Diabloical Fissures

When I first started Season 29, I had Fissures that went very, far down; however, coming back to it after a bit, I’ve noticed that I’m getting a lot of very shallow fissures (a couple levels, at most). I know I’m trying to push the Torments a bit, because I want to increase loot chances, but does dying/teleporting back to town have any effect on how the fissures perform?

I don’t think teleporting back to town or dying affects how deep the floors gonna delve, but I have this gut feeling that says, it’s all random and determined from the moment portal appears.

Besides that, I notice that you usually get shallow Fissure floors if you happen to cause them in a dungeon or beyond a red portal. I haven’t got into enough Fissures to test this idea of mine but it seems consistent to me.
If you happen to trigger a Fissure in Leoric’s Killing Grounds, Cursed Shrines, Burrower Problem quests, or second floor any side dungeon, the Fissure that emerges will have very few floors. However, if you trigger them at the open world, you’ll have a depth of 6-7 floors mostly. I think game tries to minimalize the walking distance to the overworld, as it activates them.

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I have had some with the goblin on the very first level.

Think it’s all RNG, I love when getting the bossportals, no need to do regular rifts for keys. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t had to run them for a while. I was up to nearly 330 keys, all from doing Fissures. I have done exactly 5 normal rifts this season. LOL


I had a 12 floor one today. Several 4-8 floor ones. No gob floors today, but those are more rare. Several fissures were back to back full of elites though, those are always nice. One rift today had 3 floors with bosses. And getting 30 of each mat from the chest is nice in the deeper fissures. I have finally reached T16 today with my limited SSF build.

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Nah it’s just random, as everybody said before. I had a realy long one once (about 10 levels), never since. Had gobo levels 3 times, and once there was one, that had champon packs on almost all of it’s levels.

I think it has something to do with level and paragon level. Early on i was getting goblins up the wazoo, have not seen a goblin level in a very long time. Either they cut the chances, or its based on your level (higher you are, less likely to find them you are).

Or you had bad RNG. Got goblins in my last two fissures just before I stopped playing for the season.

It’s just random. I had a couple of days without seeing any goblin packs. I don’t play intensely and not for hours on end. But then they started to appear again. This is on T16. Maybe the chance is around 10% or 20%? I haven’t kept score.

After going for what felt like forever without goblin packs I got one the other day with 3 floors of them.

A T10 difficulty setting will not have the same max possible floors as a T16 one. Since more floors is the incentive to be running a higher difficulty setting. T16 will have the chance to get the max floors. From my testing T10 is not ever going over 5.


Explain why I was getting 10+ floors while leveling to 70 then… At Normal to Masters?

Its random. And not just any random, but D3 RnG kind of random. The kind that makes you think there are conspiracy theories everywhere.

I have gotten multiple fissures with as few as 1 floor and way deeper than 10. So no. There is no correlation between game level and floors or their content.

Their difficulty however, yes. That directly correlates to the level of the game.


Was leveling a friend and we got 2 10+ floors in a row at T6.

I’ve spotted that TP to town before entering the fissure make it very poor, but probably it’s just a bad luck