Disappointing Primal Kanai cube recipe

But really this entire poor item hunt design philosophy that creates these absurd extremes just has to go.

Why is this game only:
A. win the item lottery (once in a lifetime)
or the more likely
B. accept that the disappointment rollercoaster gives out statwise-nickel-and-dimed items and be content unless you want to spend 50000 hours per build…

Rolling both primary and secondary perfect stats has been one of the biggest disappointments in this game for ages. Instead it should’ve been one of its biggest draws. People should’ve been able to perfect builds faster and be encouraged to perfect others in a reasonable time frame.

As it stands right now, you farm a season, get one or two good primals for that build and completely forget about it and dump it after the season ends because the grind is just too soul-crushing for it to be worth it to go any further, especially if you’re a solo player like me.

And aside from content creators who basically make it their job to grind thousands of hours per season, most of the rest of us are stuck in the dust. There is not enough motivation because of the rollercoaster of disappointment that is the loot system.

This recipe could’ve been one way for you to fix this, devs. Instead it’s all of the negatives about this game rolled into one:

  1. Can only equip one… because God forbid you can actually grind to craft a full perfect build, instead you should just go and have another ride on the RNG pain train.
  2. Upgrading a legendary through this recipe is another crapshoot since it rerolls the initial item’s stats to something that will most likely be trash even after changing one of its stats to something good.
  3. As per previous season’s examples, neither this recipe nor what it produces will probably be transferring over to non-season so what’s the point…

For the love of God, Blizz, do something about it. Even if you just let us roll primaries and secondaries independently of each other, that would be freakin amazing.

I’m not asking for instant BiS, I will still farm for them for a few hundred hours, all I’m saying is it shouldn’t take me until I’m 80 and have grandchildren to get three or four perfect item builds.

Is it really that much to ask for? What are we afraid of here exactly? That people won’t buy this game because it’s too easy? That streamers will quit all of a sudden?

Please just, for once, stop being the masters at killing your own hype.


Yeah…at first I thought awesome we can craft multiple primals! Then it was like yeah no you can only use one, and it will take like 10-20 rolls to get a good one. Then I saw we don’t even get to keep the primal and I’m like uh so what’s the point? Get slightly better one item for the season, may aw well just grind the GRs with the OP pots(if they stay) for double primal drops that may be worth keeping and you can keep.

Either the cube primal roll should be a permanent thing and can use as many as we want at once(maybe increase the cost of salvaged primals but even as is it would take a long while to get a primal set for average players)

Or primals should be able to roll at least 2 stats not just the one. So that when a primal drops that rare time we can get excited that the odds are good we can roll it into something awesome. As is I see a primal drop and I’m like meh probably trash. Hell I spent 500-750 bounty mats rolling a squirts and still couldn’t even get an ancient one with stats worth keeping this season.

First time playing Diablo?
Seriously, RNG is the name of the game. You get ample opportunities to get that near BiS item (it’s far easier than previous iterations with class catered loot, recipes and the like.)
I don’t understand people who play an RNG based game like Diablo and then complain that there’s RNG.


Why not? The recipe is also available in non-season.


Thought I read somewhere you don’t keep it, maybe I’m wrong. In that case it’s slightly more useful since you can do it for each of your classes.

I don’t have the problem with the RNG, I’m perfectly fine with playing near perfect items or even just good items. It’s the aspect of primals that I personally don’t like. You can play for weeks and get none, ok that’s cool make them rare. But then you get one and it’s just unusable, that’s what I don’t like.

Woo smith fodder, it’s supposed to be existing to find a primal but it’s like the trailer to a bad movie that makes it look amazing. Keep the RNG alive, make them harder to find but easier to reroll, make the cube recipe expensive idk. Just make primals that shock and awe.

Anyways just my opinion. Seems like the games burning out anyways.

You may be thinking of sanctified items from the current season. You won’t keep those, indeed.

It’s a permanent feature. It was available on non-season on PTR.

