Diablo Immortal is going to launch the week of Blizzcon 2019, isnt it

As the title says, is that really the goal? I would have thought they would want it released well before due to the backlash from last year, or well after. But the closer we get, the more we hear from Netease, the more it seems like…THEY ARE REALLY GOING TO GO THROUGH WITH THIS TWO YEARS IN A ROW…

If that is the case, I hope they are ready, if they thought last year was bad…yeah…not even close!


If they would have handled it like Bethesda (announcement of Elder scrolls mobile, Alexa game, and the teaser for ES6), it would have gone much better last year. If you believe the kotaku article, they killed the D4 teaser.


Don t expect anything from this company anymore… best advice i can give you.

Blizzard should have never merge with Activision.


The only reason I’m interested in the release date for Diablo: Immortal is so that I can enjoy the spicy memes in the days following.


Agreed, count me in.


I’m kinda looking forward to playing it on an emulator. Free game, right?

:grin: :grin: :grin:


The sooner that game is released, I hope they can get all focus on PC release of D4.


I would bet money that D4 will be announced before any tiny mention of D:I.

At best, while D4 is being announced this Blizzcon, on the main stage (or next year,) a set of small kiosks will have smartphones tethered to it with playable demos of D:I.

D:I will be re-announced in background of the bigger game reveals.

I hope and believe Blizzard learned their lesson from last Blizzcon.


Nope. $5 USD :money_mouth_face:

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I guess I can see this.

Announce D4, and then as a caveat say that DI will be released in the coming months.

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This made me cringe…

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speaking of bethesda i wont be spending any money with them until they stop using the creation engine (which they are for starfield and es6) and actually release stuff patched and not infested with bugs from a decade ago in the engine.

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Yep. Same. I have zero plans to purchase D:I no matter how “good” it is. I’m not into mobile games and even some of the best titles in all of gaming feel clunky on a phone.

Look at Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Tactics. RPG classics with menus and turn based gameplay that lends itself well to mobile and they STILL feel clunky and make your fingers stiff after awhile.

Way more excited about the memes and resulting social drama that will come from D:I


Did you happen to say … D: I?


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wasnt so much a merge . much more a forced takeover which shouldnt be allowed ever but its perfectly legal bull.

If they are smart, they’ll release it alongside announcing Diablo 4 and some other things to mitigate the damage. Or they can just go ahead and get roasted again like they did last time.

Either way, I am awaiting the release of more Diablo: Immortal videos just to see how many down votes they collect.


After the comic was canceled it was some what clear that there was no D4. But I still believed till the end. And that there was something more for D3. They could really do more Diablo Comics and Books.

As much as I love D3, sadly I am pretty sure there is nothing new in works for us here.

Only new season theme’s until D4 comes out or candy crush has a diablo skin to throw our way.


We should know something when Nevalistis is finished with the future of D3 blog.

It would be great if they gave us something to hold us over until D4. Not just season theme’s. But I would not count on it. :cold_face:

“I have two blogs in the works. As soon as they’re ready, they’ll be posted. Just keep an eye on the front page and social media. Nevalistis:+1:

the day Diablo Immortal launches is the day Blizzard stock drops.