Diablo III | PTR 2.7.0 Has Ended!

I am not a Necromain and I play 98% solo, so you have to enlighten me on that:
Is LoD Singularity Necro good for XP runs like Rat Runs, or is it more for GR pushing?

play for:

  • the reset experience
  • try a new class/buid
  • more stash tabs
  • more rewards on xp, legendary drops and materials (stated in the S23 notes)
  • cosmetic rewards

That’s what you seasonal players told me to play season for. But those don’t apply to me. So your only reason is for the “power creep”. :grin:

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That’s just for the PTR.

LoD singularity can do all except solo push:

  • farm XP in groups (rat runs @118+)
  • farm XP solo (sub 2min @105+)
  • farm T16 solo

I have been expecting some sort of comment from Blizz today responding to the community feedback on the PTR. My personal main interest is the future of the DH GoD build, but there are quite a few more community concerns about the upcoming patch that should be addressed early.

In the case of GoD, any statement would be appreciated. Heck even “GoD now works as intended” is better than nothing. It would let the DH community know where it stands.


PTR 2.7.0 patch is now available. We’ve updated the blog to include the details of the changes. Blog should be updating very shortly!

PTR 2.7.0 Update Info Here:


I was just about to say, I couldn’t see any new red text indicating changes.
Glad it wasn’t just me getting old. :wink:

I really hope that feedback has been considered because there sure has been a lot of it given!

" So that we can efficiently review your posts, feedback should be provided in the PTR Feedback forum while bug reports should be provided in the PTR Bug Report forum."

New or old, do you have plans to add a season theme? or another theme? Seems odd to call the follower update a theme.

I LOVE the developer intent explanations on changes.


Thank you, FilthieRich.

It looks like things are moving in the right direction.  


the WIZ is dead you know? and what’s the PTR mean? you buff the fire but you cut the fire ,and you did not give it 6 piece 20 times for 200% damaged ~~~~your job is so discussing you know ? unbelievable job you did!!!

Frostburn gloves would be a good item to add to the Emanate feature


If frustburn had only the freezechance i would say ok but with frostburns providing cold-elemental-dmg i dont think they should add it.

Agreed. Followers do not use Cold Skills. So, your Character would only receive the “50% chance to Freeze enemies” if the Frostburn Gloves had Emanates and only if your Character was using Cold Skills.

I’m not sure I follow you, but I agree. Weapon-Range Damage is just extra Damage. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Elemental or just raw Damage. This Property does not emanate anyway. So, only the Follower would receive the extra %Cold Damage.

And that’s probably why it’s not an Emanates item.

  1. None of the Followers use Cold Skills.
  2. Primary and Secondary Properties do not emanate to your Character.
  3. Only the Follower would gain the extra %Cold Damage and you can enchant that on any item that can have Weapon-Range Damage.

I really liked what was happening with the revamped Rathma and Jesseth Sets for the necromancer… FINALLY, a necro set that looked AWESOME, like a REAL minion-mancer whose collective power of undead minions gives him the ability to raise forth an Army of the Dead to vanquish foes. And what’s Blizzard’s response to that? “No, we want to ‘preserve the fantasy’…” and nerf it. If it was too powerful, simply make it less powerful, but don’t rob us of what looked like it was going to the coolest-looking, most fun playing, and most true-to-the-original necromancer vision to-date.

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The game is extremely unbalanced as it is… and always has been TBH… If their goal was to make “all sets equal” (this is the exact quote from the developers: Developer’s Note: Mundunugu’s Regalia is overperforming compared to other sets. This change to Gazing Demise should simplify the gameplay mechanic while reducing its damage output.) then how on earth would nerfing this set accomplish it? The other sets are still not going to be used because they were left behind… the OTHER sets are what need attention

If you wish to compare this set to others sets (Why are you comparing to other sets anyway? How about comparing to other classes?!?) then it doesn’t take a genius to see that ALL other sets are way underpowered… and therefore all other builds are not used.

Would it not make more sense to buff those other set up to the levels of the Mundunugo set so that WD players have MORE CHOICES for VIABLE BUILDS?!?

So you are saying they need to nerf Mundunugu more?

Nerfing one set seems much easier than buffing a bunch of others.

They should also compare to other classes. As in, both. Those classes likely have sets too which need to be nerfed. That doesnt mean you shouldn’t nerf the strongest WD set though.

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Umm… no…

Necros with HALF my paragon are wiping out elites before I can… but yet they chose to nerf the WD … wut?!?

Easy is not always best… ALL the other WD set have been abandoned… because they are not only weaker than Mundunugo, but also weaker than other clasess’ sets… I don’t see why this isn’t clear to them… The leaderboards speak for themselves… The WD is the lowest (maybe tied with Monk) of ALL classes… so why is the WD being nerfed… it is un-necessary… (clearly).

Agree… but they pick on the WD… always… Let’s not forget this is the 2nd nerf in a row to this set… yet Necros are 2-3 times more powerful…

This is an excellent post that shows facts to back up the thoughts shared… Well done! I think I may follow suit with the America’s stats for comparison.

EDIT: Back with the numbers for the American realm… they speak for themselves…

These are the same stats for American realm:
barb - 120
crusader - 121
dh - 127
monk - 116
necro - 136
wd - 117
wizard - 124

number of GR150 clears
wd: 0 none
necro: 129

why only 2 sets per class can put on followers ? and why none sets from necro? i want to dress them in all sets.