Diablo Immortal (Immoral)

This game. these forums. Everything is so convoluted.

What a shame and a disgrace. All for greed.


yeah if only someone had told Blizzard DI was a bad idea oh right we did from 2018 until now and they simply ignored it

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The game is not a bad idea. Just the way it has been implemented…

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WoW! What a new and interesting take. You guys are really a dime a dozen these days.

Great! Glad to make your day! Tomorrow I’ll try again, I’ve been capped.


It’s a mobile game built for casual players while they :poop: .

It not designed for binge playing, speed content clearing, or competing (pvp or leaderboards)

If you do any of these things, Blizzard will profit.

i cant help but wonder what happened to Blizzard?

in spite of their core values they toss this trainwreck of a game out which totally goes against EVERYTHING mentioned here

Commit to Quality

“Blizzard polish” doesn’t just refer to our gameplay experiences, but to every aspect of our jobs. We approach each task carefully and seriously. We seek honest feedback and use it to improve the quality of our work. At the end of the day, most players won’t remember whether the game was late – only whether it was great.

Every Voice Matters

Great ideas can come from anywhere. Blizzard Entertainment is what it is today because of the voices of our players and of each member of the company. Every employee is encouraged to speak up, listen, be respectful of other opinions, and embrace criticism as just another avenue for great ideas.

Gameplay First

Everything we do at Blizzard Entertainment is based on the success of the gaming experiences we provide our players. The goal of each discipline within the company – be it art, programming or customer support – is to make our games as fun as possible for as many people as we can reach.

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Hey, i coined that term! i’m famous now

It’s designed to go after addicts, period. It’s the only thing it was made for. No clue why folks defend something like that. “But but you don’t have to spend anything on it.” That’s a no sh*, Sherlock it’s the unethical model I’m pissed about, could give two sh* about any gameplay.


Addicts and children…

It’s like making a long distance call on a pay phone in the middle of nowhere.

How many of you have never seen a pay phone?

Me! We have some in my city. Few are even working.