Diablo IV Quarterly Update - Q1 February 2020

Yeah no thank you. I’d rather move forward.

First of all thanks for the quarterly update and for this ongoing communication, even tough this update is a little bit underwhelming, especially aftet Kims reaction to itemisation i tought you would talk a little bit more on that front, how the itemisation is progressing and what the current iteration on them is…

The UI seems verry consolish with Grids so it is easier to navigate with a controller, dont fall into that trap, make a PC game first. Why just not make a DIablo 2 or POE like Inventory where items are anatomicaly where they should be and not on the sides, than make a togable 3d model of the character…

Its a good step to make the item art more realistic, but make the items look like they looko n the characters…

It really bothers me that the items are all the same size, first its not logic for a ring to be the size of a 2h Axe or Stave or an Body Armor peace… Second it makes those big items shrink and loose Detail in the inventory… You can make different sizeditems without Tetris management, look at Grim Dawn and theyre automatic sortment of loot, i think this would be an easy implementation…

I liek that we have a center UI again for HEalth mana and action bar, consider making the HEalth and Mana globes on the left and right corner of the screen or give us the option to customize it…

I like what you are doing with enemys, fammilys and different behaviour, hope itm akes for tactical combat and not just 1 shooting whole screens liek other ARPGs.

I am verry scared about the itemisation, Skills and Talent tree, everything seems underwhelming, we need a lot of options for customazing adn making owne builds. Considr makeing a Stats System adn expanding the Tlaent tress…


Barbarian coudl hae 3 Trees : Juggernaut, Berserker, Marauder…

Druid : Shaman, Shapeshifter, Beastmaster…

take youre time, be creative, dont make a shallow console gmae again, you have this one chance to make something that wil last and that you can milk money of and make us happy at the same time… If the game is shallown, noone will play it for the long run…

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Thank you for update!
I want to give my feedback for information from BlizzCon till now:
Runewords - Dislike (Looks very poor and simple);
Maxing ALL skills in endgame - Dislike (Key Point);
Attack/Defense changes on items + LIKE (Finally!);
Consumables on non legendary items + LIKE (Great!);
Realistic Art Design of environment, arts in february update and everything else + LIKE (Key Point);
Inventory - Dislike (Huge dissapointment for me, one slot items and items being so small in a game where one of the most important gameplay activity is farming ITEMS, very bad);
Life/Mana bars Left/Center optional + LIKE (Nice feature).


As for the max points on all skills, that is only if you choose to. So 1, nothing forces you to apply skill points at all and 2, they talked about those really dedicated to maxing them all out would do so.

Of course all can change.

A sure, what cons has it… Just make the items auto sort and the one and ONLY “con” is gone… Let us enjoy big item art and let us differentiate between armors, big 2h and rings and helmets fast… As bariga said, itemisation isone of the core pillars if not the moste imlortant thing in diablo, so make items great again, starting with godamn good art and not some yugioh cards in my inventory…

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Dear Diablo IV dev team,

would you please put a sticky up like this one in the D2 forum.

It would be great if the large existing Diablo II player base had the opportunity to share with you their ideas and concerns. Many D2 players don’t play D3 and many that do don’t visit this forum. When the D2 ladder resets in June 25k will be hitting the above forum to read the announcement.

I think you’re missing out on the opportunity to hear from arguably the largest player base in the franchise.
The player base includes:

  • Softcore ladder players
  • Hardcore ladder players
  • Hardcore ladder player killers
  • Ladder players who only magic find
  • Ladder players who only play to 99 characters
  • botters and hackers (bad, but their honest opinions should be heard.
  • Non ladder players who PvP
  • Non ladder players who casually play
  • Single player communities include:
  • Holy Grailers (dedicated website)
  • Speed runners (Dedicated website) thousands of people watch D2 speed running streams every day
  • Solo self found 99er Challengers (dedicated website)
  • Lan players

There are easily more than 100k people on half a dozen Websites/forums/apps/groups everyday talking D2.

Thank you for your consideration.


Yeah, D2 only good for talking. Most D2 players cheat their progression which renders the game not very fun.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Why would you openly share your ignorance about a game’s player base you know next to nothing about? There are websites, Facebook groups and Discords that host tens of thousands of Active legit D2 players.

And only ignorant people wouldn’t listen to a hacker. That’s about as foolish as not listen to a burglar explain how they choose houses to break into. They are the source information the security industry uses to develop their protocols. Blizzard should be listening very closely to hackers.

I suggest studying The Art of War if you want to learn how to live wisely in the world.

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Isnt it a tragedy that they make ICONS for items ( like look at those items in the inventory, they look like some Yugi Oh Cards adn not actuall items) and not actuall Items…

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Doesn’t bother me one bit. You guys act as ifnit is some immersion breaking tragedy but ever feel carrying impossible amounts of gear while doing impossible feats while never needing rest not a problem.

Blizzard, please drop the current D3 / PoE 6 skill system and return the franchise to the D2 skill and hot key system. It will work on console. DOOM Eternal has 14 hot keys, one for each weapon. If you look at DOOM Eternal regarding weapon switching you’ll see that flipping between a lot of hot keys does not slow the player down on console. I am not comparing a FPS with Diablo, I’m just saying it is being done today in modern games.

Doing this will help contribute to adding a lot of depth and variety to character builds and play styles. It will also allow you to develop truly challenging monsters that require creativity and skill combined with gear and build.


