⭐ DIABLO IV - Feedback Collection Thread

Thank god im not the only one :smiley:

Would be really awesome if this somehow would get to the DEVS so they can make sure all the implementation and skins and skill effects make sense, half baked games never live long.

Play lots of d3! Love the game, just hoping on some growth with d4 =p

Like how ideas floating everywhere :D, thought myself one so might share it:

A special type of dungeon where at the entrance there’s a vendor that gives you a special type of ring where you get healed by particular type of damage (you can choose which, get healed by Fire, Lightning, Cold, or poison, [The start of Azkaranth style] and get damaged by the other 3)

During this event all the rest of your gear’s resistances are negated, but killing a mob of certain type gives you 1 res for 20-50 seconds… You better hurry to fight the boss/es while you still have some “resistances fuel” left in the tank :slight_smile:

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Or to find out about the hidden power you need to do a side quest it doesn’t have to be long but relevant to the items history. It may even be a curse of sorts the item does half damage to some types of monster but in doing so double damage to another.
Add a quest to left the Curse at a price both values change, if you remove the Curse the main bonus is not as powerful, something along the lines of you can never completely clear all the Curses effects.

Yes more outside the box thinking

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no matter what feedback you will bring in, by the time it will be released (at least 2y +), its already outdated

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No to all of the above.
There should be more RNG on items to make grinding more important, while more rewarding to how each individual likes to build.
Town Portal should be reduced to a item to heighten the need to prepare before you enter the dungeons.
Re-spec should be by a gold cost based on the level of the player, not a single freebee when you level up. This would allow players to change builds at will, but will have to work for the ability to change their design.
“LAZY Keys” should be avoided. RPGs in general are all made better by late game grinding, you reduce the grind you make the game too short, and worthless.
It is called gradual scaling. It is done in almost all RPGs because otherwise, 3 people with 30 in their attack stats could take on and win against someone who is around 90 because of both attack speed, and damage per hit.
All of the suggestions in this post are from someone who is lazy and wants to have no real challenge in the game. I get it after a hard day working it is annoying to grind, but Diablo isn’t suppose to be a cake walk.

Wishlist for Diablo 4 at it current state:

  1. An option for switching OFF orange/green/yellow/etc color backgrounds around items in the inventory (or remove them).
    When I look at this color fest in D3 inventory my eyes are bleeding. The item itself is hard to distinguish with crazy color background.
  2. Increase icon size for armor and weapons in the inventory (or return to tetris system).
  3. Orange color itself is kinda strange, perhaps it can be tuned somehow (or changed).
  4. Improve inventory item art to look more realistic. Some stylish background for inventory itself.
  5. Lower attack and defense numbers, to make it simple and approachable for people. Managing xxxxx values is hard.
    Surprisingly, there is an amazing game with similar to Diablo 4 stat system - homm 3.
    For example there you can have sword with +3 to attack, or + 6 to attack. This attack then will be added to your creatures attack - for comparison, peasant basic atack is 1, skeleton 5, dragon has around 20 attack.
    Those simple numbers are super easy to understand when players look at creatures stats in the battle.
    Diablo 4 ofc is the game of much bigger scale, anyway I prefer attack and defense numbers to be as low as possible.
  6. Legendaries/sets/mythics should have special stat ranges and affixes, not only special ability (legendary power) affixes. This will make them feel unique and open build customization.
  7. Runewords as recipes for white items. Current system stay for blue/rares etc (non white items). In a result - white (regular items) will also be viable, extra endgame content will appear for players when chasing high level runes. This system is easy to implement - runes are already in game, only normal items are affected (no changes for other items needed).
  8. Split attack and attack speed with spell damage, spell cast speed. This is kinda hard decision but again, it will add much to end game content. And it is super deep.
  9. Random name generator for rares.
  10. Tiaras, diadems and circlets from Diablo 2 - what a cool items! Plese give them back.

+100 to this

And not only that, it also make more sence: all values should be low, or all values should be high (and in this case it doesn’t make sence to have them high), but shouldn’t go from too low to too high.

And also, the values of different item’s levels should overlap too.

I think this could be a great type of mob. One could listen to them at the other side of a door but don’t know exactly where they are. This could bring back part of the D1 feeling of open doors.

