what made the game successful… and now I see the amount of passion and dedication the D2R team has for D2… it made me feel happy and thankful.

Recently I even posted how I’d like the (at the time still hypothetical) D2R interface to look like, and seeing, that what the devs have made looks kinda similar to that… it made me happy and thankful.

Saying for years, that if D2R gets made, it needs some changes, such as shared stash, advanced stats (things, that have existed in mods) and finally see, that we’re gonna get that… it made me feel thankful.

Saying years ago, that D2 can be made into a 3d engine, and the frames can be timed, so that it plays out like old D2 (despite David Brevik saying, that it would be hard or nearly impossible)… and now seeing, that this is exactly what we’re gonna get with D2R, because the dev team have figured out how to make it happen… it made me feel happy and thankful.

In discussions in regarding trading, I’ve said for years, that Diablo has technically always been rather simple when it comes to the basic gameplay, and that it’s relatively complexity came by knowing what and where to farm, and how to trade… and, that for future games, if trading is not that much of a thing, then the basic gameplay needs to be spiced up…
Now that I saw the D4 Rogue gameplay, I’d say – yes, it does feel more spiced up and more engaging… and it also made me feel… guess what, happy and thankful.

I can think of many more examples.


Fair enough. Not interested in playing these games either, as much as I like good old games. Doesn’t really change that it gives the packages a fair bit of extra value.

I am also not particularly interested in any cosmetics etc. So these packages do have zero value for me. They still have value though.

I missed that comment. However, I can indeed Install the Arcade Pack so I guess the collector pack did include it.

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Yeah, it is up on the package site too.

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First off, I’m happy for D2 fans (just like I was happy with WoW vanilla crowd when it was announced/released). But ‘vindicated’ seems like a wrong word choice. If you’re talking about D4 and it adopting aspects, features from D2, yes, I would say you would/should feel vindicated. But this was simply a D2 remaster announcement.

Which only shows D2 way was never infallible as some would depict it. Which is why some praise some aspects, features in D3 while acknowledging its flaws. D2R being no offline mode, no modding also leans towards the other side more being right with the time.

As for me, I surely am interested. But currently not leaning on buying it, yet, anyway. I just can’t wait for honeymoon phase to subside. Then we will be able to see more clearer reception of how some D2 mechanics, system fares in current time.

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True… but I was never one of them. D2 certainly has some issues.
Aside from the interface and the shared stash, I would really like to see a rework of the World event / Diablo clone.
I would also really like to see more areas grant decent experience other than Chaos and Baal runs.

We hear you.

Thank you for tuning into today. We appreciate and share your enthusiasm.


While you’re here, could you please clarify whether Diablo 2 Resurrected will have crossplay as well as cross save?

Also D2R looks amazing and D4 is coming along nicely as well! I really like the PVP in D4.

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I do hope that the ladder only runewords and cube recipies will be added to singleplayer as well. What do you guys think? I wanna use a grief while playing on 32 ping playing offline. There is a few mods that does this already.

I live in SEA, and I don’t get good pings online…

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In other words, yes :stuck_out_tongue:

VIndicated might be a strong word choice but I do feel like Blizzard has gotten the message on D4.

D3’s biggest weakness was the world itself. While we can’t know everything (story, plot, music, etc.) the overall look is that it is in a good spot. Mechanics, skill development, etc. really require sitting down and playing to have a good understanding in my opinion.

For Diablo 2 Resurrected it is hard to say anything outside of joy for it coming. It is hard to feel anything when, so far, most (if not all) of the changes I think were layups. I just find the way of bridging the D2 engine issues to be great as it’ll keep some of the quirks of D2 alive more than likely.

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Maybe because I played both a lot (Grim Dawn has taken out D3 for me in recent seasons) the D2 vs. D3 to me has always come down to Arpg vs. aRPG. D2 is a better RPG because your character feels more like a person than a class to me. D3 though is a better action game hands down. Since I tend to fall into the aRPG camp I’ve preferred D2 but i certainly see the appeal of D3.

I do know that D2:R likely means that my time in Grim Dawn is nearing an end (maybe 9 months… but coming to an end nonetheless).

Hell, it’s about damn time!
– Tychus Findlay

Thank you! I hope the devs would also appreciate the criticism regarding the unnecessary changes when it comes to some of the new character models in D2 Resurrected, among which:

race changes (the Assassin);

the Amazon being retconned into an older woman… which originally she wasn’t, and to those who would argue otherwise, here are some images and lore from HotS, that confirm she was young:

The barbarian’s muscles being toned down… and so on.

I’d like to see the game resurrected faithfully, in a manner consistent with the original design. At the age of 33, I am old enough to remember what were clearly the original sources of inspiration for many characters and/or attires, such as the Xena show, the Connan movie with Schwarzenegger, Elric and things like that.
Please, don’t change what the people, who originally drew those characters had in mind and were referencing, and don’t change what some of us have played throughout the last 20+ years.

Thanks in advance!

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