Diablo IV Announcement Discussion

Please return the original assassin, no need to reinvent the wheel. Of the three previous parts of the game, there are already so many classes that it’s enough for all of the game roles and even more, return the assassin!

I have been an avid Diablo player and long time supporter of blizzard. It saddens me to see that Blizzard is planning to put micro-transactions into Diablo IV. MTX have no place in a full priced game with paid DLC. I was excited to play Diablo IV, but I won’t be purchasing the game if it has MTX, cosmetic or otherwise, in the game.

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Heaven has closed. Crazy Maltael has done his job.

Father Inarius disappeared. But the Mother of the Nephalems, Lilith, returned. And she will raise the nefalems to storm both the Hell and the Heaven. And in the final we, as the hero - Nefalem, will return to the Pearl, will become Anu himself.
Decent completion of the cycle, what do you think?
(Just a beautiful idea that developers still have time to implement.)

What Slaine said.

I think they should include light radius and keep the animations from the spells like the sorc.

Itd be good if they had useful affixes, imagine if top tier blue items were a thing, like kings sword of haste haha

I still think they should go back to basics with attack rating coming from dexterity and item buffs, and attack rating and light radius being a thing.

Crit ruined diablo 3, it should be chance to hit, chance to proc, and chance to crit can be nominal or removed and back to crippling blow or bleed damage.

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playing more doesn’t make you a better player.
and btw loot is random, you can play 1000 times more than me but I could be luckyer and loot what u need…

More like D2, less like D3…

  • Free Trade
  • No flashy colored skins
  • More than 6 skills being used at once
  • No more skill rotations
  • No more cool downs on anything, period
  • Be more like Blizzard North and less like J Wilson and the funky bunch
  • Don’t cater to casuals who want self found / bind on pick up or trade
  • Remove paragon levels for botters / casuals / lazy people
  • Balance your items properly, make them more like D2 with static bonus’
  • Fix the rune word system, looks like basic garbage already
  • More diverse passive trees
  • Skill system needs to be reworked completely, looks too much like D3 already

Holy crap yes. I’ve tried arguing for bigger toolkits and to develop it for PC first then port it to consoles with simplified controls.

Cool downs are bad and break up the pace of gameplay.

I think there should be a self found mode aka offline.


I am posting in here, in case Decision-Makers and other D4 devs dont read the forums, and only occasionally read this particular thread. Lets hope they get D4 right, because based on what we saw so far, a lot of things are great, but a lot of things need to be changed and/or improved significantly.

My personal MUST-Have Improvements:

  • Please lookup “Skill-Trees” in games like your own Diablo Franchise, (for example D2) and learn why skill-trees are called “skil-trees”. What you presented at Blizzcon are NOT skill trees. What you showed us at Blizzcon are linear “paths” where players dont make decisions of any kind, they just follow the predetermined path and allocate some “points” along the way whenever they level up. That’s not what “Skill-Trees” are alright?

  • Skill-Trees have “branches” where players make conscious and educated decisions and sacrifices, in order to “individualize” and more importantly “Specialize” their Character.

  • You indicated at Blizzcon that "eventually, all players will have the full “Skill-Tree” and all skills maxed out. You CAN NOT DO THIS. This makes your “Skill-Tree” totally pointless. Again, Skill-Trees are meant for players to make educated decisions and make sacrifices in order to gain a benefit in a particular area of the skill-tree in return. This is what makes “Builds” individualistic and distinct. Giving everyone all skills maxed out like in D3, is BS, and makes All Skill-Point-Decisions meaningless.

  • Cooldowns need to be removed from the game, and other ways of ensuring balance must be found. Cooldowns have no place in Diablo. Same goes for Skills that are so powerful that they require a cooldown. If something is so powerful that it requires a cooldown in your mind, then the skill is to powerful, and needs to be brought down to earth, and then the cooldown can be removed. (Don’t make us stack cooldown affixes like in D3, thats lazy affix design).

  • Free-Trade across the board must come back to Diablo

  • WOW-Type Leveling to 40 (or whatever) with everyone being expected to hit a flat final level must be removed from the game. Return to a Diablo-Like Leveling scheme where 70-80% of the max level is enough to play all content, and the remaining 20-30% of the max level are reserved for those that like to play the game a lot. Reaching max level should be a very hard and time consuming journey.

  • Ensure A LOT of quest-lines exist that allow the player to embark on a long and deep leveling and questing journey in an effort to make a distinct and personalized Hero-Character, that is different from other people with the same class.

  • Do not make the journey as ridiculous as in D3, which lasts 2 hours? seriously? Building a character must take hundreds of hours of play time, and making that same character perfect and the best it can be should take thousands of hours, yet also enable a character with only 100 hours of investment to play virtually all content, yet remind the player through difficulty that higher character levels and better gear will make all content so much easier and more efficiently farmable (carrot-on-a-stick).

  • Ensure that leveling our character and allocating skill-points into the skills of our choice makes our character more powerful, long before equipping any kind of gear. 50% or more of our overall character power MUST come from our character level and the skill choices and sacrifices we made during our leveling journey. Gear should augment or “round off” our already existing builds.

  • Gear should never “Make or Break” a build, yet should still be awesome and rare enough for people to desperately hope the piece of gear they seek will drop one day. More powerful = more rarely dropping. Less powerful = more common dropping. Most-Powerful “King-Of-The-Hill” type gear must be ultra-rare. There should virtually be gear that I cannot ever find, but still hope one day it will drop.

