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It’s a factor of making dark/er dungeons feel scarier… which is really cool

The problem is it doesn’t feel/add to any balance decisions at all… If it was something like half of Light Radius bonuses also add up to casting range of abilities, NOW might be a real talk

BUT, question is would you REALLY like to add up that in balance-wise consideration cause it does more “hidden damage” than contribution

Hi All,

This is the first time I have ever posted anything on this so please go easy on me. IMO what I want to see more is better online multiplayer for Diablo 4. What drew me to continuing to play D2 was that it not only had a great trading system with other players but you had a sense of community and the players were spread across a few difficulties as oppose to what D3 has. I mean half the time I played the game there was like no one there. (Maybe because I played in Australia /pacific servers) but still i didnt have this problem for D2.

I mean there are like 20 difficulties for D3, from normal all the way to whatever the last torment was. So half the time players were either spread in the normal difficulty or at the very last. Why bother making 20 difficulties it divides players across so many difficulties. I felt I barely ever met anyone playing online. You might as well play solo because whats the point of multiplayer if you dont meet other players.

If Blizzard’s plan is to make the game feel isolated and lonely then you might as well just create a private game and play solo all the way. The reason some of us go and play multiplayer is not because we want the game to feel solo / lonely but to play with others online.

Go back to D2 and you see lots of players spread in three difficulties. Normal, Nightmare and Hell and because everyone wasn’t spread so far apart every game you joined actually had people in it. Like wtf D3. I hope D4 isn’t like this

Please tell me im not the only one with this frustration.


Add this video to your list:


My own suggestions: [D4] Itemization Ideas ⚔

How to actually post a youtube link here, that ppl can play?
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easy, just copy paste the whole youtube link into your post… it should display playable for everyone.
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I just recognized, youtube is allowed :slight_smile: ty :stuck_out_tongue:

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A few videos about the System Design in Diablo IV (Part II)

I’ve written a rather large document where i comment on many different aspects of the game. I’d love for more people to see and read it (or only parts).

These are my thoughts and they might change in the future, who knows.


Adding noxious video about itemization to the list regarding Blizzard part 2 information pannel.



Thank you for giving us, players, oportunity to be part of creation of this game.

I am a casual player, love playing the story mode, all diablo lore, playing without any preassue and enyoing the world and views.

I want to share with you my thoughts and ideas:

  1. Paragons - I actually do not like idea of never ending grind. For the casuals it is the feeleing that you will never reach the final, perfect build in the game and the feeling that you can be as strons as the best player in the game. With paragons it is impossible due to lack of game time. A lot of diablo players are already 25+ years old and we do not have unlimited time for playing.

For me it should be maximum cap level, and the items shold be the core of your strenght. Due to that, item drop rate should be very, very low.

  1. Demonic, Angelic and Ancient Affixes in items - I am not convinced about that idea. Simplicity is a great thing. I am fan on popular, casual Strength, Dexterity, Inteligence, Health and Mana affixes. Was it that bad to just hunting for item with better stats? For me it was great. Great and easy.

However I do not have access to test the new thing so it can be good. I trust you :slight_smile:

  1. Stat points - as I said previously I am fan of Strength, Dexterity, Inteligence, Health and Mana affixes. The character build should return.

The stats should have their steps for example.

For each level you recieive 5 points to spend. You are a a true barbarian and you are spending all points into strength. Thats great however there needs to be limits. After reaching 50 points into strenght, the next 1 stat will cost you 2 points. There will be next and next limit. Also there should be bonuses for each of clases:

Barbarian, druid, paladin:
Strength: 1-60 cost: 1 point, 61-90 2 points, 90-110 3 points, 111-130 4 points 131+ 5 points,
Dexterity: 1-50 1 point, 51-70 2 points, 71-90 3 points, 91-110 4 points, 111+ 5 points,
Inteligence: 1-50 1 point, 51-70 2 points, 71-90 3 points, 91-110 4 points, 111+ 5 points,

Amazon, assasin:
Dexterity: 1-60 cost: 1 point, 61-90 2 points, 90-110 3 points, 111-130 4 points 131+ 5 points,
Strength: 1-50 1 point, 51-70 2 points, 71-90 3 points, 91-110 4 points, 111+ 5 points,
Inteligence: 1-50 1 point, 51-70 2 points, 71-90 3 points, 91-110 4 points, 111+ 5 points,

Inteligence: 1-60 cost: 1 point, 61-90 2 points, 90-110 3 points, 111-130 4 points 131+ 5 points,
Strength: 1-50 1 point, 51-70 2 points, 71-90 3 points, 91-110 4 points, 111+ 5 points,
Dexterity: 1-50 1 point, 51-70 2 points, 71-90 3 points, 91-110 4 points, 111+ 5 points,

Health and Mana/Resource : 1-50 1 point, 51-70 2 points, 71-90 3 points, 91-110 4 points, 111+ 5 points - same for each class

Strength should be responsible for accuracy and physical damage
Dexterity should be responsible for evasion and ranged physical damage
Inteligence should be respolsible for elemental resistances and magical damage
Health for HP and physical resistance
Mana/Resource for Mana and resource regenaration

  1. Item drop rate : It should be very, very low. Let’s take the weapon from the trailer, which is summoning the hydra to fight for you. It will be hard too find a build that will take adventage of this effect. That causes that kind of legendaries useless and crap in the world. And lets imagine that this is the only legendary weapon that drops you in a week of playing. You are happy that you have stronger item that yellows and you are enyoing that view of hydra. I am not saying that this should be end game but this helps to build araound the stages of the game.

