Diablo III Seasons

Haven’t played D3 in a while. How can I find out what season I am playing in? I know that season 23 recently came out and I would like to know how far behind I am and if it makes a difference.

That would be the first sticky at the top of the forum telling you Season 23 is live.

So… started about 3 weeks ago.

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Everybody playing season is playing in season 23… It’s not like everyone else is playing season 23 and you are stuck in season 9. It doesn’t work like that.

Edit: Checked your profile - you don’t have any seasonal heroes.

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what is the advantage of creating a seasonal character in D3 and will that character advance with each new season?

You start fresh each season. Everything gets reset, there is no carry over from season to season. The advantage to season is you get the fresh start. You get a steady progression of upgrades and move up levels until you plateau, then it basically becomes what non-season is, mindlessly grinding paragon to maybe squeeze out one more GR level. On top of this, they sometimes have Seasonal Themes that are seasonal exclusive, such as a 4th cube slot or a giant snowball that fires out your butt when you kill a certain amount of enemies.

Advantage is cosmetics reward

Season has a couple rewards that cannot be gained in non-season - cosmetic pets, portrait frames, sometimes a unique set of wings, and most importantly stash tabs (provided you don’t have the max number of 13).

You also earn a full armor set for your class.

Your character’s progress doesn’t carry thru to the next season. Every season you start with a level 1 hero with no gold or any crafting mats. Basically just like starting the game from scratch. At season end your hero will be converted into non-season with all items, rewards, gold and paragon points. Wash, rinse aand repeat at beginning of the next season.

Mainly seasons are a way for players to start fresh and, if they feel the urge, try to place on the leaderboards. Strictly optional, you can participate or not.

If I were to create a new character for S23, never played seasons before, should I complete the campaign series first or can I start in the adventure mode as a level 1 character?

Seasonal heroes have immediate access to Adventure Mode from level 1, i.e. there’s zero requirement to play Campaign Mode on a seasonal hero.