Diablo retrospect panel video

I don’t always open fanboy threads. But I find the video very interesting.

Here’s the parts that are interesting to hear for a new Diablo fan too.

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I like this one the best short and sweet.

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I still remember Diablo 1 in late 1996/early 1997. I was just a little kid and damn did that game changed everything for me. It blew console games out of the water with no chance of returning. Yeah, I still played a few here and there, but it wasn’t the same. D1 got me into PC gaming and I haven’t stopped. I did stop playing console games tho.

D1 got me into D&D 2nd edition and I LOVED IT! When I saw the Diablo books for D&D, I loved both games even more. The best gaming time of my life. That is… until D2 came around. MIND BLOWN!

D2 was the Terminator 2 and Aliens (I know it wasn’t called Alien 2) of the gaming industry. Just like first Terminator and Alien, D1 opened the door to a wide world of wonder. DAMN.

If it wasn’t for D1, I wouldn’t be into Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Hellraiser, etc.

I know things have changed at Blizzrad, but still. THANK YOU BLIZZARD for making Diablo. I still look back on those days. Good times.


I wouldn’t have gotten into Shadowrun and anything Cthulhu, be it the tabletop game or books or movies if it wasn’t for D1. It also solidified my love for metal music too. Because playing hip hop or rap just didn’t fit with the Diablo vibe. Both hip hop or rap went the way of the console game for me. \m/etal for LIFE!

Only late 1996 if you one of the couple 100 that bought it day 1 Dec. 31.

Another retrospect video. Jay’s microphone is horrible by the way.

A summary video from Rhykker as expected:

It’s good to see Jay hasn’t lost his moxy, he killed his career just to tell Brevik where to shove it and I can respect that.

Funny how half of the comments are reminiscing about their first & only legendary, seemingly indelibly etched into their brains. I’m in the camp that got an early lvl 12 orange (which of course paled in comparison to what I was wearing but honestly that’s besides the point by now). Point being I don’t suppose there are half as many that remember their first tier-12 ancient primal uber artifact, ultimately because nu-Blizzard decided that access to +1 additional challenge is not a viable reward incentive in itself like what every game that exists offers. Where was I, oh yeah still waiting for PvP that was hyped for 2 blizzcons, maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath though.