Diablo III PTR 2.7.4 | 7/14 Hotfix Update

Can we get a fix for Trag’Oul set ? Essence is still required for skills even tho set states something else. I was using Blood Mages but with “RAZETH’S VOLITION” shoulders and I needed my essence even tho selected rune was the blood one. So it is bugged.

The performance issue still exists for wizard, when using firebird with magic missile (with the conflagrate rune) and the angelic crucible upgrade (20 homing missiles). This becomes a lot worse when going at higher rifts where enemies have a lot more HP. In my experience it becomes unplayable after gr 125. Don’t know if this is an issue related to an overcrowded PTR server and a really big coincidence with my gr level attempts, or an actual issue with the char + skill combo I described, but that was the impression I got. The higher the greater rift level the lower the performance.

I did a 130 yesterday pretty painfree. It really depends what time you decide to do it if the servers are full or not. Give it like 2 more days and more and more ppl will leave ptr and it Will be lag free hopfully

Its it a bug with the necro or it trying to get fix?

its it a bug with Army of the dead?

We hate you for always destroying fun Builds totally, you really a boring team that always try to make game become more boring :roll_eyes:


Was applieing wrong rune animation. The dmg is still the same, the effect is different, but everyone thinks it was nerfed.

After the latest update, the portal in EN cannot close after completion of EN.

Pfft, i see a bug enjoyer, you must be fun at partys, eating bugs n stuff

Waiting for that mid PTR patch any minute now

after fix AotD power with current rune look like Useless. Maybe better back old rune effect and slightly less damage?
Prenerfed variant very FUNNY, best for Necro funbase imho

I also love to play whit a headache and nausea, because of fullscreen effects and shakeing.

can we at least get an update on what’s going on, you’d think it would kill you to just say “working on the ptr update expect it in the next couple of days” smh

You’re new here or what ? They NEVER communicate with us… that’s their thing.

This patch is so full of bugs, i wouldn’t be surprised if we would only see an update on Friday.

Still it’s a bit concerning, 2-3 days past the expected update and not a word.

Until this PTR (which was released on a Tuesday), all previous PTRs were released, and updated, on Thursdays. If they’re going to do a mid-PTR patch, I’d expect it today.

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Oh look they did :open_mouth:

Tbh sometimes i understand the cm’s, there’s too much frothing at the mouth on this forum, makes communication hard.

People became bitter and salty because of lack of communication. Years ago blue posts and responses were common. And nobody was attacking anyone. So blame devs not us.

idk if id balme the devs you simply cant appease everyone so all in all is the people always crying for no good reason

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