Diablo IV Quarterly Update - Q2 June 2021

Hi all -

This is our second quarterly update for 2021 (We count BlizzConline as our first!) and it is now live..

This is intended to be a dedicated thread for the purpose of discussion and feedback, and our developers will be prioritizing reviewing feedback or discussion here.

Please note that this is a dedicated thread intended for player discussion and we may not respond to or immediately answer questions in this thread at this time. We may consider questions or feedback here for future inclusion in Quarterly Updates, and look forward to reading your thoughts!

If you’d like to recap or revisit previous posts on the announcement or ongoing insights on Diablo IV development, you can see everything here:


Thanks for the update

Thank you it looks like interesting reading.

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My body is ready to no-life.


Woop woop ty Blizzard.

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Hello Pale Knight, you are interesting, but I am still watching that dancing succubus. Haven’t read anything until now, still looking at the art.

Why not give us a monthly picture like these?


After reading the blog I really liked this part:
Even when it meant starting over or throwing out work, everyone really pushed and brought their best to this work.

The whole blog and art in it is awesome!

One thing that will definitely be of use to the player with so much customization available is export/import of character/equipment looks. There will be players that will design looks all day long and will share these with others who should be able to switch to these with one click via the import option.

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Well… I’m not entirely satisfied, I was expecting more crumbs on gameplay but it’s obvious where has your attention and effort has been along this 4 months. I know just doing those small turntable animations cost someone sleepless nights.


Hope the Knight rendering is a sign of a future class to come that rhymes with bananadin.


That is looking impressive. Now I just need someone to knock me out until it’s ready to launch.


everything, just everything in this post looked perfect.

im really impressed how well the art is looking, from textures, shadows, lightning everything.

well done blizzard im more hyped for the game after every post we get


Well, that was even less gameplay information than my pessimistic outlook led me to expect.

Here is to a meatier blog in ~90 days :heart_eyes:

Lets get a status update on Skills, skill tree, attributes, itemization.
And new information on end-game activities. And combat/monster design. What makes monsters a challenge? Which abilities do they have, resistances etc?


that will come for sure, this post was really good to see more how the game will look.


They are keeping that for the D2R launch, to hype it even more.

Yeah, it’s pretty stunning.

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While I was hoping for more gameplay details, this blog had some really nice details and showings of the art/graphics/animations that will help create the important atmosphere of Diablo. Diablos presentation and atmosphere is one of the key aspects that make it stand out from other games in the genre, and the blog proved that.

I have to say, my favorite things shown in the blog were the Blood Bishop, Succubus, and the player armor. The detail is the best seen in the genre thus far. I love the Blood bishop’s very bright yet dark look. He is all red and glistening, but not in an overdone way. He looks majestic and terrifying all at once. The succubus looks like classic Diablo 1 enemies turned into a modern marvel.

I will note that while everything looks good, especially what I mentioned above, I think the other enemies could use some tweaks to help make them a bit more in line with the blood bishop and succubus. Being nitpicky, just felt less detailed and top tier to me, but I realize this is also one view of the enemy and not their attacks and so on, so perhaps my opinion would change when playing.

As always, thank you for the updates! Next time I would love to hear about the affixes these enemies could have and see the attacks.

PS - seeing some of these brilliant enemy designs makes me even more nervous that the Diabo 3 style enemy affixes will stay in the game, creating tons of bright lightning lasers, walls, fire pools, etc. Seriously, you designed these beautifully dark and detailed enemies that have themes and thought put into them. Please don’t ruin that by strapping them all with random, over the top affixes.


Remember Devs/CMs no matter what you post in the blogs someone is going to complain about it.

  • Just ignore them and keep the blogs coming. :ok_hand:

I’m impressed with how some of the things look like true horror/evil things… Well done…

btw a succubus with clothes? ;0


Complaining is fine when backed with reason.


Everything here looked great. Fantastic work.

In terms of the main game visuals, I wish the dungeons would have less light. I think D2: Resurrected gets the dungeon darkness right.

I am still not a fan of the glowing effect on some monsters. It lessens the impact of the great art shown in this blog.


If it is the effect from when you hit them, they said that we can turn that off.

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