Disconnected- VPN?

i just reinstalled the game and forgot to turn off my VPN, and i assume that is the reason why i am now stuck with “you have been disconnected from battle.net please reconnect”
am i right in assuming that it is because of VPN and is there something i can/we can do about it

There are workarounds that require another set of keys, a new ip addy and possibly a different mac addy. If that’s not an option it’s a 14 day wait. Join one of the popular Discords and ask around for full details.

hehe figured as much :slight_smile: well 14 days left :’(

thanks for ur answer

Try restart your modem or hotspot wifi from your phone. I joined a game too fast and it wouldn’t let me connect and supposedly banned me, after modem restart it worked.

i will try that abit later, thanks :slight_smile:

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