In the same way as the goblins, we could have hordes of them. Ofc, in this case they could be less dangerous for the HC players.

Another idea (from Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen) could be that when we kill monsters (could be only the ones that have meat), and they start to… “smell”, this could attract more dangerous monsters. The biggest the amount of monster the kill, the bigger the chance to bring something more dangerous.

The witches could be one of those monsters that are attracted. Maybe even if the player alredy left, it could leave the monster behind and be there for other players (as a gift, you know).

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It’s from someone that doesn’t want to put 500 hours BEFORE the game starts being a challenge

No ofense but having no other ways to be effective other than grind is super BS… Grinding is… replayable yes, long-term look-based ? maybe, but it’s quite the repetitive BS and finally and most importantly NOT a challenge (as opposed to your ways of thinking)

They should make the game more challenging, not necessarily just mid-difficulty all the way with bad drop rates. AND lastly but not least IF there are alternative/other ways to be effective it’s (probably) gonna end up more socially active that way

To build on this, not everyone cares about endgame the same way. I play a lot of d3 and dont particularly want to grind every minute detail to the point of perfection.

I actually find some of the best ways to play is to restart a character or play a new class and just mess around with skills and builds at low level. Im not saying i want to do this exactly in d4, but a little variety is something i am looking forward to in the future

Very cool. I like this idea as sound was so important originally, and as i was arguing in my original post that i think it could play a big role again.

I like the idea of the “tainted meat/loot” seems like a cool way of making a retrieval quest…you would be hunted until you return the loot, etc.

For me the game is never a challenge, but I tend to use LoN with extreme effectiveness. If you want a game without the grind then RPGs are not for you. It takes me little time to hit level 70 and that is because of suggestions like yours that remove the grind. As a game lover I find that the grind makes any game better because it forces you to actually enjoy it. Without grind you beat the game in just a few hours then you regret the purchase because you are left with nothing. Take the new pokemon games, before you would have to grind like crazy to develop your pokemon to be the best now you spend one or 2 hours after you finish the game and you are out of stuff to do. Diablo has ALWAYS been post game focused not story line focused. This is because you never really finish the grind. By removing the grind you reduce the game to only the story line which makes a game that usually lasts for months to years now last just hours. Take your lazy ways and go play a lazy person’s game, like pokemon Sword and Shield.
As for me I prefer games that take a long time to get the best stuff, like Diablo, and the other ARPGs. If Diablo 4 is built to where it is any easier then 3 then I will probably quit diablo all together. D&D 4e almost caused me to quit D&D and Sword and Shield is making me quit pokemon, because they went to be grindless, instead of grind centric.

As for a suggestion that would actually be good.
Hidden Sets: have a hidden stat on all legendaries items that can form set abilities.
Pros: End game builds would become massive in number and have no real must haves.
Cons: The end to the near requirement to run one of around 8 builds per class, for competitive playing. (Thank god LoN is around for D3.)

How about find other ways that actually work… you know, more natural ones… :slight_smile:

No ofense but that’s quite the BS, it’s a “elitist prestige” statement which I frankly don’t find truth in…

Never said you should beat… BTW game should be beatable by SKILL, first and foremost, not be actually impossible to beat if you aren’t over/geared

Think of it this way - if/when you put the “requirements” of beating a game solely in gear, then it’s just a time it becomes easy/er… IF the game’s not so hard on gear-requirement and is more skill related then some good players may actually beat it undergeared, whilest others will grind longer for them to be able to

I’m not so sure which group you belong to tbh… Yes, there were mistakes (as in D3) but it’s not good to make the game “gear-locked” either

Whenever you get killed should be 9 times out of 10 because you played, positioned or reacted badly, not because undergeared or some “passive” of yours was built in a wrong way. Games should punish players decisions, not “lack of time invested” (or “wrong” build/s)… I could see them make a possible mistake of “not enough leveling content” but don’t think it will be “D3 leveling” level of mistake (which already has been taken care off of in multiple ways)

Here’s the thing though - IDK what you think of the “Countess runs” in D2 until you get X runes and then “swoop” the game but personally hate the whole concept of it

(IMO) Same content shouldn’t be replayable to make you stronger, playing and beating act 1 boss 10 times shouldn’t make Act 2 (or 3, or 4) a “walk in the park” as a result

Therefore the game’s progression/difficulty system should definitely NOT be solely gear based (or grind-based) for that matter… And yes there should be other ways to make challenges dynamic/beatable… And yes I know there is the “carry” i.e. people always find ways to abuse something for fast-skipping but again - just cause people abuse sh*t doesn’t mean there aren’t proper (unubusable) ways to do it

It’s very important to not put content under “gear lock” and make challenges dynamic/interactive other than “gear hunting”


I totally agree with you !

