Diablo IV Limited Edition Collectors' Box

Well, it looks like I’ve gone all in for Diablo IV!

A few days ago I preordered the Diablo for Ultimate Edition for $99.95.

Then Ace told me about buying the Collector’s Box. I knew nothing about it. But he gave me the link below, I went online and bought it. The box was $96.66, and with shipping, $112.72. That brings my total investment in Diablo IV to $212.67. That’s the most I’ve ever spent in one shot on the game itself and game materials. I did spend about $6000 at the auction house, but that was in game, and this $212.67 is for the game.

Anyway, check it out, it looks awesome.



Nice to see something positive from you :+1: There has been a lot of criticism about the Box not having the game included.

Yeah, I had to have the box. I never bought the collector edition of D3 and have regretted it since. lol

I don’t see the problem with having it a separate purchase personally, but I get where some people are coming from.

There is a nostalgic thing about buying a game with a box and extra goodies. Its not a common practice anymore as everything went digital, but you are now at the mercy of said digital, and if that company ends up pulling the plug, those goodies are simply gone.

At least with a physical copy, you still have something, even if its just for the memorabilia.

I get free boxes when I order Chinese food delivery.


Well, it would have to come on a BluRay disc, at about 17 gigs, and there are updates so often, the user would have to update the game as soon as it was installed.

But even so, it would be nice to have a pretty physical disc in the box. So I intend to make one, with a simple installer, since D3 doesn’t rely on any fancy registry entries to run, and create a label and jewel case inserts with some pieces of art in the box.

I’m guessing, though, that I could download and play the game faster than any BluRay player could install it from the disc…lol

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Well… it’s your money. Do what ever you want it. I would never encourage anyone to pre-order, but i have been burnt a lot, so that’s just me i guess.

Necro warning: I just now got a notification of a reply to this topic, which brought it to mind, so here it is…

Sadly, I haven’t logged on and played since the open beta, and even then I only got to the first town twice, and no farther…

And the box sits in its box, in its box, on the bottom shelf of my closet…

Only trolls with nothing better to do care about that. Besides, none of them can ever tell you exactly what a “necro” really is. One will say “6 months” while another says “a week”. It’s just something for bored NEETs to complain about.

The same people who cry “necro!” are also the same people who will be the first to say “There is already a thread about this, go post in there!”

I’ll bet my entire retirement pension that you’re not the only one.

At least you’re a true Diablo fan :+1:
I got D4 at the discount price last week (but had to make an investment in upgrading my computer (SSD, plus adapter card for my outdated PCIe x1 slots plus RAM). For a D3 “veteran” D4 is extremely complicated and convoluted, so I have to follow maxroll guides etc quite closely. Playing through the campaign and side quests and all the “beginner” stuff is an okay experience. As D3 goes into maintenance mode you can always return to D4 and give it another try.

Try the game now Stone. It’s slowly feeling more fun.

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I will sooner or later. I have about 160 games on my computer, a lot never played, but yet I log on to D3 and play every day, as I have since launch…

But this Season, there is really nothing to enhance pushing, and how much loot can you salvage, anyway, so I might have a Thanksgiving go at it!

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Have to say, my box hasn’t been opened yet, but that’s mainly due to not having my gaming shelf all setup yet for my office.

Its a work in progress.

As for D4, been playing it, but not as hard as many others, my time is limited unfortunately.

But it has been playing ok for me, which is at least better than many others having issues, primarily around connection latency. :frowning:

Anyway, Game on.

I would definitely buy a physical copy almost every time if it was available. I still have my Brood War CD somewhere, unfortunately not the original case with the inserts and stuff. And I have a shelf on our bookcase where I put my Starcraft 2 and D3 boxes face on as a little display.

Should put that CD in some case that is still in once piece without a crack and display it as well seeing as how I have enough affection for the game to be replaying it again at the moment.