Do you get worse gears if you consistently run GR below max

I have a WW Rend Barb set up that I managed to get by without dying up to level 98 (but will take 10~15 minutes), however I am trying to put together a LoD + HotA set up and would like to upgrade my LoD as much as possible so I have been running GRs at Level 60 (T13) since that’s a lot quicker and guarantees I don’t die so I get 3+1 chances to upgrade.

I understand when I do this I get more blues and yellows vs running at Lvl 90+ where I almost get all legendaries (may be one or two yellow every time at most), but I am just wondering among the legendaries I get when running at Lvl 60, would the quality of the legendaries would be worse as well? (i.e., if I get, say a Remorseless when running at Lvl 60, it is guaranteed that it would be worse/less damage points than a Remorseless I get when running Lvl 90) or it is completely RNG as well?

Also the more number of times I run GR at a certain level, would the gears I get gets worse as well?

You kinda answer your own question. The only difference is you get just less drops. The quality should still be the same. The only thing you get the max drops 12 at lvl 90 and above. But again the quality will be the same at 60 or at 90 and above.


The Quality of gear is the same but you get more opportunities up to level 90. On top of that the higher you go the more blood shards you get meaning more opportunities at kadala.


Once you unlock Ancient items and then Primals, they are all part of the same loot pool. So, the only thing that affects it is frequency of drops which does increase, to a max of 12 items, at GR 90. Also, as mentioned, higher GR levels yield more Bloodshards; similarly, T16 bounty caches are slightly better than T10 if you’re looking for reforges (which I do not recommend as it is simply too costly for no return.)


Got it, thanks all! I have more legendary items than I could put in my stash so before I just blindly went to the blacksmith and exchange for forgotten souls since I always assume what I got at level 60 would be worse than what I have obtained before when running at level 90+, bad call!

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If you can run a GR at 2-4 minutes, you are in a optimum spot. I say 2-4 because we all know some rifts suck and eat time just because they are low density or whatever.

If you are taking longer than that, then you need to drop down to be more efficient. I have been farming at GR90 this season for a while now, but could probably run 100 or so if I wanted to. Most runs are around 3 minutes, which is good for me. Some players think 2 minutes is too long, and I would counter that if they are clearing a rift in 2 minutes, they should be able to clear 2-4 levels higher in less than 4. And gain more exp/shards for it the time difference.

But that’s me.

Game on.


should being the operative word. My experience is that the best items seem to be locked behind a GR wall - not completely, but drop rate seems significantly higher than when you’re clearing higher GRs later on in the season. At least for me, personally. Part of this experience might be that GRs at GR60 drop less legendary items than a GR100 (8 vs 12 items?). But, I have that I consistently get more drops for DH items (s6 impale) at higher GRs than at lower GRs, even factoring in the difference in item drop per GR difficulty tier.

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It is a fact faster clears will give more exp. Your example put into maxroll below. Adding in gear and shards it makes the difference even bigger. For gear and shards I used a one hour time frame and didn’t account for town time.

Player A does 100s in 2 minutes/ 1.54 trillion per hour/360 drops/12,810 shards
Player B does 104s in 3 minutes/1.34 trillion per hour/240 drop/8,780 shards


We already know that Blizzard has adjusted the drops on your account because of your criticism… :smile:


I run “in between, not long, but not super short” GRs: 5 minute GR 109’s. Might as well get 2 or 3 levels instead of not even getting a whole level doing 3 minute 90’s. Sometimes I’ll go up a few GR’s to level gems, but most of the time I like to chill and not worry about being hit super hard. Probably once a week, maybe on the weekend, I’ll push a little bit higher…depending on beverage intake. :smiley:


Sure people are allowed to have fun and do whatever pleases them but that doesn’t make it better. It’s like when people ask me why don’t I play monk. You could be running speed 135s. Well because I don’t want to. I know solo monk exp is 3x+ what im getting now but I choose not to. The argument is not what is fun but rather what is actually better feelings and what you might think is better. In order for you to match exp when going from lets say 100s in 2 minutes to a 4 minute clear to need to run 12 levels high.

So 100s in 2 minute are equal to 112s in 4 minutes.

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Imagine that… you get the same gear drop rewards doing content 60GR Tiers higher, or, killing enemies with 12,335x health.

Yeah, because the gap between top and bottom players aren’t large enough as it is, sure would be nice if gear quality increased with difficulty…


The gap is the game.

The game rewards players based on time played+efficiency. If it is hard you are sacrificing efficiency. I don’t like this either but its the facts!!!

I suggest you try Immortal Kings until you get LoD hota pieces. Its a lot stronger than rend right now. Plus SUPER easy to gear for.

But if it takes you 3 minutes to get half a level and 7 minutes to get one you are better off not getting levels every GR.

I also realise you are probably aware of this and prefer playing your way…

Does the depending beverage intake refer to higher amounts of beverage leading to higher GR’s? To me the practice pushes happen then but not the for real real end ones.

I think it’s answered already but no, it’s completely random. Just the quantity will be lower but this will impact you one way or another regardless.

Let’s say, you have an arbitrary chance of finding item you want in 8 out of 310 available items at its respective slot. At your case, let’s say you find 8 Remorseless in total between 310 weapon slot drops. This also gives you a chance of finding only one or two very good Remorseless as the remaining six will be non-Ancient or roll very poorly on their legendary power.

Keeping these in mind if you keep farming tier 60, you must know that you’ll get only a handful of drops and not every item will be part of the respective slot you want. You can kill RG and only find 4-6 legendary items or something. This increases the runs you have to do before you reach your target. When you do GR90 however you’ll end up with 12-14 Legendary or Set grade items.

If you want to hunt items, either do T16 Nephalem Rift runs with the best speed build you have or run GR90, if not some other tier close to it. When you go for Nephalem Rifts for the sake of loot hunting, just clear it 'till the end; continue after killing the Rift Guardian.

Rng is strange. Ive been doing higher than normal grifts. Maybe overall everything combined on average maybe gr130. I got a lot of good stuff at higher difficulty. Maybe higher does help. Until i see an actual formula everything is speculation.

The actual GR pushes begin for me when I’m 8 or 10 beverages deep. Once I hit a certain gear level, I like to Plvl more than hunt for gear. Especially when a season has a ‘gimmick’ (like this one). Right now I get around exactly 1 level for doing 98’s. It takes between 3 - 5 minutes for me to do 98’s, depending on maps (I don’t fish). It takes between 4 - 6 minutes to do 109’s, which yield 2 - 3 levels, depending. Probably 2 1/2 lvls. 1 - 2 more minutes for 1.5 lvls more = yep, I’ll take that instead!

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