I have better gear, my DPS is higher then yours, cool! I can kill the boss in 8 minutes and you in 12 min. So if I kill the boss in less time, I have less chance to die in some special mechanics. I can also farm it faster and have more rewards per hours.

My resistance/defense is higher then yours, great! I can survive to 3 hits or 2 fireball or 3 sec in a poison pool and you, the boss kill you in 2 hits or 1 fireball or 2 sec in a poison pool. My better gear give me some space for mistakes and survive even if I’m not 100% perfect. Bad gear don’t give you any space for mistake, but you can still defeat the boss if you are perfect.

I think that’s the best way to make almost all builds viable but not optimised. If I try a new build and make some bad decisions with my gear choice, skills choice and talent, overall I’ll be weaker then a pro who optimised everything. BUT I won’t be totally useless. It will be much harder but not impossible for me.

The worst boss mechanics is timer. After X minutes, the boss enrage and one shot you. That’s mean, if you don’t do 10 000 dps, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you to kill it. Some boss/content may have timer, but not all of them.

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There is indeed too little difference between the casual player and the competitive one in d3 mostly because there is:

  • a given and limited number of cooldowns combination
  • a given number of actions per minute making gameplay a fight versus the unbreakable wall of time.

The solution is:

  • to bring back resistances in order to remove cooldowns. It will encourage spell diversity and endless combinations in a given time frame.
  • balance, increase resource costs, reduce drop rates, or eventually introduce diminishing returns to prevent spamming
  • Bring back real time decision making options and various resources and actions to manage (ex: toms, special potions, switches, mercs…I’m sure Blizzard can design new ones, Dash is an excellent option to develop)

To sum up the factors:

  • Time investment factor: Checked and it’s already the case in d3.
  • Knowledge and analysing factor: Almost checked since they are in the right direction with itemisation.
  • Skill and action per minutes factor: no even mentioned yet

I found a site not long ago and has many ideas to improve D1 and D2, but many things could be used for a D4 game.


"elective mode for items”

This reminds of the old idea in D2 of like Poison gem stacking a 6 socket weapon for interesting builds.

I could see a Frost based Wizard go crazy with rares and this system and in essence create custom legendary like rares for their build.

This should be explored more deeply. Systems like this create interesting ways to “break” the game.

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I think an easy way to work it out would be to go with the highest you want in Attack and Defence.

If Max End Game gear has Attack of say 2000 and we think that the current level cap is 40, than at 40 items are all in the 1950 to 2000 range, 39 - has a range of 1900 - 1950, 38 has 1850 - 1900 and so on always with just a little overlap so at level 1 we start with something like 5 - 50. I don’t think any weapon would have a 0 Attack.

Defence could be worked out at say 50% of Attack so you will always do damage.

Before anyone jumps all over this and says that’s always half my hit points or health, that’s where affixes and leganary effects come in to mixup the difference, some tanky builds will only take 20% per hit, glass cannon builds my have a chance to be one shot or 75% in one hit.

And by end game I think this is where Sets start so they should be at this Level Cap, no more than 10-20% or each of the next tier of items then as we pick up our first top end legendary items the range can go up the same 10-20% so as to keep the over all numbers as low as possible.

This is far from a perfect option but more of an idea that will be easier to work with and with proper handling with keep power creep at bay.

Yes this is what is done in D2 I’m not a fanboy but it looks like the best option at least make it so the best combinations work with white items, and keeping another item type viable.
If that means white items have 3-4 sockets and other items only have 2 all the better.
You can still make the basic Runes work as they are now with 1 of each, but in a white item it could open up more possible combinations, without the stat bonus will it be something better for your build?

Wow I think that person did a thesis on Diablo, way to much for me to take in, but a very hand thing to show the Devs.

Yea i also suggest, opening more sockets, down the rarities
Rare, leg: 2
Magic: 3
Normal: 4
Something like that