Diablo IV Quarterly Update - Q4 December 2020

Thanks for the update.


Thank you CM team. :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:


This game is looking so good. Love the art style.

Thanks for the update!


I love the back to root and the modification in the skill tree.


nice ! looking forward to more updates . thank you team


Thanks for the update.
Helll yeeeaaa


In Diablo IV, you will be able to respec your skills and passives. The number of times you can do this will be unlimited, but it won’t be free. It will be easy to do when you first start a character; as your character grows, the effort and cost required to respec will grow too. In the end-game, changing your build will require a significant investment, to appropriately match the time and effort you’ve put into defining your character.

Yeah, this just turned me off from this game. This is not valuing the players time and is endemic of a design philosophy at Blizzard. No one cares about meaningful choices and all that crap in an ARPG, we want big numbers and lots of loot. Shoving this extra waste of time down our throats like PoE does is just anti-player, imo.


Back to the Primary Stats.


Game looks great! I really hope there is crossplay/cross-save with this game. That would open the community up quite a bit. I would love to play on my buffed PC and be able to play with my family that’s on consoles. Then cross save, being able to play wherever and whenever I want. No matter the device. On the couch with my console or at my desk on my PC. this is a dream of mine. I would be fine buying the game twice if that feature existed!


im sorry but this isnt diablo 4, not by a long shot, this is d3.5 with some stuff stolen from poe. sad days indeed for the franchise.


I agree. Respecing should have little cost. I strongly suspect that tbe developers willl iterate on the game after release where they change relative strength of things. In turn, players should be agile to respond to these changes by making their own modifications with little or no cost/time investment.

Furthermore, it is fun to switch up builds and breaks the monitony to play other builds within a class


Seeing the primary stat allocation making a return was a treat; although I was initially disappointed by what stats they improved as it meant that you would see characters putting points in the same stats. However seeing as they can be used to unlock additional talent and skill modifiers, that’s a plus in my opinion.

Itemization is sounding pretty good, however I hope we get to see more examples of it later (probably Blizzconline along with perhaps the Druid’s class system and/or info regarding the two unannounced classes?).

That said, this update didn’t disappoint, and I’ll be looking forward to future updates.


As someone that has played D2 for almost 20 years - I think you guys are hitting the nail on the head with itemization. The variability in rares and legendaries are going to be a huge deal - and even on Magic items, which were used to a higher degree in D2 for things like MF, +3 to a skill, etc. My only concern is how items will be tradable (if they will be at all). I’ve always hated games that have account-bound or player-bound items. I hope that most items will be tradable in D4.

I think the respec feature is done really well too, and it’s a balanced perspective. People seem to forget that in D2, if you misclicked with ONE skill or stat point, that it was permanent until almost 10 years into the game when they added the Akara respec as part of the Den quest (and Tokens of Abs.). The idea that respecs will be “more expensive” the stronger you get is a good balance to respecs in general. It makes it less of a headache for newer players that are experimenting and advancing through the game, and still allows experienced players to respec later on.

edit Ulthrakk has a great point that I didn’t think about: Items should be rare! In D3 legendaries and uniques were way too easy to get ahold of, and in D2 some of them were too difficult. We need a good middle-ground. It should feel very rewarding if you find a powerful unique.


Thanks for the update! Here are a few of my thoughts:

Love the idea of bringing back the allocation of skill and stat points; didn’t realize how much value this had until I didn’t have it. Further like the idea of some permanence to builds; getting attached to a character and the choices you make for it is an important part of the process, and it needs to be meaningful, whereas in D3 a character is essentially a shell for the items you find.

I am generally liking the item concept, but perhaps there are a few too many items types? I’m sure we’ll have common (white) items, magic, rare, legendary, and Unique…I guess I am concerned at what point in the game is it only about the last two, and how much proliferation there is in gear; D2 has some stuff that was near impossible to find, and that made hunting those items a real important part of your play. D3 went too quickly to everything is a legendary or set item, and they are abundant. I want those finds to be meaningful, and give me a reason to run something; I want to defeat a boss on the chance I’ll find something rare, not more stuff to salvage, because legendaries become ubiquitous.

It is also really important to not level all items with the character level, although this is really a part of the rate at which we acquire better gear; if a legendary item drops and it is tied to your character level, it ceases to promote replayability the way items did in D2; when your level 78 Sorceress finds a few low level uniques, it can spur interest in rolling a different class to use that cool item. If it was tied to the sorc’s level, you have less interest because you can’t use it until you are at that high level as well.