Existing primals also salvage into 55 Primordial thingamajigs, so for anyone who enjoys playing non-season, they should save any primals they get between now and the patch so that they can salvage them all once the patch drops and craft a few primals.

I definitely know we won’t keep season 27s lol. I thought I saw it in the season 28 patch notes before but that may have changed or I was mistaken. At least it does help some of the useless primals. And my bad for mistaken it’s a seasonal only thing. Slightly better but I’d still have 20x less primals but more customization to them.

A big woohoo moment, however I will still woohoo when I reforge the 50th squirts into finally something useful lol

That is if they get the thingmajigs after the patch, may only work on new drops post patch but idk.

Because previously you numbed the pain of RNG by having a vibrant trading community, in which you also offered something that was of use to someone else.

Now you have no recourse.

On PTR, existing primals imported from live servers in non-season salvaged into 55 primordials. Seems unlikely they would change that between now and patch launch.


Cool thanks, I’m unfortunately busy these days so didn’t get much time to test on ptr non season stuff.

I’m predicting these turn into the crafted primals, thus the creation of the new recipe and the restriction of equipping only one.

D3 let’s you trade if someone finds it in your game, but no market to “buy” your BiS and circumvent 99% of the game. This is a great change. I played D2 extensively and traded, but a market isn’t healthy for game balance imo.

Honestly, D3 is currently probably one of the quickest and easiest games to gear out in that I can think of. There hasn’t been a season in recent memory that I’m not doing GR 100+ by day 2 of a season.

They didn’t on PTR, they just poofed.

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I think he means the coding.

100GR isn’t near max for most builds, I guess it’s what you define geared out, and if you have OCD or not :joy: …small case of that.

Not maxed, no but doing that level of GR by day 2 is the metric by which I’m basing how easy it is to gear. They even give you easy augments now with EN’s. Seems pretty silly to expect to have perfect items in every slot early on in a game based around finding better loot.

Interesting. I never PTR copy my characters because I only test seasonal. I just assumed since they were similar concepts that this was their solution.

Yeah but this is a game where the mechanics is a huge “learning curve” if you will. If you know any build half decent your power level will sky rocket for the first little while then level out to such a small increase over long and longer length of time.

Idk, sounds like an ideal curve to me. Skill+ knowledge gets you up and running, time+ effort keeps the upgrades coming.
Tbh, paragon matters far more than having “perfect” gear. Then rift fishing followed by ability. Your gear is rarely a choke point on progress.
Edit: to clarify, by the time you have the paragon needed to push top rift clears, gear will not be the issue. Considering you need 2-3k to compete at the top of of the leaderboard, that’s a considerable amount of farming. And farming is done at 100-130 via 4-man speed rifts, which as I pointed out is very doable early on.

I see the new Primal recipe as killing two birds with one stone. The first is garbage primals… I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen the red swirls only find yet another piece of Blackthorne’s. Now I’ll have something to use it for. Which brings me to the second… the garbage legendaries. Let’s face 99% of everything dropped is junk that you’re just going to turn into forge fodder. Now when I find yet another weapon that I’m looking for and it has (once again) 6% cooldown and 18,000 life on hit or maybe bleed. I can take it to the cube, turn it into a primal, if it’s no good (likely), salvage it for the next useless legendary drop. Net cost – 1 Forgotten Soul. Basically once you’ve got the pump primed you end up spending 1 FS for a shot at a decent primal. And people are complaining about it? You can also turn junk primals into Ancient Vault runs. The new recipe is actually fairly decent. It’s not “I’m gonna get 13 primals!” but it’s still going to be fun.

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I do have to disagree, a well geared 3k plvl with the same knowledge and skilled as a super lucky 1.5k plvl and amazing gear will walk all over the 3k. But this could be a wide difference of what we mean by well and amazing gear.

I have no problem with a slow top end power increase don’t get me wrong, which is why plvl is nice for those with all the time in the world, but those with busy lives it gets to time consuming sometimes to find the last few items, but hopefully this primal will solve it, and it will to an extent based on last season.

I guess I just like the wow factor that primals fail at.