Diablo3 could be dar better

This last season, I reflected on my performance in the game, in relation to everything, what are the problems that hinder me. and I noticed something that I hadn’t noticed for years. DISPROPORTIONALITY.

the dev team took 5 years to remove the “seweres” scenario from Gr’s. and 7 years to remove the (old ruins) scenario, even so, to my great disgrace, the cave scenarios, and keep depth remain in the game, ruining performance, this is disproportionate. juggs, shield, waller, vortex, it’s disproportionate too, these monsters should have been removed for many years, as no player in a gr 135++ will stop to kill them.

How can we make this dev team understand the size of this loss, to performance, or the wear and tear that these problems generate during the game?.
What do I need to do for you to understand that I really don’t want to skip monsters, but rather kill them?. During these years, you always have this ridiculous justification, with the excuse of restoring the “balance” you punish the players, you actually do nothing to improve the balance in the game… nothing.
you only punish those who are having fun, instead of stopping for a moment and looking at the game, because it’s clear that you don’t do that, otherwise this game would be much better.

There’s no need to remove any of the current elite affixes, just make them more tolerable. You know, QoL stuff.

Significantly increase the progress they provide. Builds that rely on CCing enemies, including all necro builds, instantly skip these.

Make the walls destroyable. In narrow passages they always spawn across, blocking your way.

Killing one elite from the pack causes the shield instantly to jump to another elite. This prevents the shield from sticking on one individual until the rest of the pack is killed.

Arcane Enchanted:
Beams should despawn when the elite that spawned them is killed.

Considering D3 is now in complete maintenance mode, none of these will likely ever happen.

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The problem is not to walk throu walls, the obestruct my shoots… What turn this DISPROPORTIONAL is theres is not only walls in the screen, especialy when you player needs to stand some where, to shot and there is 10000000000000000000000000 Monsters like blazing guarda shots at you. You need to Tell me something i dont know, please…

Another point, am not talking abou Gr level 100…

This is what you ppl dont understand.

That is precisely why I suggested the walls to be destroyable, so they don’t block projectiles until they despawn on their own which takes precious time. I prefer ranged builds so I know what kind of bane the walls are.

My point still stands, none of the elite affixes need removal. What they actually need is players to have better means to deal them.

It’s a twelve year old game in its retirement phase.

…and the game is far better now than in its release.

And check the spelling of the topic title.

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I wouldn’t mind that but I sure want their minions to drop a guaranteed Nephalem Glory orb when killed. Juggernauts simply melt against Glory with 3 stacks. So either you stack area damage while positioning, or hope to keep up Glory stacks until you face them. I don’t want to be shoehorned into gear checks but I prefer target priority giving me some leeway for covering my tracks. Hence I really would like NG globes dropping from their minions more often.

I think some Necro builds would just do better against them if they include Promise of Glory usually paired with Cord of Sherma (Follower equips don’t work afaik) in their build when they have no consistent access to knockback, charm or pixel pulls.
I see most Necro builds include Strongarm bracers, without even having proper access to Knockback and this cause them to struggle or skip the entire Juggernaut pack. Brigg’s Wrath usually helps them to pull aggro around Juggernaut as far as I know, but so little amount of builds can include that small ring.

There are ways to pass through them as some mobility skills easily bypass them. Them spamming it across the path only cause you to re-engage at a closer distance. This is why Kulle Aid is actually a very useful potion to be honest, especially if you are projectile spam heavy or have semi-permanent pets.

Issue is not entirely them spamming walls but setting Arcane Sentries or other hazards behind it. Whenever I face Champion Wallers on a narrow pathway, I try to blow their cover by repeatedly applying crowd control behind their walls or from cover to retreat abit and see if I can separate them. Other Champions will eventually come to help if you can pull one of them away. Trying to disengage them from my Follower usually works and they follow us.

I despise that affix to be honest. Elites keep walking into their own Arcane sentries which forces me to change target. But whenever they’re the only Elite, things get nauseating so I completely agree about despawn on kill. If you have no pull or charm, you can not get them out.

When you see one is Shielding it’s not entirely too hard to change target. Apply crowd control to the rest of the Elite pack then weaken them. The one that is Shielding will be subjected to crowd control as the rest of them when it fades, but if that was the Rare Elite itself, you have to stack Stricken on it first.

Why would Vortex bother you when you have crowd control immunity from Seasonal Altar?

It’s a video game, it’s just as interesting as its challenge. If you have no interest at bettering your cognitive skills, then this is where the game filters you out. You are ensuring developers that they did a good job at creating a struggle by complaining here.

Bait their shots by standing at some weirdly inconventient spot, then move onto an advantageous position to spam your spells. If you commit to position early, you’ll get denied and punished for doing so; this results with running out of good spots to corner them really fast way early. Secondly, if certain monsters are a big issue for you, then you better prioritize them then go engage to the Elite right beside later. Fights have some thought process at high Greater Rift tiers that you need to pay attention for.

If you can not do either of those, then consider that you may have issues about your survival. This can require you to check your Vitality, enforce reduced damage against certain attack types or elementals. This will give you a longer frame of response and decision when dealing with problematic monsters.
When you get shut down by those given sceneries before you can decide to do anything, then admit that you are lacking in attributes and look for ways to ditch the combat early. When all else fails, fish for the perfect Greater Rift by sinking your GR keys while hoping to get stronger by speedfarming lower tiers.

Don’t run the cave, keeps, pandemonium fortress, or westmarch maps when pushing. Close the GR and move along.


Reading this thread, up to this point, reminded me of a 17-minute video I watched this morning.

The sad thing is, it didn’t look like his gear was any better than what I have equipped. (On my Marauder’s build). In fact, the only noticeable difference is he has about twice the Paragon Points that I have.

Still I was impressed. Not sure I can do it though. (At least, not yet).

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I Red what you said, after 9,000,000 elites kills.

What you Said is realy helpfull​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: