$ DLC Weapon Packs $

I’m not unreasonable, I know that money makes the world go round. Having said that, I would pay for a Downloadable Weapon Pack to buff useless Orange Legendary items. Blizz could even some Leg Gems like P.E. to some viable Bleed action going. This is how much I luv D3. They could even add some different mechanics to these undesirable Skills, like Weapon Throw.

I’m all for buffing worthless and underpowered legendaries but keep the nickel and dime BS monetisation out of it.

That being said, D3 development is finished. We’re lucky if we get balance changes.


D3 is on life support. You cannot even get the Altar in NS.


I hear ya, but there’s gotta be some give and take. They’re not going to do it for free.

Why?.. because

Per a Wowhead interview with a referenced to D3: Future development efforts will go into Diablo IV. :point_left:

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A can guy dream, that’s all that’s left.

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Bait used to be believable :disappointed:


Sure you can just don’t dream your life away.

Dreaming of paying more for a dying game? Isn’t that Overwatch?


you mean d4. everyone has abandoned that trash. season 3 reviews said its the worst season of the three terrible seasons.


Notice how all the regulars who moved to D4 are back here baiting and trolling, because even they’re bored with it?


Okay, I’m not losing any sleep over it :laughing:. I stopped playing D3 2 months ago.

Gotta do something with my money. Why not spend it on a game I enjoy.

I wouldn’t know.

Watches big gaming corp MBA guy reaching for the plug

reading reviews and not playing the game means you don’t have a clue whats going on in the game even if you are delusional and think you do

au contraire, mon cheri. “reading reviews and not playing the game” is literally how i determined that D4 was going to mega-flop. HUGE FAILURE. the game is undeniably absolutely bad. i knew this ahead of time due to my superior intellect, while you, my sweet sweet summer child, were too late and threw your money in the trash. pas besoin de s’énerver, on verra, peut-être l’année prochaine.