Diablo Immortal: Join the official Soulstone.gg clan!

Hi all!

We are experienced and knowledgeable D3 console players, theorycrafters and veterans. Diablo Immortal is launching on June 2nd and we’re giving it a go!

Join our clan with other like-minded D3 console folks:

:small_orange_diamond: Free-2-Play: we intend to be a free-2-play clan, with at most buying the battle pass and/or items (i.e., cosmetics) that would not give progression advantage.

:small_orange_diamond: A casual/balanced Shadow clan looking to perform at our best.

:small_orange_diamond: Our region will be decided soon (NA West, NA East or EU).

Obviously we are hoping and waiting for a console release, meanwhile… we have both phones and PC!

Join us if you’re looking for a group of chill folks looking to play and have fun!


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Ill be playing on my iPad most likely and already plan on buying the monthly battle pass at least for the first month. Heck I spend the $5 on CoC and its just worth it for the skin at the end of the rewards