Diablo IV Announcement Discussion

This is Rhykker’s summary:

He talks about Skills and Talents at 9:36 into the video.

I know this isn’t the right place answer questions at?

I’m just wondering magic find is coming back

Or the loot system is different.

I’m just wondering.

Or someone can answer my question.

That’s fine too.

Hell o everyone!

We on the Hiveworkshop (mainly a Warcraft III site with a sprinkle of Diablo enthusiasts) have been discussing the newly announced instalment for quite a while now.

We’ve raised some interesting points on the story, mechanics and art, if I do say so myself. Not to mention, there is also a bunch of open questions left for interpretation, and it intrigues me to see what your take is.

Here is the link (may I be damned, question mark):

In any case, this is a bit of info/speculations that you may or may not be willing to dive into. I’d like to bring to the discussion, however it doesn’t seem suitable to plainly reiterate or copy-paste myself and the others.

That being said, I’ll be hopping onto this topic to discuss this Hell of a game further.
See you… around!

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Use this time all this years that the diablo team was as sleep… see other features that other arpgs in the market keep getting people’s atention.

Your endgame is critical D4 team if your content lacks replayability and rewarding on all levels it will end up being another D3 with only 2 things to do in game most of the time (rifts and GR’s I’m not counting bounties here but I know I should)

I can only hope that somehow you will create more things for endgame to focus, multiple things to do to keep the players in the game like several arpg’s out there still fail despite being on the top due to lack of replayability on their content or their new content is consumed way too quick.

Hi all
The series of transformation skills (TS) should be minimized in D4.
I wrote post similar in context last time ,but i write again.
Because it is reallly serious problem.
I was shocked that TS is back to Barb ; Wrath of Berserker.
One of the biggest reason that D3 is failed is TS.
It ruins player’s individuality ; gear appearance.
In D3, All of people choose TS except voodo-guy.
The reason why people choose TS thing is to survive not TS is attractive or awsome. Do not confuse that frequency of spell usage does not mean that people love to use spell. Entire system forced to use spells.
I want to see Barb as a brutal warrior not power ranger.
TS should be Druid’s own characteristic.
I got an idea to replace in another. ; watch it from 0:11.

I think that one is much better. It does not ruin gear appearance and also show well that he is now pissed off.
Please Dev, reconsider fix the graphic of wrath of berserker spell.
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Can you please not turn this into a visual cluster fudge like D3 :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: rhanks

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It starts with Hell and it ends in Hell. I think that will be the game.

Just a short wishlist passing by:

  • Hit recovery
  • Better itemization (so looking forward to the next update about that!)
  • No, or only short (!) cooldowns (up to 10secs at most)
  • Make player commit to their character build by making respec expensive (like paying with a level or so)
  • Big passive skill tree
  • PvP, this time also in the game, not only in the trailer :smiley:

bring back the chat gem.
bring back being able to talk(text) over your head using ! before you type things.

in Diablo 2 type

into the chat ingame - you’ll know what i mean.

Very usefull Interview!
<ausgamers.c o m/features/read/3622635>

Shame there is No information official from the blizz Team shared. No Blog, nothing. I have 2 read this from external Websites…


I’m a sucker for a good story. I can’t wait to see where this one goes.

Here is my idea that I hope is implemented in some fashion. First you have two seperate progression systems. One for skills/paragon/level and one for farming/crafting/transmog. The progression system for the power level of your character (paragon or w/e) should have a cap, with the only way of making your character more powerful is too find ( or trade! ) for a gear upgrade. And this is where the second progression system will allow for an infinitly improving character stat, one that improves your ability to farm or find crafing materials. Allowing characters to reach crafting skill levels so high they are able to craft out that ancient primal just that much quicker.

lastly the second progression system can be incorporated into a daily rewards / quest type mechanic that would reward players for checking up on their characters from time to time while earning progresssion.

