Diablo III | PTR 2.7.0 Has Ended!

Been hanging out in Bluddsheds stream, one of the community managers went in there cause we were going crazy, most likely late afternoon, no definitive time. Also keep in mind this would be their time zone.

thank you, considering i’m EST thinking by 8pm like seasons

I think they are attempting to balance the solo play vs group play. You did hit the nail on the head with the dps not being increased in the followers making it not as advantageous as it first appears. I can see that it could be great for a solo play season and yes, the group players dipped out. There are a lot of both types of players. I guess they are truly attempting to balance it out across the board but as you said earlier it looks like it will need changes. That’s what PTR is for… maybe they’ll listen.

I fully agree. The set for spirit barrage is the strongest set so far, that’s true, but only because the others are so weak that no one wants to play them! They had received almost no care for a very long time. Mundunugu is now able to put a maximum of 135-140 on the solo gr, and it’s still a really hard way, if you give him a nerf he will be thrown in the trash and wd will be the weakest character in the game !!! This is not a good idea!


I guess they will clarify but it seems some people are right in it not being completely clear. It can be read to say that this may not be season 23 or it might. It could certainly seen to be a permanent change. I figure they will clarify that beyond doubt at some point.

The easiest test is when PTR starts, if it is there if you do not start a season character and use an existing character, that answers the potential question.

Hi everyone - PTR 2.7.0 is now available for download and testing. PTR Feedback and Bug reporting sections are also available for your posts. See you there!



It’s non-seasonal too. So this may not be a season 23 patch perhaps an overall patch. I am sure they’ll do an official announcement sooner or later.
See for yourselves. cheers

doing s23 for the pet - finally the green flying dragon <3


Hi Blizzard. You already nerf the WD removing the Enforcer Gem effect. Now you remove the Glazing Demise bonus. You’ve kill the only viable build of WD and WD were the less played class as they are the worst ones. Please take a look at the leader boards and see when was the last time a WD hit 150… it was when Enforcer was active. Please, reconsider the ban to WD


Just managed to log into the ptr. Don’t know if anyone mentioned first but the crit bubble of the scoundrel is on the same tab as the cheat death and the cooldown of the ench is on the same as + elemental. And I don’t know if there is any viable way to equip them with the all skills token and not have them die every 1 second.

tubahero is #5 in season hardcore barbarian, #4 dh, and #2 on monk, all as ssf. He has over 4k paragon.

Just because YOU can’t do something doesn’t mean that it cannot be done.

I don’t see any incentive for playing next season. If the changes come to non seasonal as well, I’d rather play my already established toons with higher paragon than starting from scratch.
It looks to me like this is the beginning of phasing out seasons altogether. Kinda like pulling out the already small D3 development and support team in not so distant future.

Spoken like a true teenager. You realize that d3 is only supported by 2 or 3 devs now, and they also support other games, right? I’m impressed that they’re making any changes at all.


There used to be a crafted set for that, though the name eludes me now.

edit: oh yeah, ashearas.


I agree with this. It takes little effort to look at GR standings, see that one build dominates for each class, then drop % modifier appropriately for that build. Seems pretty intuitive tbh. Then, maybe try to buff up some builds that NEVER get to push GR?

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They should make experience and magic find increase with the number of followers you have (same buff as for group), and allow solo player to have all followers.
Great update, but paragon still king though. They should also make all players default to paragon 1000 when they enter a greater rift.

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Players should be allowed to become stronger by playing the game.

Only way this would be acceptable is making a special rift for the leaderboard, while leaving regular GRs alone.


Is that a problem? Sems like you get to play the mode you would rather play.

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Demons surge regularly approximately every 3 months. Something oughta be done!

I love this ptr so much it got me back playing again.

I really hope you keep Asheara’s set with the new follower update like it is on PTR now.

it makes the gearing proces as a support monk/dh/wd/crusader a lot longer and a lot more fun <3

Thanks, I hope I can play Asheara support monk next season :smiley: please no nerf.

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