Diablo IV easy easy easy

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I guess everyone wants an easy game with no challenge, and so Blizzard gave them Diablo IV.

Watching streamer play D4, 20th level druid, world tier 2. Killing hordes of monsters easily. Didn’t come close to dying once. Even boss fights were easy. The streamer said tier 3 unlocks at 50th or 60th level, and tier 4 at 70th. Maybe at that point the game would become challenging?

I know that the majority of gamers today want an easy game, where they can kill mobs and bosses by sneezing at them, and that’s fine if that’s what they want, but I prefer a challenge when playing a game. But it looks like I will have to drudge though 70 levels of so of boringly easy Diablo IV until I can finally unlock high-tier difficulty levels and finally start to enjoy the game.

Why do this Blizzard? Why not have the high-tier difficulty levels available right from the start? Why not let me experience a good “challenging” game right from level 1? If the other players want an easy game, they can put it on easy mode, but why not allow me to put it on a challenging tier?

Blizzard did this same thing with the campaign for Diablo 3. The Torment difficulty levels were locked until you reached 70th level or beat the campaign. Why do this?

I got Diablo 3 for my poor kids, whom were bored to tears with the campaign with how easy it was, and they almost quit, but I talked them into going into adventure mode to get to level 70 and unlock the higher difficulties, and then go back to the campaign. But, WHY NOT HAVE THE HIGHER DIFFULTIES AVAILABLE RIGHT FROM THE START, AND HAVE THE GAME BE ENJOYABLE/CHALLENGING THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH AND NOT JUST AFTER LEVEL 70?

But alas, it appears Blizzard is only providing a game for the ones who want an easy time melting tons of monsters with a single swing of the sword, and for those of us who would prefer a challenge, we have to wait until after level 70.

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A diable game is never hard.

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You do realize level 20 is basically a tutorial right?

And once the game gets hard, you’ll start crying that class X, or build X or skill X is garbage and underpowered and should be buffed.

EDIT: you can start at Torment 6 in Diablo 3 with a lvl 1 character. Tell your kids to do that and report back on how easy it is.


Sad state of affairs when you complain about a game not even 24 hours old and haven’t even got to the hard part yet
and you complain about how easy it is but don’t play HC

and do it on HC and they will be crying after 2 mins after they have died to the first creature and have to reroll a new character


…and why should we be interested on the D3 Forums?


Not everyone, but there are some out there.

First mistake.

The majority want a good game. How easy is subjective.


Another D4 troll post :yawning_face:


They are well aware how silly it was to make D3 inferno hard as nails bruised with rocks to deter bots but I don’t think they would go easy on the player.

Why have a “tutorial”? And why have the tutorial be 20(!) levels?
The streamer I watched play didn’t seem to be having any troubles at all, and didn’t play D3 hardly at all.
Probably you aren’t aware that in D3, starting at T6 is only a recent change. When my kids played, Torment levels were locked until you reached level 70.

Well, I just watched a full non-spoiler review of the game from a different streamer, and this person also said how easy D4 was, and it apparently doesn’t start to have much of a challenge until the endgame.
HC is NOT an answer or solution. HC in D3 sucked because if there is a server issue and the game closes, your character dies, and you lost everything. If you are saying play HC to get the challenge, I would say you are just trolling and not really thinking about the issue I am putting forth.

Finally, someone being real with me, and not someone just trolling my post. LOL.

All I am saying, is Blizzard could put in some sort of extra difficulty slider, available right from level 1 (tutorial or not), so that the campaign can be a good challenge right from the start. Sure, some people like an easy game, and the people new to Diablo might want an easy tutorial, but let the people who want a good challenge (starting from Level 1) have the challenge if they want it.

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Sorry my mistake, I thought you were actually playing D4
makes sense now why its so easy for you and i’m having difficulties on easy level


I wasn’t playing D4 when I created this topic, but I bought the game and am now playing it.

After having played it, I can honestly say that the campaign is too easy.

I have played for 1 day, approx 10 hours. Currently 26th level Necromancer, World Tier 2. I never die, and only rarely need to drink a health potion.

World Tier 3 difficulty doesn’t unlock until 50th level. Maybe at that point the game will start to be challenging, but why should I have to suffer through a boringly easy game for 50 levels?

World Tier 3 should unlock earlier, maybe 20th level, and World Tier 4 perhaps at 40th.

I saw this guy once kill sfuff really fast and i was like

If you complete the capstone dungoen, it will unlock wt3 while fallen teme cometion gives wt4.

There is no level requirement. I saw a level 15 in wt4.

In retrospect to OP, your first problem is you watched a streamer and didn’t actually play the game.

Your commentary is essentially invalid.

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He bought the game and played. :point_down:

Not so fast OP, … try to do that exact same thing yourself and then make a post.

D4 is not easy nor is it easy mode HC D4 either.

Yet OP gives no specific’s, nor what class and build he played.
Troll or just someone that rolls over for any reason.

Sure, once the meta is solved. But not never. Making hammerdin-steamroll the new standard of power and escalating from there was a big mistake imo. Hard diablo best diablo. Even if customization allows players to largely circumvent it with due research, a hard game should be the aim nevertheless, at least beyond the initial story mode run.

Just like you did in Diablo 2 normal and nightmare, or Diablo 3 in any difficult before torment…

D4 meta was already solved before the game even entered early access, thanks to content creators getting preview versions of the game.

Unless you’re messing up your build, D4 in world tier 2 is indeed not that big of a challenge unless you actually get distracted or run into the butcher or something.

The game is great and will be a big success but this overpowered barb/necro is Blizzard is Joke - I know this is intentionally done for more selling copies but I hope they will not keep this situation long.

Not sure how that happened. I was 56 when I found the fallen temple dungeon on T3, and it said it was a level 70 dungeon. I went in, just for giggles and I got wasted by trash mobs.