Diablo IV Announcement Discussion

Just so everyone knows there is now a Diablo IV updates tab on the webpage it holds all Dev updates so refresh that page on the daily if you’re looking forward to the update!!

Things I’d like to see in Diablo 4:

-The Health and Mana meters look like actual blood/potion/liquid instead of just an orb with a red/blue color.

-TLDR: Changing the colors to be grayer/less vivid does not make the game ‘darker’. Change the art direction to be ‘darker’ and more mature, not just the color palette.

Long version: I love the idea of a ‘darker’ world, but the art direction in the blizzcon demo was boring and bland. Instead of a darker world, the only thing that looked different from D3 was a gray/darker color palette instead of the actual art design changing. Look at the game Agony, while it was a bad game, it had great art direction for a mature and dark Hell.

-New classes: As much as I love the classic classes, we’ve played them before, even if their abilities are slightly different. I’d love to see some new ideas: How about a Summoner, a Warlock, a Shadow King, a Hermit, a Shaman, a Shapeshifter, etc. etc… Why recycle old classes when you can literally do NEW things? Where’s the creativity/inspiration/fun for making new things??

-Somehow avoid everyone sticking to one build (the meta build) at the end of the game. This one’s difficult and I don’t have a solution in mind. But I believe in you devs!

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I for one am geeked about D4.

A: The Druid will be in it. Sad to see that it didn’t make an appearance in D3. Honestly I still think there is time to do so, imo anyway.

B: The Barbarian is still in play. THE ONLY CLASS TO SURVIVE SINCE DIABLO 2!!! :slight_smile: Yeah buddy. Woot Woot! Thank you very much.

C: It keeps the Diablo franchise alive and well. Here is hoping for a movie in the future too. If that does happen, that would be sweet. I know a lot didn’t like the Warcraft movie, but I did.

D: I think the Paladin should make an appearance honestly. Matter of fact, I think the Paladin and the Crusader should be in the same game. The lore alone would be sweet and I usually don’t care about lore/storyboard/bla bla bla.

E: I think the Amazon and the Assassin should make a comeback AND you should keep the Demon Hunter in the game as well. Again, the lore alone would be sweet. I would love to some cut scenes of those 3 interacting w/one another.

F: Matter of fact, it could work too (looking at you WoW), have all of the D2 and D3 classes in D4. Choosing the D2 Necromancer lore over the D3 one of course :slight_smile:

G: If I think there is still some untapped potential with D3, D4 is another story and another world BIGGER AND BETTER BABY!!!

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It will be awesome if there will be seasonal 1v1 ranked greater rift 60 and 80 and 100 where you compete against opponent and who finishes greater rift first is the winner and gets some rewards.

Thread points out Wolcen and Torchlight have offline mode. Gets Deleted. Way to handle that topic CM. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Did they get deleted? Or were they moved to the Games and Technology Forum?

(I haven’t been keeping up with these.   )

Edit: (I guess you meant the posts in this thread).

No a whole thread. Now the third thread supporting offline mode that has been scrubbed from these forums.

anyone know if were going to get a pvp system in diablo 4?

There is PvP in D4. Just a matter of how it works.

Seasons ruin the game like they do ruin Path of Exile. People just do keep starting again every time new season starts and the basic game mode is a shadow of what it could be.
The part with runes didn’t sound like it would be anything as important as what it was in D2.

I wrote this thread on what concept I find underlies what makes up that air in a diablo game world, that snare our interest:

You are very innocent if you expect smth from current Bli$$ard

IF the devs deliver on the mentioned zones approach to D4, AND they also add classes as part of certain Zone releases, we could see ALL Diablo classes available, by the time the last zone is released, and the full map of Sanctuary is playable.

Release date for update!

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one question, can we finally play offline?
diablo 3 is entirely singleplayer yet no offline mode, it would be much appreciated if we could play offline.


No it’s online only. Watch the BlizzCon panels for more info.

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