Diablo IV Quarterly Update - Q1 March 2022

Hi all,

The first quarterly update for 2022 is now live!. This is intended to be a dedicated thread for the purpose of discussion and feedback, and our developers will be prioritizing reviewing feedback or discussion here.

Please note that this is a dedicated thread intended for player discussion and we may not respond to or immediately answer questions in this thread at this time. We may consider questions or feedback here for future inclusion in Quarterly Updates, and look forward to reading your thoughts!

If you’d like to recap or revisit previous posts on the announcement or ongoing insights on Diablo IV development, you can see everything here:


150+ dungeons… nice! Loving the back to the darkness look. Really back to it’s roots again. Would like to see more element effects after breaking objects (if an element is used) but… really nice work guys.
The tears of joy are in sight.

Oh can we get a release date/year pretty please?


I hope these will differ at least somehow apart from visual side…


I’ll mostly repeat what I said in another thread:

After looking through this blog; I can definitely say that imho, the art team had done a spectacular job thus far.

Everything they showed us gave a sense of bleakness, eerie, horror, and/or a foreboding sense of doom. It’s utterly beautiful and does a great job at showing how truly messed up the world had become in Diablo.

The only thing I’d add is probably give some of the environmental props some additional animations or effects; for example have some of the spider creatures fall off certain spots as a player approaches them.

All in all, this was a great read, and I look forward to the next blog.

Another thing to add is hopefully there’ll a brightness setting (along with some other options) to help with visibility for players who aren’t keen on the darkness.

Yeah, if most of those dungeons have a variety of mechanics, activities, and objectives that greatly differs from one another; that’d be great imo.


Easily the best looking arpg but how does it play? :wink:


They will. Here I’m talking about layouts. So far all dungeons look like wide, open and straight battle arenas with no room for any circumstantial tactical decisions. Just as in D3.

I like

  • All : The lighning effects, ambiance. It’s dark.
  • Images 1 & 5 (Dungeon) : Awesome. Georgous.
  • Video 2 : The desert, on-par with the Path of Exile 2 Demo
  • Video 3 0:22 and 0:38 : The snow / frozen effects on marchs in the city
  • Video 4 (Dungeon) : The creepy finger-shaped stuff that moves on its own
  • Video 5 (Druid) : The lightning changes in the green, like if we were undersea
    (Can be a good idea of ambiance for a Water temple like Temple of Lagon in Last Epoch)
  • Video 6 0:21 : The wood door mechanism
  • Video 6 0:33 : The Zipline ala Tomb Raider : I want more stuff like this !

I dislike

  • Image 3 : In the Tavern, the ladder positionning feels weird. In addition, if there is a ladder, as a player I want to use it, so don’t try to hide it in a corner, make it visible and usable. Or just remove it.
  • Image 4 : In the desert, the fountain with the 4 cows seems out of context. First of all it is bad placed as we can see carriage trails under it (how could a carriage run into the fountain ? Does not make any sense). But overall the fountain doesn’t seem practical at all, neither humans nor beasts would use it. I suggest to replace it with a plain old good desert well like this https://ars.els-cdn.com/content/image/1-s2.0-S2214581818301125-gr2.jpg, it would be more credible.
  • Video 1 0:34-0:38 : A shadow appearing out of nowhere. It breaks the ambiance.
  • Video 1 (Scosglen) : Sea feals like static plastic. Sea foam is unrealistic.
  • Video 2 : In the desert, Fire Bolt seems out of context. I’ don’t know if it’s the lightning, or the lack of impact on the environment. Maybe if on impact Fire Bolt was leaving a trace, of started to burn things (especially in desert where vegetation is dry), it could be more impactful and believable.
  • Video 4 (Dungeon) : Maybe a little too dark. Need more sources of light.


Very good update overall ! :+1:

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looks and sounds great!

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Welp not much to say for me personally
It looks good, it has always looked good.
Dungeons will have enough variety it seems.
But can you please in the future keep talking or even demonstrating (taking about alpha beta) gameplay systems. As you might have recognized people are skill not on board with the current versions of itemization, skill trees, etc.
I promise I will understand it :wink:

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There will always be people not on board with any aspect if the game. Just say what you mean. That you don’t like it and you want to see it changed. You don’t need to hide your disapproval behind the veil of others.

If I’m the only one I will suck it up
But it’s just overall not satisfying and they don’t seem confident about it
It’s all over the place and it shows in the reaction of this forum, content creators and other social media
And I have already explained my personal disapprovals
No need to repeat them

It will hurt to speed run such a beautiful game. Kudos to the Art team!


great looking environnement is nothing if it’s hidden behind mountains of item…

so the most “Environement arts” question that can be asked is…

Will Diablo 4 have a loot filter and/or loot notifier?

So we can enjoy the scenery without the cluttery

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Not bad at all. Looking real Diablo like and believable!

Hopefully the new owners will approve of the continued updates, as I imagine they will.

At 70 years old, I would personally like to still be around at the milestone of the final expansion, completing all of Sanctuary! - What an accomplishment for the game!


looks awesome! fantastic! and totaly sweeeeet :smiley:

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Hm still not sure how I feel about open world in a Diablo game, just doesn’t seem right to me. I’d hate the idea of MMO-esque open world on the surface and then cave-esque (narrow D3 caves) dungeons underneath. Feels like a step back from D3 environments to be honest.

Visuals, while they look stunning, still need some work. The water puddles (Scosglen Coast video) look like they are frozen solid. Real water puddles have some ripples in them (from breeze/wind)

Also characters running up and down the stairs (Orbei Monastery video and Forgotten Places in the world video) dont look realistic at all - stairs look to be painted on the floor to be honest. Camera should be moving up/down to keep the same distance from the toon to give illusions of the toon changing elevation.

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The Scosglen tidal scene the swells on the right side of the animation are moving far too fast. Swells on this planet at least are much slower. But I still liked it a lot.

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We really don’t know if the realms in Diablo are planets. We can assume, but for all we know Sanctuary is just a flat rock in a dimension. I know it was moving fast in other videos and the demo, but at least it was a bad rainstorm, which could be a reason this time.

Great update! Looks amazing! Was really happy to see some ‘new’ environments (the spidery cavern looked awesome)!

Just feel like we have seen a lot of this already. I’m as fanboy as they come for pulling apart and disecting these blogs, and a lot of these visuals feel like they have been around since the original gameplay videos (Blizzcon, etc.)

I really like what I see, I think I am just hoping to hear more about systems and gameplay. Want to see more talent tree, itemization, endgame, etc. I guess this is just hard as the game still seems soooooo far away.