  • Good Gear should be rare enough and as diverse as possible, to ensure not every barbarian runs around with the same gear. Its an absolute Priority to ensure that enough viable gear must exist, so if every barbarian finds a different piece of gear, they all get to play the same difficulty more or less, yet still ensure that there are uber-gear-pieces out there that all barbarians can drool over in hopes they will find it one day.

  • Stop dumbing down items and affixes please, this is ridiculous. Attack and Defence as an affix? Seriously? Accept that D4 is a game for adults, and adults dont have the brain of a 3-year-old.

  • PVP should also be possible in the wide open world, but should require everyone to consent to PVP, as to prevent Player-Killing without consent in the open world.

  • Do not repeat Greater-Rift crap

  • Do not repeat Paragon crap




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As with everyone else I am excited that Diablo 4 is going to be coming to the fans that have stuck with them threw everything. I like the idea that the story is going to progress with Lilith and what we might expect.

I do hope, if you don’t mind this at all, that I say this. The classes that you are bringing back aren’t really new. They are from Diablo 2 and the expansion pack Lord of Destruction, like the necromancer in Diablo 3, it wasn’t new to us. Sure there is a new way that it is being played. No skill trees and more customizable than, what is it now, 17 years ago? This is looking like new story but a revamp of the old game with better graphics. I’m not saying that I won’t play the hell out of it. I will. It’s just what it looks like to me.

The questions that I have is this. Will the classes from Diablo 3 still be there? If not, why? What kind of carry over from the other games, granted you all changed some of the lore from Diablo 2 to 3, will you bring from Diablo 4, you did it in World of Warcraft, why not this? You gave us something that is fun and great way to play a game that will alway link us to the older Diablo games. Please remember the people that you are trying to impress will scrutinize you till it hurts.

TBH, I agree with almost everything you wrote, but you don’t really give reasons for why all these things need to be in diablo. Every single point there contributes to different aspects, why D2 was RPG wise plain better than D3. IMHO, that is what MrLlamaSC does really great in his videos. He does not only state, what his wishes would be for D4, but also what he thinks would make it a better game and WHY it would!

Paradoxically, cooldown lets skill combination more variety.
See PoE or D2. Is there Diversity?
With out cool down, there is no reason to choose more than one offense skill.
Only the powerful one is enough.
So the result is just hit one button with out tactical thought.
See why there is cooldown in AOS games.
The main reason is put diversity in game.
Using only one skill makes game bored.
In D3, there is many attempt to decrease cooldown. It induce bored game.
I hope cooldown can not be decreased dramatically in D4.
To do that, all of the skill cooldown should be reasonable.

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Thats not true.

In D2, Sorc needed to Dual spec or even tripple spec, to be able to kill all immune monsters to a particular element, thats how diversity is great without cooldowns. (lets ignore the super powerful but hard to get infinity runeword for your merc for now)

They just need to make two types of skills. One type of skill is good across the board against everything but nowhere as powerful as the specialized skill. The other type of skill, called “Specialized” in my example, could be much more powerful than the first skill that is good against everything. The specialized skill could be niche and be situational good against certain kinds of monsters.

That leaves room for people to play the generalist skill and spam it if thats what they enjoy. However, those players will never be as powerful and capable as the players that utilize the specialized skills as well and learn to time them well in combat.

See… no need for cooldowns.

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Exactly TOPCommander. Weaknesses and resistances is the key to diversity and a reason to find players to play with. It does not have to be immune, to keep solo fiable. Just introduce resistances slowly and gently as we progress though the game.
And to prevent the spamming of Crowd controls spells there are solutions:

  • Balance the CC spells and make them do less AOE, high cost, or less freeze effect. Fear-spell duration can be based on enemy’s shadow resistance for instance.
  • or make enemies resistant to repetitive crowd controls etc

D2 is an imbalanced game with amazing mechanics.
D3 is a balanced game with lame mechanics.
D3 devs thought they would fix everything by removing decision making and freedom from the game. But d2 only needed to be properly balanced and that’s what diablo4 should do.

Besides, Resistances and weaknesses is a reason to have various classes with various types of damage. In d3, every attack is virtually the same. Casters cast arrows, barbarians sweep fireballs: it’s only visual.

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That’s completely wrong… a CD doesn’t let you choose what to do, because there is a perfect rotation!

In PoE you are most of the time correct, but in D2 you will use at least 6 skills with a sorc, to finish hell… And none of these is on CD longer than a second, which makes you have to choose every single second in combat, which skill to use. The more options, the more possibilities to make mistakes and thus more space to master your character… The button smashing in D3 has nothing to do with skill.

I could NOT agree more. I quit WoW years ago. PoE isn’t new. Honestly, it looks a lot like D3. Not sure how I feel about this yet.

As well it should. Chris Wilson admitted years ago that the Diablo series was an inspiration for Path of Exile.

Not quiet.

Chris Wilson said Diablo and especially Diablo II Lord of Destruction were an inspiration for POE, and also after D2LOD, Blizzard ignored the version of D3 created by the original Diablo-People, and started over with a team that consisted of 99% of people that knew nothing about Diablo.

This caused a 15 year gap between D2 and D3, which gave birth to games like POE, GrimDawn, and Torchlight etc.

D3 is certainly not an inspiration for POE LOL…

D3 is an inspiration for the new toy-lineup at Fisher-Price.

I think you meant “Not quite”.

Well, that’s true… Because PoE was in Beta before D3 was even announced, if I remember correctly.

I stand corrected.