Diablo immortal demon hunter weapons

How many can it hold and how can i tell what type? Playing android. Sometimes i can hold 2… or 1 strong and one weak.

Sometimes it says 1 is better… i cant tell.

It takes 1 off puts 1 on or takes 2 off for 1.

Thanks for any help or resourse that can tell me cuz i cant find any!

This forum is for Diablo III, but…

DI Demon Hunters dual-wield. Look in the upper right corner of the weapon. It will have either a sword icon or a shield icon.

Sword icon = Main Hand Weapon only
Shield icon = Off-Hand Weapon only

If you have 2 Weapons and can only equip one at a time, it’s because they’re both the same type. (Either Main Hand or Off-Hand). In this case, you can only swap one for the other. You need one Main Hand and one Off-Hand to equip both.

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