Lastly, and it wasn’t really covered here, I’m curious how difficulty levels will work. In D3, due to the way gear is acquired, power creep was so exponential that it forced multiple increases in difficulty; D3 has some 21 levels of difficulty, and that is just too many. Regardless of the name, I’d like to see a return to a 3-4 tier design, where the challenge and payoff really culminate in that last one. The absolute best part of D2 was taking on Hell difficulty with the stuff you found, smart use of skills and crafting, and beating the game that way. I know for a lot of players on the realms it was more a matter of getting a lot of high end runewords, but single players were not afforded that accessibility (not a criticism, it’s just how the game worked) and thus had to make do, and it made for a very rewarding experience.

Thanks again for the update and looking forward to more news in the future.


Speak for yourself. I love it.


Thank you for listening to us. I love pretty much everything in this update. I think things are heading in the right direction now! Hyped for Blizzcon.


Oh no… no word of Set Items?! I love collecting sets :frowning:


Please get rid of gold and have more of a barter / multiple ‘functional’ currencies. Like imagine D3 with no gold, and you could trade all the crafting mats (including bounty currency and the Uber boss currency). Gold ultimately becomes meaningless in diablo games after a certain point and I think PoE showed that there are cool alternatives to this. If you are going to have trading in the game then ultimately gold farming becomes an issue and you can get around this by just removing the game system.

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Early Christmas.

Now to see if we have been good during this weird, horrible year…

What does related skill nodes mean here. Upgrade nodes? Or skills you think fit together? The latter could sound like pushing players toward certain builds. Which worries me a bit.

Dear lord. That is really good to read.
Though… time will tell if you actually manage to make the cost matter.
A cooldown still seems 100% needed, otherwise inflation will likely make any cost you set, irrelevant over time.

Well, a bunch of people are going to be happy about this one.
Me… not as much, although it does seem like a step up from having no attributes.

Why? Why does a barb “of course” have to benefit more from strength than other attributes?
It is class fantasy? Maybe… But it also unnecessary simplification and removal of depth/choice.
Why not aim to make all 4 attributes equally worthy?
This first iteration is not good for the game tbh.
In the two examples given, Intellect needs to have an offensive effect for Barb, and strength needs an offensive effect for Sorc.

This however sounds pretty nice. Not that gear shouldn’t matter a great deal, but having each system feel impactful on its own, is also important.

Now we are talking!
Though it could be more interesting if each upgrade had different benefits from all 4 attributes, or at least 2-3 of them.
Like, the “Whirlwind +10% crit dmg” might get 1 effect from having 225 str and dex. But get another effect from having 350 Intellect. Etc.
Otherwise, you might just end up with a system reinforcing itself, at the expense of choices. Where you are “locked into” specific attributes, or specific skill upgrades, based on the other choice made.

Anyway, this is a really good start!

Sweet Jebus.
Yeah, attack speed was a glaring miss on the previous weapon iteration. One of the most worrying things about Diablo 4.
Extremely happy to see it return. Seriously. Single best change to D4 yet. Not merely for what it is, but mostly for the direction it represents for the game; making decisions matter, as you say, a sword and a mace should not be the same.

Same deal here. Really, really good.

I dont personally care about this, but plenty of people seem to. So good job here as well!

Very good! Though 6 affixes on rares might be more balanced than 4. Vs. the 4+1 on legendaries.
Also, remove sockets from counting as an affix! They do not belong there. Make them something separate. Kinda like what WoW has done. Or Wolcen. Sockets is its own system. Make sure it works as such imo.

Really good that many of the legendary affixes are not class-based!
Another really big change, for the better.

I like most of this; fixed affixes is good news.
But… dont make them “usually class-specific” :frowning:
Uniques can have a strong theme, which they should have, without being limited to a single class.
I really hope this changes. Some class-based affixes are fine. But only make them class-based when it is something that simply couldnt work for multiple classes at the same time. Dont limit these things unnecessarily.

As for legendaries rolling random affixes… due to the addition of uniques with fixed affixes, it is not terrible… But, honestly, I very much think the affixes should still be locked to item types, or at least groups of items. Like one legendary affix might roll on any weapon, but not armor. While another might spawn on belts and boots, but nothing else. Etc. Some restrictions here, in what you can combine, is still good. Both for balancing, but also for enforcing difficult choices.

Oh, and +skill lvl affixes are back? Good to see. I do hope +All Skills are not back. For the same reasons as above; enforcing hard choices. Giving players everything at once, goes against that.

A few other things;
Teleport scrolls are back? Ugh. Not everything from D2 needs to return!

All in all, best news about Diablo 4 so far. By a large margin.
Still plenty of room for improvements of course, but this was still a great read overall.


Dear blizzard, gamers are not idiots. Please give us specific numbers instead of “very fast” or “mega slow” wordings… Just write 1.2 attacks per second or something similar…

“Attack” or “Defence” is too simple… Please blizzard, we are not idiots.