Diablo II: Resurrected Console Lobbies, TCP/IP, & UW Updates

ty for the info keep up the good work pez

That’s GREAT! Keeping it as a community based event is what D2 is all about.


Globally, region locked, or something else? Is everyone that is playing at the time Dclone pops guaranteed to get him? Or is it a certain number of people drawn randomly from a lotto? If it is a lotto system, does selling a SoJ increase your chance of being selected? I crave details. :stuck_out_tongue:


With loss of tcp ip, would it be possible for devs to utilize some sort of instanced connection to bnet for sp characters to invite into game from friends list. No lobbies needed like current open bnet, just a simple way for sp friends to play together.


Please at least turn off rendering for the vignette zone on 21:9, all those pixels were still getting rendered under it in beta which is a waste of GPU power.


This is pretty sad and bad news. For many players that have enjoyed Diablo 2 for years and were hoping to get a proper face lift to their beloved games, getting a gorgeous yet feature lacking version is pretty bad. This has some WC3 Reforged bad vibe to it.

“some form of Modding” basically means no mods. Things like Pluggy, Median XL, PD2, that’s out of the picture now. Which is basically what 90% of the D2 players are actually relying on to keep them entertained. This decision (even if it truly is for security reason) is effectively putting a expiration date on D2R.

And for “security flaw”. I really hope this gigantic sacrifice to the versatility of the game is going to be effective, you’ve failed to protect D2 from Bots and hacks for 20 years now. I better not see any bots in D2R or your decision to remove features will leave an even worse taste in every players’ mouth.

At least make it so that we have unlimited Shared Stash space in SP so we can at least feel like we have pluggy.


BattleNet IS the easy way for friends to play together. It requires no configuration. You can mostly solo on BattleNet and then group up when you want to play in groups.

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I plan on playing bnet myself. However, sp players are losing something. I was asking for a compromise. If you don’t have constructive feedback, no need to reply.


Thank you for the response! This is still a bit unclear though. Is it based on server IP addresses on the new Bnet? Or is it based on region (like global SOJ sales in Americas vs APAC servers)?

Also this event was originally meant to clean up the astronomical amount of duped SOJs in legacy D2. If dupe methods are indeed all fixed, this seems like a very, very steep requirement to spawn Uber Diablo on multiplayer. It will make Annihilus the rarest item in the game by far. Shouldn’t an alternative for this event be considered?


Now this is constructive and something I can get behind. I hadn’t asked yet myself, as I figure we will get an info dump prior to launch. However, this does seem to me, to invite more of an incentive to bot, rmt, and find duping methods. Also to boot, anyone new to D2 might not get the point.

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Well, unless Blizzard/VV has secretly thrown down the gauntlet and devised a foolproof system that is not able to be breached. Everything is impossible until someone does it, and that works both ways.

So just to be clear, Diablo 2 Resurected on Xbox, PlayStation and switch have far inferior multiplayer lobbies and chat options that have no plans on being fixed.


Just because it’s not the answer you wanted, doesn’t mean it isn’t constructive. Your suggestion was for people who prefer to play alone most of the time to have a way to group together on servers that Blizzard would provide. That is exactly what BattleNet is.


Sp is a different play style than online only. Some in the community like to chase holy grail, keep maps, not deal with internet lag, etc. Some like to duel their builds with other sp players, or just group up every once in awhile. Tcp ip or open bnet was a way to do that. My offering was a positive spin, asking a constructive question in attempt to find a middle ground to replace the old method. Simply saying play on bnet doesn’t tackle the issue, only deflects to do something else.


Without console lobbies, I’m out. Calling my credit card in the morning to report it stolen and canceling the pre-order.


Yes consoles have an inferior lobby system compared to PCs for a remastered 20 year old PC game. :rofl:


You know you can just cancel right? Blizzard is really good with these things, lol.


What makes it funnier is they had to do extra work to mess up multiplayer. This is something they could of left well enough alone but instead they took what made Diablo 3’s multiplayer bad and added it to Diablo 2 while also nerfing player chat…


Does this mean you’re again going to incentivize AFKing online 24 hours a day on each of our accounts?

Smooth move.

Are we also keeping the lame jumping from game to game IP hunting garbage in the game still, or were you guys able to come up with a system that isn’t terrible?

Thanks in advance.