Hello guys, I will write down my opinion both as a fan of Diablo Series (still playing D1 & D2 online) and also as developer.
First of all, as a fan of these series, I remember back in 2000s we mostly enjoyed to play in groups of 4 or 8 at the same places. The most common actions were to perform magical find runs to the best bosses and then spend unlimited hours trading our gear. The most great part of diablo series is the interactiveness among players via trading or team leveling (diablo runs, baal runs etc). You have to take that into account. Progress is great (even in games) but dont forget. The basics are always the same. And in this occasion, in order to have a great modern game you have to respect diablo legacy. Magical find runs, skill trees, simple and nice trading system (we spend hours and hours there having fun. Dont forget people spend their lives trading real money and most of the times they lose their fortune. They can be obsessed with trading). Also, it is great to have runes back but nobody cared about runes till you added runewords. We used some BER runes on Gaze or Shaco and some ZOD on ethereal items (+ 6 IST ali baba for mf runs) but runewords were a gamechanger. Runewords mean brand new characteristics on a normal item. I dont know what you have in mind, but you must focus on D2 structure. Modernization is great but focus on what turned diablo in to a legendary game. Darkness (not just a filter on D3 engine), feeling helpless, desperate, difficulty and of course TEAM PLAY!!!We were so proud to fight with our cruel colossus blade of swiftness that we had just got after using 3 chipped gem in the horadric cube and a colossus blade that we looted on the cow level with our lighting nova sorceress. I am not living in the past. I am trying to make you remember what made Diablo series legendary. Sometimes we lose our route to success. Finally, CHARMS guys. Charms could evolve your character greatly (3/20/20, poison charms and skill charms as well). You know all this stuff of course. Just a small reminder of what was your success and keep in mind why D3 failed so hard (you made a profit of course but it was not even close to a Diablo game). So dont use the same engine. Improve it, bring back real darkness and despair with GREAT MUSIC. We got chills every time we entered Tristram or every single time we heard Cain’s “Stay a while and listen…”. I played this game, I didnt develop it. Your company did (developers have left but the game belongs to Blizzard) so you know better than us what needs to be done in order to have a great game. You just need to focus on these parts of the game and not how to satisfy profits and “modern world”. Make it feel like a 2000s game. This is modernization as well and trust me, you will profit as well and it will be a gamechanger to make that look “old” (vintage).

This is a reply to the new Systems Part 2 discussion article posted today. I like the removal of the Ancient Items and glad that Rares will have some application to the game but having a consumable that is ONLY usable on Rare items and is aimed towards late endgame seems bad to me. I mean if we are replacing Ancient items wouldn’t it be beneficial to add that Consumable to your Legendaries to increasure you build not some rando yellow piece? Maybe have a crafted one that people can sell and trade that goes on non-legendary items and have the one that drops late game be able to augment a Legendary item? Put a cap on the times it is usable or make it like the legendary gems from D3 and only make it available to augment onto a jewelry piece to limit the addition legendary affixes to a character. In addition, you can make it exclusive to the top 2-3 “Torment” level setting and only drops in that mode.

You are missing the point of this. If they did what you are proposing, there would still be no use for rare items. What they`re trying to do here is make it so that you would see a rare item with insanely well rolled affixes and you would keep it in your inventory/stash. Then you find the consumable with the right legendary affix for your build and then you could turn your rare into a legendary that you would actually use.


Keep in mind that you need to balance itemization RNG against the time it takes to evaluate each item that your character picks up. Right now if you want to gear for multiple builds in D3, you need to check thousands of items and compare very similar items in the endgame based on what builds you are trying to complete.

One easy way to address this is to have fewer items of all types drop. This nicely complements the increase in item affixes per item, because there are fewer items to evaluate and of those items, you can more quickly identify if those items will work for the builds you are working on.

To smooth out the power progression from items, you should consider being able to meet item affix prerequisites in multiple ways, not just from item RNG. Eg: “Angelic Power” becomes a large prerequisite for a specific set of builds for your character, and having only one way to satisfy this prerequisite is basically adding a second layer to itemization that still forces players into the same farming routine.

Consumables that modify the first prerequisite is a good idea, if those consumables can modify Angelic Power, Demonic Power and Ancestral Power. There should be additional options outside of item RNG and consumables, each requiring the same time sink as the average/median time it takes to farm items with equivalent stats (quests, crafting, pvp, etc).

What should be avoided are having to work backwards from types of items in a pool category - eg: farming crafting mats to upgrade rare items requires you to know the relative percentages of each type of item that could be created. Any system that is created for this should work equally as well for the new player as one that is more experienced, with the assumption that it will be used by the experienced playerbase much more often.


Promise you’ll reimplement the backend or I’m not buyin’.

Replying to David Kim’s post (Part II)

Each of the three Powers will have a list of affixes that are attuned to it, so depending on which stats you care about, you might want to focus on Angelic, Demonic, or Ancestral Power.

