Diablo III PTR 2.7.4 | Has Concluded

Diablo III PTR 2.7.4 | Has Concluded

The Diablo III 2.7.4 PTR testing period begins on July 12 and will run for two weeks. Join us in testing a new seasonal theme, item changes, and more!

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woot! (20 characters)


im surprised theyre still giving the “older dog” any attention since everyone is fawning over the new puppy in the house that Blizzard is parading around proudly even as it is peeing all over the furniture


Make d3 season good so they all stop complaining about D:I.

Error 404… No Surprise

So 404, does this mean we get nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

That theme is… interesting.

only thing that will make it possible is a grand gesture by Blizzard pulling the plug on DI

Phalanx warriors need the dmg buff while Akarat’s Champion is active, not the other way around. Add dmg bonus to all Phalanx items.


Might play wizard for the first time, is it only me or does that DMO set changes look good? :beer:


Please consider adding meteor, arcane torrent, and electrocute to dmo’s 6 piece bonus (especially electrocute!).

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So um, what am I going to do with all my A6 thornes gear? lol.


Just by reading the notes I give you 2 :+1: :+1: as s27 will be better than current season.

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Save it for a rainy day when you feel thorny :beer:


It has potential imo, but hopefully the 6 piece bonus gets updated. Not to mention that there are some skills (or their items) that could be buffed that would go great with the set, like Explosive Blast for example.

If the drop rates don’t suck a$$.

Thorns builds are fun, even a child can play it. I’m hoping for greatness with D4 however.

it is a game. children of a certain age can play many of the builds!

I know but even a toddler COULD play a thorns build just not legally.

I’m wondering, will Condemn applied by Phalanx warriors, get the dmg bonus from Blade of Prophecy an Frydehr’s Wrath?

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