Discounted price on D2R for Classic Diablo 2 owners


Since I own both D2 and D2 LoD, which costs $10 each, I should have a discount of $20 for D2 Resurrected.

I’m posting this here since I cannot post in the D2R forums because I don’t own the game, and I will never will at that price.

What about us that paid full price for D2 and LOD when they launched?

You deserve nothing.

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Yea, but it’s hard to check that.
But you can check those who have D2 Classic on Bnet.

100% Discount?
Not buying it.

What do you mean by 100% discount?

Yes, and you can play those exact games on the original Bnet servers just like they are.

If you want to play D2R with completely re-made graphics, cinematics, engine, features, then you will have to buy it separately.

Someday it will decrease in price or there will be a sale. After all D2 (2000) was around $60 new and LoD was $30 or $40 new. As you noted, they are now $10 each.

I am not sure why you would expect owning the old version to give you a discount on a new game. Consumers don’t get discounts on re-releases of music or movies for owning the old ones.

I’m not expecting a 100% discount based on the price from the launch, but at least a discount based on the current price on, because D2R is basically an update to the old game.

Also, the entire works this way. For example, if I own Overwatch Standard Edition, the legendary edition is discounted because I already own the Standard Edition.

D2R is not a new game, it’s just an graphics pack to the Original game, which I already own, the same way I already own Overwatch Standard Edition.