In the examples above, you would need <…> 55 Demonic Power for 25% Fire Resistance, <…> while 40 Angelic Power would be required to gain 25% Cold Resistance.

Please don’t tie Elemental Resistances (other than Holy/Darkness) to specific Angelic/Demonic Powers!

Elements of nature have nothing to do with being good or evil.
In the affix lists of each of the three Powers, Elemental Resistances should be fully shared among these Powers. Just to avoid being nudged into certain builds too much.

Resistances took a big hit in DIII, if not just replaced by a single ‘All Res’ stat.


In Diablo II some quests rewarded with all res/max life potions, which felt amazing because your character is now a little stronger by him/herself, without gear.

Would be cool to increase your power after a quest, depending on how you decided to finish it (dark non-linear campaign, anyone?). For example, you can do a favor for an npc (clear bandits around broken cab) so he stops charging you for Unsocketing your gems (Deckard style) or you can loot his chest to gain +10 Demonic Power forever. Via quest item, for example, or just included in the “Quest Completed” little window. Could be a +10 Angelic vs +10 Demonic vs +10 Ancestral Power reward, not just vs Gold.

Consumable and highly limited (first playthrough on each difficulty), cannot trade of course. These quests will be very important so please make them memorable. :slight_smile:

Thank you for listening.

Edit: forgot to add a signature :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Necromancer class. Bone Prison with 1-2s formation time. Built for Demonic Power (debuff duration).
  • Ranger class (some variation of [Amazon - Assassin - Demon Hunter]; mainly ranged, but with melee/hybrid builds). Built for single target damage with Ancestral Power.
  • Mount Bag with a quarter of hero inventory slots.
  • Stackable ears (by name).

Dumb’Fou and un’Dead want to know your location.

It would be cool to make rebel demon character who has lava,acid and dark power (and opens the earth under the monsters feet and suck them in) skills and hunts demons to feed out of there corrupt souls.Then has a skill to call a big sub boss monster when is spawned to annihilate everything on it’s path for 1 min or so:)Imagine the gear and weapons for this character:)

I really think there should be in a separate forum/thread for each of the discussion posts David Kim is releasing, but since there isnt…

Affixes in Diablo IV

I like what I am reading. I think the idea of item synergies with angelic, demonic and legendary affixes is good, but I still think there is a need for level requirements (and perhaps stat requirements) on more powerful items.

Its quite possible that this system could overwhelm the base affixes of an item however. I’m not sure how an items base affixes (like +3% movement speed) benefit you if you’re only taking an item for its ADL (Angelic, Demonic, Legendary) buffs.

I just abbreviated them in a sentence and it didn’t feel wrong. :slight_smile:

Speaking of stat requirements, there have been Strength and dexterity requirements in place in previous games for very obvious reasons, and these often define how viable items are in character builds and how to create a character to be able to use those items. The down side to this system is that it denotes a need to redo your stats later in the game if you want to adapt to a new type of build for higher difficulty levels, so if you are introducing a synergy system for items, my gut feeling is that I wouldn’t want to be able to cross contaminate that with base stats for players (i.e. Strength, Dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, etc… isnt just used to boost Angelic, Demonic or Legendary base stats)

What I dont want to see with any synergy system is that it becomes the ONLY reason to stack a certain type of item. A powerful item may have pre-requisites but if those pre-requisites are item specific (for example, a set or legendary/unique item has an ADL requirement), then you just created a “best in slot” alternative to “best-in-slot” mechanics

Attack/Defense Changes

I think this is a good way to go. Attack and Defense arent necessarily bad things to have (they are easy to read as stats go) and i’m glad you seem to be focused on how this effects gameplay into the late endgame

Ancient Legendary Replacement

Good! I like it so far! making Rare and Magical items relevant can only be a good thing. I like the idea of a crafting system in late endgame for modifying rares as well. Rare item usage is currently pointless, but I am reminded of one of my D2 characters who still uses a rare offhand item as I haven’t yet found a better item in the game yet to replace it with! the +3 Necro skill level boost it gives is too valuable, and I bought that from Akara in nightmare on the cheap at level 30ish and i’m still using it in the endgame at level 87! That’s a perfect example of rares being worth their weight in gold

Things I’d Like To See regarding Itemization

  • More explanation on the proposed crafting system would be nice. I like the idea of crafting but i think the current system of using the Mystic is incredibly underused
  • Set item plans
  • RUNEWORDS (possibly the most important crafting mechanic from previous games)