Djank Mi'em Fortune Bag amazing but just one more thing

I know, I get it, amazing additions over the PTR to increase testing speed…we’d be so greedy to ask for anything more…but here I am, call me whatever name you want for asking but could we please get some imperial gems added to the bag? Hell I’d trade the Flawless Royals for em! Farming for that extra 30% CHD makes more sense anyway.

I know, it’s like what’s next we want to push test button and get results but it really is a drag to go hunt these gems, stop and make puzzle rings and do puzzle runs which does nothing for testing to get enchant on jewelry mats. Sure we get enough materials to just reroll jewelry a thousand times over to eventually get what we want, but that takes forever which means less time testing.

I think most would agree that would be the final suggestion to Djank Mi’em / Bag of Fortune. If not it’s cool…I’ll just spend a day rerolling jewelry :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly…I’ve found this kinda troublesome this PTR as well. With keys being salvaged from Ethereals, there’s literally no reason to do anything else on PTR except GRifts (imo), aside from a couple bounties to get crafting recipes. Otherwise we’d still be running NRifts with Broken Crown…And Broken Crown on follower in GRifts just isn’t enough. Rather annoying. Been spending a good majority of my blood shards on rings just to try to get puzzle rings.


Requested, and ignored, since October 2020…

Just like…


And gold too. :grin::grin:

But if you get your gear and still need gems, I suggest crafting/gambling rings and upgrading them to farm for puzzles. Reroll to ancient and slap a broken crown on and use what you find to try for more puzzles. You can usually chain them for a while until you’re set. Not ideal, but it’s the best way I’ve found.

Great point again… as mentioned it has been raised a few times before.

It seems logical that in a very limited time frame, that everything needed to test should be available. Probably having every gem in a GR drop at level 50 would save a lot of time grinding. With a good run and lots of gold it’s still 20x GR’s to get a level 100 gem. That cuts it in half so more time can be spent testing. If testing several character classes, that’s a fair bit of time grinding.

In other words, remove the time-consuming grinding aspects because testing is supposed to be the goal and leave them for seasonal and normal gameplay. I do not expect anyone to agree, but that’s my take on PTR, based on what the Dev’s say they wanted = Testing. If there was a month, different ballgame but it’s only two weeks. The more time spent grinding = less time testing as several people indicate.

EDIT DEV’s: - It is not unusual for any player who plays regularly in a season to have well over 1 billion gold and that is way too conservative. Pick a starting figure that every player has of gold if they select a seasonal new character of a decent amount.

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I think it would be better to eliminate the cost of everything, cube, mystic, craft…