Diablo Immortal Battle Pass Skin season 8

Dear Blizzard,
I can’t understand why the battle pass skins from each season always have a KO criteria or something on it, what destroy the whole look.

Let’s take the current BP skin from season 8 as an example (valid for all classes):
A beautiful skin, all classes are looking really nice, but what’s with the black hole on the head? What is the functional or visual meaning of this? Why is that there? This will destroy the whole skin. It looks absolutely awful.

Please change the BP Skin from season 8 the rest fits and looks really good this time. But with this black hole, no, absolutely a no-go.
Many Thanks

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This is not a DI forum.

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Sorry for wrong posting. I will check again the right DI forum!
Possible that one GM can delete this thread? Thank you