Maybe we could hear something about what kind of difficulty levels are being planned for D4 in the next little chat you have?


Very important topic I agree. Hope that the higher diff doesn’t become about higher HP/Damage and/or overcrowded places, but rather give them special abilities OR at least make the very progress (not the late game only) harder

Examples for 1st: Fallen gain berserk when low on HP, skeletons throw bones at one another to “heal longer” the one under attack, stronger Melee fighters have a charge ability to engage faster, or at least make them smarter (i.e. not chase your character 1v1)

Examples for 2nd: Increase repair cost/s at the return for extra magic find (i.e. increased rarity of loot). Resistances/Increased-damage is fine but as long as it’s kept reasonable, for example 50% resistances and 50% extra damage is JUST enough (as long as the baseline game is challenging itself)

Yes, very interested to hear some update about that :slight_smile:


I agree. Not that more damage and health is always a bad thing. Then they can different items, have the same items and increase the amount of affixes on items or have different legendary powers and set bonuses, along with new recipies.

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I’d prefer having a single difficulty (PoE style), and of course in end-game have scaling difficulty in dungeons/maps etc.

But yeah, difficulty scaling should mean much more than HP/dmg.
In D3 you could add more monster affixes.

The endgame scaling could be endless, for leaderboard purposes. But reward scaling should not be endless - as that leads to fewer viable builds and more balance issues.

Like, in D3 terms, maybe after GRift 100* you dont get more XP and loot. Only the enjoyment of pushing yourself further.

*There should still not be 100+ different difficulty levels in your scaling end-game though, that is just silly.

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This is bad. You’re forcing every player in the same “chest”. The game shouldn’t be just the endgame. D2 way overdid the “3 times replay content” but shouldn’t be single diff until the maxx lvl either

Here’s an example [probably 5th time writing lol], that I think has some merit:

Easy: repair costs 75%, gold drop rates 125% , rarity drop rate 75%
Normal: repair costs 100%, gold drop rates 100% , rarity drop rate 100%
Hard: repair costs 150% , gold drop rates 80% , rarity drop rate 140% , monster damage +25%
Diablo: repair costs 300% , gold drop rates 60% , rarity drop rate 200% , monster damage +50%, monster resistances + 50%

So, the hardest diff basically is harder mobs (50% both off & def), less gold drop, 3x the repair cost, but your “magic find” gets up to 200% :slight_smile:

I went through the hassle of finding my old login, so that i could make this post. I know that not everyone will agree with me, but i believe my points are beneficial to the casual, aswell as the hardcore player, coming from an old Diablo franchise veteran.

Please don’t remove inventory-tetris! The fact that some items are bigger than others, add to the realism/immersion. By having to sometimes make a choice between wether or not you should throw away that polearm from your inventory to fit another belt, or going back to town to put it in the bank gives you a skill as a player, and will make it more satisfactory to play once you get the hang of it! And also the fact that having some items that are bigger, imop, makes sense since a armor might have x2 or x3 the stats, than those of a pair of gloves - why having them the same size then?
I use the armor as an example again, but having an armor in your inventory which has the same size as a pair of gloves, makes you unable to see its “splashart”, making it lose its “recogniseability” Also, if gems, runes or the like are in the final game, those sockets will cover up the entire splashart, like in D3, which is just so sad - so please please please: Make some sort of size diffrence for the items in the inventory.
I do believe in “Bank” space, making it so that you don’t have to throw away EVERYTHING due to lack of space - but keep it reasonable.

Big fan of the Diablo franchise.
Scared that the mixed system support will somehow negatively effect the finished product.
Can’t wait to see what will happen in the future.


About inventory I think it’s better if a “sword” will take more spots then a “ring”.
You can fix almost all the issues with auto arrange button.


I don’t see any issues with inventory being the same size. It’s just inventory. Please spare me the immersion angle. Immersion and realism isn’t a valid argument when you ignore all the non realistic and immersion breaking elements of the game.

Many other games including full fledged RPGs use one size for all items. This is really a non issue.

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Well I’d have replied but was kinda tolerant cause look: Both guys have their 1st post just posted. So are new :slight_smile: (or a smurf :stuck_out_tongue: )

THING IS those things can be achieved in many and much more important ways overall. Inventory “complexity” is one of the least “downgrades of realism” that happened in D3 compared to the previous versions

First of all D3 was more of a “Marvel heroes vs Hell” type of game, D4 is not. D3 gave you that “superiority feel” most of the time, being ABOVE everyone for long times (Act 3, the Keep, Act 4, Heaven) and so on, D4 from what we can see does NOT

The “polearm” example you said is by far the worst nightmare lol, if we were up to realism then the Polearms should be placed in the saddlebag of your mount, AND every non-plate piece of armor could be stored in a folded form :stuck_out_tongue: . So it’s not quite “linear” the way you’ve envisioned it

The PROBLEM of “inventory tetris” is it loses a lot more than it gives back in return. Forces you to stop and “juggle through” loot instead of continue fight stuff forward, and probably would be even worse if you kinda stop and “juggle around” things but the combat is not even over

The gain of an inventory tetris is lesser than the loss, hence why (I hope) we put that issue/topic behind lol. Hope you agree that immersion/reality could (and should) be achieved in other ways though :slight_smile: