Diablo II: Resurrected Console Lobbies, TCP/IP, & UW Updates

My Beta Feedback

You are special. Keep smiling I guess LOL

Here’s an idea d clone and users work the same way. God forbid you don’t get ann first week

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This is horrible, nothing was accomplished with this post. You guys need to fix console lobbies. I just refunded my PS5 version after seeing this tone-deaf post. No text chat is NOT accessible to players, no in game voice chat results in 0 communication between all players (most players are randoms in D2), and no console lobbies means no trading and removal of one of the most important RPG elements in the game.

Absolutely ridiculous


RIP consoles… You better not quest-glitch Baal.
Requirements to view games:
Pandemonium Event: Act 5 completion
Uber Diablo: Act 5 completion
This one’s funny - “Chaos Sanctuary: Requires Act 2 completion” what? Not act 3? lol

And WTF?!? They seriously don’t know what “Classic” means?
“Despite this change, a form of modding will still be possible. Players will have the ability to modify specific files which include adjusting values of skills, items, and more. However, keep in mind the Classic client of Diablo II will still exist and that is not going away. Multiplayer mods will still be able to exist and thrive on that platform by our community there.”
No way will Classic have the option to mod files, that would be stupid. Did they mean, “Vanilla”? And, is Vanilla going to be free with D2R because otherwise this just says, “Go buy something else.”


The funny thing is that nobody is going to run ubers in a public game… How out of touch are these console product managers…


Get rid of that big monstrous chat window in game.

Yes old chat system please… new chat system is terrible on PC

I can’t say I am mad at Blizzard not putting voice chat in Diablo II. Would it be nice sure, but most people use the mic now a days to purely troll. What’s the point with voice chat, if people troll all the time? This isn’t generalization. Just play any current multiplayer game right now with competitive multiplayer.

This wouldn’t be the only game not to include it. Just look at EA’s Star Wars Battlefront games. They don’t have voice chat.

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That’s why I feel like text chat would be best in game. They could keep voice chat for your friends list etc. Either or would be better than the current console communication tools though.

Imagine trying to barter for an item in game on consoles too. You’d have to either invite everyone to a voice chat party or send them messages that take forever outside of the game. It’d take all day.


its kinda funny anyone liked this. i feel like i also auto-clicked like because its a blue post and they gave us SOMETHING. :drooling_face:. But what did this really say? “hey all those things you already knew, ya, same same. Oh and we added a few game selections for consoles, bye.” :joy:


TCP/IP is not important because of modding, it is important because it is the primary way for SP characters (you know, the only way to play offline) to play with other characters, such as LAN parties (which ARE still a thing).
Whether it’s TCP/IP or some sort of friends-only local network game like how D3 notices when friends are on your local network, there NEEDS to be a form of multiplayer available to SP characters.
One of the main benefits of SP over closed bnet (aside from the aforementioned) is that /players8 works there, which allows for not only better leveling and loot finding, but also a far more challenging experience. Standard bnet is very easy compared to /players8. Some of us prefer a more challenging game, like solo or duo vs p8 monsters. This is not possible on closed bnet.

PLEASE either add /players8 to bnet or add some form of multiplayer for SP characters. THIS is one of the main additions many people want.


“Following the Technical Alpha, we learned that this functionality was enabling significant security-related issues to our game. We’re aware that removing this feature adds a large hurdle for talented multiplayer modders in our community. Still, our priority is to keep this game’s ecosystem as secure as possible for all of our players.”

Why don’t you cut the sh!t? We know this was probably a suit decision after the alpha got cracked and people were playing pirated copies.


Hoping to provide some constructive support as I beat both the game on PC and console.

This whole gate keeping lobbies between quest/achievements is too much.

Look at what administrative work you’re doing to just police lobbies!

You’re setting unnatural triggers within the game to give and remove players access to lobbies. Why?

Game Name / Password and you don’t need to do any of that stuff! You’re wasting company time and money on this and it doesn’t help the community at all.

It’s also very confusing for new players coming to console.

People don’t mind using the onscreen keyboard interface to enter in content. On another note, why are the capabilities between having KB/M on console ( especially Xbox ) not present? How is it easier to develop controller support for the game rather than Keyboard and Mouse?

As for TCP/IP , I totally agree with the removal as it has become redundant and always proved to be a nuisance back in the day.

If you can make mod support work within the limitations, I’m all for it. Even if you’re not, I’m sure the bright minds out there will find a way. They always do.

Please keep the community alive and bolstering for this game. That should be the objective. To get as many customers to share their experiences with their many friends and purchase copies of the game to walk them through the wonderful horrible journey of Diablo 2 and lategame content.

Please bring Optional Crossplay Lobbies.
Please bring FULL PC Multiplayer Lobby functionality to consoles.

You’ve made too much work for yourselves, focus on what is already put in place for you, don’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to this.

I feel that this project has strayed too far from the original path. If you’re going to offer a hampered down version of the game, sell it for less.

If you’re going to still go ahead with this gatekeeping multiplayer lobbying system, add custom lobby support on the side.

Also who the hell wants to voice chat while playing Diablo? When has this ever been a feature?

Great work on the graphics, lighting and gameplay so far! Thank you so much for doing this!

The criticism is for passion. I know this account doesn’t have a lot of activity, but I needed to get this out there as an attempt.


Agree, feel like they never played D2.


I kind of feel better now. What a roller coaster ride this has been.



In game voice chat is just more practical on console than text chat. Although I think both should exist.

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Thank you for your hard work. We, who are about to quest east, salute you.

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SP is 1 SOJ.

Bnet is the same range as prior which was around ~75~120

EDIT: I should note that these values are not approximate and can change in the future.


I think we are glad that another one who needed an advantage because Vanilla PVP was too hard is no longer amongst us.

Just sayin :wink: (written from my ultra-wide monitor that I don’t need to use as an advantage in a 20 year old game).

And I think this right here is what was causing a lot of issues in the beta for people able to join a game or not and made it feel impossible to group up with people during it. The lobby shouldn’t be converted to a free roam lobby, it needs to convert to the next quest and be searchable that way. And I know that multiple quests can trigger during a game, so give the lobby host the ability to set an active quest.

That way when people are searching for a certain quest, they can still join that lobby if there’s open player slots. A big problem during the beta on console, was that games felt dead once players started leaving and now it makes more sense since people were probably searching more for a certain quest than free roam. I know I at least was searching for games that way and not using the free roam option, maybe I’m in the minority on that one.

Even if we can’t have the ability to create a named lobby/password protected lobby, we should still have a list of available games. It can show the hosts PSN tag/gamertag, difficulty, x/8 players and maybe the active quest that the lobby is working on. The current console lobby system just feels broken, I guess we’ll see how these things will improve the experience at launch and go from there. Especially now that I know that lobbies automatically switch to free roam for whatever reason after the initial quest is completed.

At the very least, can we at least have the option to customize the chat wheel? Even if it’s just a few spots on there that can be customized. There are certain times for me where voice chatting isn’t going to quite cut it and the text chat, at least on Xbox and for me, is still clunky when going through the system.