  2. PVP areas - you are saying that there will be pvp areas where 2 players can fight vs 1 and there will be no rules. That’s sounds awasome for me. I have an idea to hunt more people there:

The great example is Whimsyshire from diablo 3. You have to searching for a special items, which combined opens the secret portal. You can put that hidden items to each area and open pvp there. Players will have to fight to get this and the others will protect this area. I think this will cause a lot of fun there!

  1. Blood and demon corpses - I think the cool idea will be to make an amazing effect with blood and mob corpses. Lets imagine that you are fighting with 30 monsters in one, same place. And when you killing them, their bodies are creating a huge hillock with blood and corpses. Like in the gameplay trailer where nephalem are walking from the cave through the dead bodies and bloody skull arrives. That can looks amazing!

That are my thoughts about the game.

I am looking forward to any comments about above ideas. Also I am very excited about the game. It looks amazing. Lets hope we do not have to wait for it till 2022 ;D

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Hey all, I am more of a lurker and never post, so I apologize for the mouthful. I would like to throw a few of my thoughts in here however, as I have been following the hype train fairly closely, and being a forever fan would love to see D4 pay tribute to its roots, as well as grow the genre with some new flavour.

I have seen/read some of the talk from the last few weeks, but with the main discussion focusing around itemisation and endgame, I am hoping to point out some other things that are important to Diablo that may be more subtle and less noticeable.

Some of the things that made Diablo such an iconic franchise was the mood/feel of the original Diablo games. So much of the earlier games was emphasised on the music/sound combined with the slow speed of the crawl. I still remember interacting with monsters for the first time and the unique sounds/actions that came with each monster type. I know that lots of people have brought these points up, but I would like to add my take on this part of the game that I really think is important to the franchise.

In D2 and D3, this feel was lost for the most part as the speed of the game changed drastically. The sound/mood was pushed to the background as our characters stomped through piles of mobs before they even utter a sound. My hope is that that there can be some attempt to in fact slow down and force those who want the feel of suspense/horror to experience the tone and sound without taking away from the flow of the game as a whole. I get the feeling that Blizz has got the message that fans want to “bring back the darkness”, but have focused much on the visuals of the game, and have not focused on the other side of things in the way that sound/music is a big part of developing mood/tone to the game.

Below I have detailed some of my thoughts about how Blizz can do this by adding/bringing back some interesting aspects of the franchise.

  1. My first thought is to bring back scripted quests, ie. the moldy tome, Arcanes Valor , and Chamber of Bone quests from D1. These side quests were simple, and for the most part offered trivial loot, but to me they created a tone and lore to the game that was dark and scary at times. In D1, these quests were how we learned about the world beyond Tristram and as the second and third game built on this limited world, the lore came out in different ways ie. more interaction with NPCs and/or dropped lore books. I realize that Blizz likely has a means of delivering lore to the character in D4, but I do think that these original side quests were unique in how they allowed the character to witness the darkness and lore of the game at a slower/scripted pace. D3 basically rolled over lore as the power creep blasted through the scripted conversations, and often you would listen to a lore book and then encounter a second before the first was even done. The same can be said about our good friend Asmodan (D3), who couldn’t even spout out 2 words before we’d get to the next check point and his next script would take over. I think that by bringing back side quests, you give the player control over what they want to achieve ie. i do this quest, I may get some cool loot and/or learn some lore along the way. It’s a slower means of progressing, but I still think it adds to the depth of the game/lore. Obviously Blizz could make these quests more viable by offering interesting or specific loot (ie. transmogs) that a lot of us want.

  2. My second thought is to bring back the scripted in game sound/lighting affects. I’m referring to the quest in D2 when activating the tomes in the stony field. Regardless of the what is around, the screen goes dark, lightning crackles, and the screen shakes. Yes, in this era of gaming, it may look/feel dated, but these scenes serve a purpose of creating a tone and mood of the situation that will likely last with the player. Some other scenes that use these effects are in D2 when Diablo is summoned, or in D3 when the Siegebreaker/Butcher bosses literally bash their way through a wall to get to you. D3 also does this with rock worms erupting from the ground, or even the charged up attacks of some mobs. I think a lot more could be done with this especially by playing with the sound (I will refer to this more in the next point). This may not seem like much, but it is a fairly simple way to set the scene for some major event that is about to take place, or to create a sense of fear that I better do something before I get crushed. I think most if not all of us can relate to the original Butcher scene in D1 - “Ah, Fresh Meat” as you open the door. I still remember to this day the feeling I got when I first approached the Butcher’s room in D1 and knew immediately that something menacing was inside. Very cool!

