Did you like the season 21 theme, would you like to see it again?

Let’s talk about whether we’d like to see s21 theme ever again.

Lets get accurate feedback

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I usually have the season finished in the first 2 weeks, so the themes do not really matter.

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that’s a low blow, meteor. anything to win, right?

You’ll never squelch the silent majority, buddy.

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As the frequent lighting changes from the Season 21 theme’s weather effects caused me headaches I’d be very happy to never see them bring this theme back.

I hope they never implement another theme whereby it enables solo heroes that are in builds / gear that means they’re incapable of killing mobs to clear high level GRs, i.e. no more zDPS / support builds solo’ing GR150s please.

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Hell no, this was the first season I had to sit out ever since seasons exist cause of the seasonal theme.

Annoying effects and even an extra possibility to die with your HC char so its a big nope from me.


I thought it was a good idea, very badly implemented. The lighting effects need to go - I really didn’t like the screen going black while I am surrounded by a mob - caused me to die too many times.

I won’t address the group exploit, (and even I understood that it was an exploit that the devs were too lazy to fix), because I only play solo.

AFA the elements themselves.

Lightning worked - but the other effects didn’t, imo. If they try it again, I would suggest:

Fire - it sits a couple meters in front of the character and moves in front of the character.

Poison - everything drops around the character.

Snow boulder - See: Fire

Tornadoes - form a hexagonal pattern around the character and moves with the character.

i love season themes that stimulate and motivate build theroycrafting. I love seasonal bonuses like double bounties and gobos. Something new like guaranteed primal drop for clearing Campaign mode on T-16 start to finish would be sweet.

I really dislike the timed superpowers that have nothing to do with character building at all.

As others, I didn’t like some of the sounds, but thankfully didn’t have to put up with it for too long. I also didn’t like the theme when the background went super dark or when the snowy portion made visibility too poor. The green meteors threw me off. My instinct was to dodge them when I didn’t need to, because it was too similar to the one attack Belial uses.

Overall, I found S21’s theme pretty much useless. More of a hindrance in some cases.

No it was dumb. :roll_eyes: