Diablo IV Beta for Console only players?

After opting in for the Beta and reading through the blog post I am concerned about being considered for the beta. I have been playing Diablo 3 and 2 Resurrected exclusively on my Xbox. I still (for some reason) complete every season of Diablo 3 and I’ve been dipping my toes into D2R still from time to time.

So I’m curious, is Blizzard even able to see my time and progression on Diablo 3 on XBOX? I’d hate to get passed over just because I haven’t played on PC for 8 years or so.

If you’re not a “famous streamer” then you likely have less thane 1% change, regardless of your time and effort. They want loud noisemakers with an audience, which means, basically, people making commercials.


The amount of time you play D3 on XB is recorded and the amount of time in D2R is too so it is that criteria along with other factors that will be used to select people in the closed beta.

Simply not true, I’m neither yet have participated in betas.

Same with me. I’m not a streamer or famous, but I received an invite (PC). I’ve been playing Diablo games since D1 and play both PC and Console (with my kids). I think it has more to do with playtime, experience on different platforms, etc. Perhaps being a longtime customer means something as well. I’ve had the same Battlenet account the whole time.

I think they can see it if your accounts are linked. Is your PC Bnet account the same as your Xbox Bnet account? If so, they will see all of your progress on PC and other games like D2, D2R, and Immortal, if you play that travesty. There was an option to link accounts, so you could try doing that if not.