Diablo III PTR 2.7.7 - Has Concluded

Jumping the rage gun a bit early there I see. These are PTR notes, they are not set in stone yet. They could very well be revised for better or worse with the feedback provided during the PTR.

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Nerf WD… What is their point?

No need to answer me, I know the answer, sadly


Don’t ask me. As I jokingly said above, I guess they want WD to be a mat farming class only… Can’t have WD competing with the top builds!


Those were needed with the addition of the Altar.

Well in some cases it’s enough, but most underpreforming builds need machanical cahnges.

You expected something new and groundbreaking? They stated that starting S30 the themes go on rotation, the Altar returns modified and there will be balance changes. They stated there will be nothing new.

They delivered. And you throw a temper tantrum?


Yeah some of those 50/30/25 > 5% are a bit overboard, especially the boss one being one of the last nodes and imagine getting to it for 5% more boss damage…like just imagine but most nerfs were predictable and acceptable.

I totally get the Meteor nerf and it’s about time but I don’t get the Tal Rasha set nerf, again imagine using a non-meteor TR build to only do 4000% more damage total, it’s like going back to 2018.

No mention of any adjustment to VoE or SSF/Paragon which with all the QoL altar changes, including double primals the loot hunt was just put on EZ mode, and about time too! That also means DB’s are going to be so out of control vs any other mats. Of course PTR will not show this thanks to Djank Mi’em.

So I guess once we actually get a seasonal theme going, the nerfs to Altar and/or Sets won’t feel like nerfs and still things like Ethereals and Shards gonna make us forget about these all together, that’s fair.

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They haven’t stated which theme will return in S30 or have I missed it?

So they’re killing these 3 builds (TR Meteor, Trag’Oul Nova, Marauder). I totally disapprove.
Only the Extreme Players will do a 150 on these builds now.
What happens to the average players now?

I also see the bump you’re giving the Impale set, but as usual, you’ll going to Nerf it after the Ptr, as soon as the streamers start saying it’s way too powerful.


It’s an amalgamation of Altar of Rites + Visions of Enmity… As far as we know.

That is going to be base line from now on. So there’s no theme for S30 I guess.

Right this is pretty misleading as pretty sure they said the actual theme rotation would begin this season. So what we don’t get it because we wanted the Altar back that should have been in S29 to begin with?? What is that lol?

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I expected way more item changes. It is what it is.

Well if I remember correctly the first few seasons did not have theme. So maybe that’s the theme? XD


please Devs remove this…

D +200 Damage
G Increase damage against elites by 15%
J Increases your highest elemental skill damage bonus by 10%
K Increase damage against elites by 20%
L +20% Damage
R +30% Damage
W Increase damage done to Bosses by 25%

…and put something more interesting! for example:

  • Urushi can upgrade your Legendary Gems 3 additional times. (or more)
  • When Haedrig breaks down unwanted legendary and set items, you get three times more Forgotten Soul.
  • Your maximum capacity of Blood Shards in your inventory increases by 1000.
  • When Myriam replace property on your item to a new one (enchant items), you get a choice of 2 additional properties. (At the moment we are choosing one of three property - two new ones and one that we had from a random list of powers. After this upgrade we will choose one of five - four new ones and one that we had.)
  • Double the amount of Greater Rift Keys that drop.
  • After use Healing wells, your resource is restored and the potion is recharged.
  • Chance to get an ancient item is doubled. (I mean NOT Primal items)

What I didn’t expect is all the Class Nerf’ing. I was hoping they increase the damage, on a few more sets, so they’d also be in the S-Tier Class.

I mean why do all the Nerf’ing, if this is the final class balancing.


Why wouldn’t there be? The themes are on rotation, they don’t need further testing so there’s zero reason to have one active on the PTR.

Balancing requires nerfs too. The very reason why the damage numbers and such are a huge meme is because D3 hasn’t had proper nerfs ever, only buffs after buffs after buffs after buffs.


Well if they done the math than no, but what if something buges out? Bugs can happen any time, specialy with changes and permanent additions.

I think Season 30 will essentially be phase two of establishing the maintenance mode “bedrock” of the game before the seasonal themes start rotating.

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Why wouldn’t there be on PTR though? Everything going into S30 should be on PTR or what’s the point of PTRing?

No Thanks - How many keys do you really need?
There’s already a set to give you a chance for extra keys. Visions of Enmity also gives a lot of Rift Keys too. I currently have over 3,000 of them in S29.

Please stop the Down pour of DB’s too. I’m not even using the set that give you extra DB’s and have over 75,000 of them, in this season.

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