Diablo III Celebrates 10 Years

No wings? You could have done a bit more. Especially for a “landmark anniversary” like the 10th.


The work is appreshiated. Not listening is not. Now eat your nothingburger and shut up.

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No wings, no pet, nothing. Perma en and double bounties seems rather minor compared to a 10 year…


Be objectionist is fun? Why don’t just have fun for playing?
High expectation can be unstable, you know.

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Compare this season with ethereals.
ENs were called out for being a removed feature of the game(google trials).
ENs were also called out for making their way into non-season, the instant they hit the ptr.
Add abysmal drop rate for a seasonal theme and lack of content to that. Apart from a couple augments(125 ffs) no incentive for people. What a joke.


Yup very underwhelming for a 10 year anniversary, making EN’s permanent is like not flipping the switch end of season woopdiedoop. And a double bounties buff for the remaining of the season wich we have also seen before.
So nothing really unique to commemorate the 10 years…


Im happy they are permanent. Much faster xp than grifting. Gonna have to figure out what to do with all the gems.

Idea - cube 3 125 gems & turn them into 135.


The problem of seasons make you want to collect new items all the time.
Do you have fun to find new items or to slay the monsters.
What it meant to play the game in the first place?
“Don’t you want to be free from the unstable expectation?”

I would rather have a 4th cube slot, or the hellforge embers, or even the every 90seconds get a random thing…

Heck why not go nuts and have all the season themes all in the game at once for this week! hahah, maybe I could even do a gr150 if I had access to that much power hah


Will the petrified screams and augment doohickeys r(i.e atonement gems) ollover to non-season at the end of this season?

I assume so, but we all know the old cliche about assume.

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I only keep really good set / green items. They will change with patch notes. Rings & amulets are good too cause they dont take up much space.

Horders gonna horde thou.

Thats me! Honestly it would have been sweet if for the 10 year thing, they gave us a mega bank vault able to hold 10 times what we can currently hold heh.

I do like how the console stores stuff, everything no matter what is 1 space. A mega bow or a tiny key, everything only takes 1 space


I think the season mode is the expectation of greed.
The hardcore mode is the expectation of fear.
And the normal mode is the expectation of fun.

What is the use of EN as permanent feature as the drop rates of petrified scream is still very low?

You think you’re playing the game.
But I think the game is playing you.

Its the same concept of wishing to live forever and being granted immortality and the next moment getting sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole!


It changes the entire mechanics. When it was only seasonal the rewards were a limited time offering and the drop rate being so low we were not getting enough to be worthwhile.

Now that it is permanent and the rewards being unlimited, the drop rate doesn’t need to be as high as we are not on a time crunch to get many in a short time frame.


Good to hear that it’ll be a permanent feature. Having more optional endgame contents to run is rarely a bad thing.

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I’m not sure but I think the Season and Hardcore modes can put greed and fear in you.
Should you beware its effect in reality?

They’re probably talking about the Diablo Immortal pre-downloads.