Diablo III PTR 2.7.4 | 7/14 Hotfix Update

A PTR hotfix aimed to address PTR performance issues has been released today. If PTR performance issues persist, and/or the fixes below do not work as described, please let us know.

Seasonal Theme Powers


  • Wave of Light
    • The Shattering Light rune now fires the projectile in the direction you’re facing when you strike the bell, and your bells can no longer proc your own bells.


  • Army of the Dead
    • Fixed a bug that caused an unintended interaction with Fate’s Vow and the Army of the Dead Sanctified power.

It works as the item says. Pre change the sanctified item used the Death Valley rune and not UNC. WARFARE. Now it uses unc. Warfare rune and its nowhere near as efficient as before. dmg wise and visually


The warfare rune sucks so bad. They just killed the build completely to the point it’s no longer worth playing. Change this horrible rune.


Fixing a bug with a bug


Fates Vow is now using Death Valley- when you use AOTD-Unconv on the bar

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why killing this build this was so much fun and so different from everything else…just nerf the damage, dont kill the build…


its a change in the seasontheme * Enemies within 50 yards are constantly assaulted by the Army of the Dead - Unconventional Warfare while this item is equipped.* that is it no longer or the sanctífied item does not work longer


Prolly learned it from Ubisoft and their famous “Bug replacement” patches.

Thanks for totally killing this fun Build. I hate u Guys for always destroying fun Builds totally.


The crucibles still don’t upgrade to full ancient stats 100 percent of the time as they should. I would think this should be top on the list for being fixed. We can’t even begin to get a feel for the correct drop rate until we can see how many Crucible drops it is going to take to get a useful item.


I’m having the same experience. It seems like the sanctified item has no effect on AotD now.

Is it bugged?

“Trust me at my word, when you start practicing the Art of Rathma, it’s best to start modestly.” -Mehtan, the Necromancer

big sadge
It was nice to watch and good.
Felt almost like Inna monk - which was OP for 3 or 4 seasons?
But no nonononon not for Necromancer



Why don’t you let it like it was before the fix but just nerf its damage? I mean, having some allies killing stuff around you that are OP it’s not something new about Diablo. Maybe nerf the damage by 50% and reduce damage TAKEN by 50% and make Rathma fun for once.

Thag’Oul needs damage reduction aswell, not 400% Health Pool. Or maybe both :slight_smile:


Give us back that fun build necro. Make it weaker, but dont kill it!


It is like we better call all fun working effective good ptr builds bad so we can get them in live. This is what they make of our feedback - nerfes.
Not good.

It is working, but UW is not as powerful as the bugged version. You can see the ghost attacking anything that comes near you, but they might as well be tissue paper as hard as they hit.

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They should have roller whit Death Valley, and we could have applied UW power through Fate’s Vow.