Discussion on Invoker and alternate items and skills


So I’ve been trying out some alternatives to see if they’re better than the BiS in this Invoker build.
Shield of the Steed + Flail of the Charge over Pig Sticker and Akarat’s Awakening: Is the loss of Fervor that great to pick Pig Sticker + AA over this set? I tried this set and changed my Steed Charge rune to Draw and quarter and I find doing bounties better with this set. Naturally, Fervor was replaced with Heavenly Strength.

Instead of The Furnace, I’ve been using Blood Brother. I have no problem killing elites so I think The Furnace is redundant.

Instead of Nemesis Bracers, I’ve been using Angel Hair Braid. Since Punish is the primary damage dealer of this build, I thought getting all the Punish runes to activate would be great. I tried out Heart of Iron for a time but the Thorns boost plateaus after a certain level (or maybe I need to put all my stats in Vit instead of Str?).

Thoughts? Other items and cube powers I should check out?


The typical invoker is not designed for being great at bounties. He thrives at solo gr pushing and is decent for db rift farming.

If you want a speed farming variation just cube in geom for the permanent steed charge up time.

Blood brother is an option if you seem to lack some survivability but if you want to push for the highest grifts there is almost no way to avoid the Furnace

Angel Hair Braid is useless cause you don’t need the punish runes, that are based on weapon damage and the only one that really benefits you is the one boosting your attack speed.
Nemesis Bracers give you too much utility to pass by. It perfectly suits your elite hunting playstyle and the extra progression from it can be crucial for gr pushing.
The only time you don’t want to take nemesis is if you are playing in a group where anyone else has nemesis. Then you can swap to heart of iron for some extra dmg

There is not really much you can change out if you want to play the invoker on his highest potential


Thank you for your reply. I am able to reach GR 79 without difficulty with my modifications. Maybe when I hit a wall, I’ll go back to the meta build. I am also using Simplicity’s Strength instead of Bane of the Trapped because this is the gem I leveled up before I knew of the build and I considered it a waste of time to level up Bane of the Trapped again, so I’m stuck with Simplicity’s Strength for the time being until I complete the season challenge requiring 3 legendary gems to be upgraded to 65.


I’ve tried Swiftmount for bounties rather than Pig sticker. Run duration is quite seamless . Accidentally did some GR 100’s with it too but die a bit more & times are slower by a minute or 8 :open_mouth: :rofl:

Also trying Norvald’s set recently. Seems to beef damage up considerably vs Swiftmount but not as seamless pony time . Haven’t tried it for GR’s yet.

Haven’t changed anything else yet from standard but never found the Angel Hair Braid belt useful in the past.


Simplicity’s Strength does nothing for thorns, it is the thorns and the Invoker bonuses that do your damage not Punish itself. Punish is just a means to apply the thorns damage as fast as possible, your rune choice there is hurting you as well.

Flail of The Charge works fine for bounties or other farming duties.

The Norvald set really only benefits from the Invoker 2 pc bonus. You’d have to attack with Punish or Slash to get the 6 pc bonus which will be hindered by slow 2 hander attack speed.

Just about anything works at low difficulty, but at Para 600+ you should be able to hit well into GR90’s with the normal Invoker build.

Helm, regen to LpH
Shoulders, Regen to CDR
Gloves, RCR to AS or CDR
Justice Lantern, CHC to CDR
Chest, Heaven’s Fury to Vit, All Res, anything usable really
Boots, Shield Bash to All res
Bracers, Holy % to Physical %
Shield, I’d go Wrath to Thorns, others will say Slash to CDR

Ideally you’d want a Pig Sticker that can have socket, 7% IAS, 10% CDR, LpH and higher secondary bonuses, even if non-ancient


I second Swiftmount. Honestly Pig Sticker is only BiS for pushing. Swiftmount is best for everything else.


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