Diablo Immortal - Please Expedite Class Change

I like my class, but in a game like this where things really slow down at higher levels class change is necessary to break the monotony without losing progress.

You guys promised class change, which I am sure is coming, but please expedite this feature or at least give us some update on when we can expect it.



And changing class 1-2 x a month is way to rare. Every 2-3 days should be possible without paying real money.

The whole point of the game is to print money. Not charging for “popular” features would be counter productive.

Better yet, make this game alt friendly. I would totally reroll another class if stuff was shared between characters. Things such as Paragon, Scraps and gold/plat.


shared stash still not exists … I would like to transfer all of my gems and perls to my alt
is there any rumors/news about the shared stash?

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Sadly none about shared stash…