  3. My last point is related to the previous in that sound can play a big role in building up a scene. D3 did this in different way with the Goblin encounters that were rare, but really unique. These encounters were perfect for stopping the player in their tracks and forcing them to plan their next course of action. As goblins always warn the player ahead of time with a sound/cry (often a few screens ahead), you immediately stop what you are doing and your focus is drawn to how you are going to slay this goblin before they escape. I really like this idea, and in reading some other forum posts on this, was brought to the idea of the Witch encounters from the Left 4 Dead Franchise. When you encounter this creature, the background music changes and the sound of her weeping gets louder as you get closer. Whats different from the goblins, is instead of running away when you get close enough, the Witch rises and then immediately attacks, often one shotting you. D4 could do something like this, adding a new creature that is both fragile, but also extremely dangerous. I think this could add some flavour to a franchise that essentially has a major problem with the endgame, where trash mobs become irrelevant after certain points due to power creep. I know that Blizz showcased some of the new bosses (ie. the world boss, the Drowned Matron mothers, and the creature “families” that attacked you in dungeons) and they certainly looked like some challenging battles. I think however, being the 4th game in the franchise, it would be nice to see some some growth in the general monster grind. Adding some new and unique monsters that fall outside of the norm (even families feel much the same to me) may add to the entertainment of the grind.

From what I have seen/read so far it sounds like the D4 team is really listening to their fans and I appreciate the opportunity to give my opinion whether it is considered or not. These are a few ideas that I would love to see come to D4, and hope that by bringing back some of the things that made the game so special in the past will appease a lot of the older fans of the franchise. Obviously, we all want something new as well, so combining this with some new and interesting ideas will keep fans engaged and excited for whats to come. Thanks!



I started this post about diablo 4 to compare D2, D3 and D4 and what i think D4 should change to be a bigger hit among players

I would like to believe that a good Diablo game is well made in every aspect of the game so i tried to focus on what are the “TURN DOWN” points for me currently in D4.

This post is not for flame or blame, just a humble opinion and i would like to draw attention to it and encourage people to share their thoughts.

Yes, D1 had great things. I think that some quests on D4 could bring back that feeling.

They need to bring the fear of open a door bcs we don’t know what is behind. Need to go slowly bcs something could jump at us at any moment.

Create quests that not only requiere to kill stuff but to find something, turn on/off leavers, open a door, etc.

I think there will be changes of weather, light and darkness. Some skills can change the weather in the area, so play with those things could be posible and i hope they do it.

Weather: rain could bring the drowned (monster family), could also flood places, snow and ice could block the pass to some areas that open when the right season is on.

Day/Night: night brings different types of enemies than the day, more dangerous ones. Even bosses could attack towns.

Environment: move rocks, break doors and walls. Allow more use of the environment to do different things, like deal damage to an enemy, block their path. But it could also play against us.

I love this idea. I think it could add a lot to the game. Ofc, there should be ways to avoid them or something, mostly for the HC players.

Yea, i really like the idea of weather and hope they do something with it that is more than just visual. Maybe flooding tunnels or something, creating some sort of timer before it fills(would suck for HC characters), but it would great for one of those keyed dungeons. Possibly forest fires in a similar fashion.

Possibilities are endless, but lots of opportunity here!

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Detox about the weather thing you mentioned, I think thats a really good idea.

I saw a video from blizzcon where they were explaining key dungeons and how they planning to make it harder. Basically one of their idea was to add an unkillable chasing totem/light pulse through the dungeon.

Combining their idea and your idea i think it would be really cool and more grounded to switch their unkillable totem into something to do with environment, like collapsing the dungeon and that do constant damage or periodical damage to your character which you need to avoid while killing the whole dungion.

This way i think it would be more creative/elegant way to execute something like that. I think the most crucial part for me in Diablo 4 is to everything should fit into the game, everything should be really well made, and thinked through.

Diablo 3 is kind of garbage lots of random ideas, lots of things out of theme. If the Devs make this one thing right that would be a huge quality boost for the game.

It could be interesting to have a version of that in which they are followed by a demon that is immune to damage until we lower their stagger bar to 0. But to lower it we must use elements of the map to stun and delay it.

Totally agree! I saw that totem thing and immediately was wondering how this fits into the fantasy of d4??? sometimes i wonder whether the devs working on the endgame are a totally different group of ppl… why not follow the storyline, the demon lore, or atleast relate it to what they are working so hard to sell the visuals… it looks like the environment is really beautiful, so y not incorporate it more into the endgame as well


For sure! Look at D3 and all the environmental interactions, eg exploding barrels, those falling chandeliers, and collapsing walls. In the end all of those amounted to nothing but it would be nice to see those things return and serve a purpose! Especially in difficult demon battles aka world bosses, etc


So go play D3 maybe ?!?!

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