Disconnected randomly, log back in and hardcore is dead?

I was doing a Torment X challenge where you kill the bosses within 20 minutes of each other. My character is geared for XIII no problem. I got act I and II bosses down, killed Seigebreaker and went to kill Ghom. As soon as I clicked the entrance to Ghom’s fight, I got disconnected; all mobs dead in the area before and the cutscene for Ghom didn’t ever load/trigger. I logged back in, annoyed that I had to restart but no big deal, only to find that my hardcore character is now registered as dead. There was literally nothing left around me that could have killed me. I wasn’t having ping issues, I’m hardwired in and my internet didn’t drop. Can someone see what happened and possibly restore my season hardcore character? I’m all for permadeath if I actually did something to die, but to get disconnected with nothing around to kill me and log back in dead is leaving me scratching my head.

I get they won’t restore under any circumstance. I hope they’ll at least look at the log and see if there is anything on their end that went wrong. It almost played like I was moving through the maps too fast and they kicked me off for that (did it appear bot like?). But death is a crappy punishment if that is the case, especially when its their challenge to kill all bosses within 20 minutes of each other.

All that said, at least I had extra sets in storage and my replacement will be up to speed quickly. Less of a downer than I thought initially.

same here, y was disconnected and i lose my character, there’s some kind of solution or you have to doit all again until this hapen aganin ?

Hey GrayFox,

Hardcore deaths are permanent no matter the cause. Playing hardcore has risks, including technical interference.