Diablo II: Resurrected Console Lobbies, TCP/IP, & UW Updates

I think you are missing a silver lining. We knew that they had the code for things that were toggable at the player level (i.e. auto-gold pickup). Now, we know that they have the code

1.for a game creator to set the identity of the game that they create
2. a filter system for others to find it in multiplayer that is sophisticated that takes into account the achievements of all players that opt in.

We have talked alot about other toggable options. Blizzard still need the code but it means that the setting the toggable at game creation and filtering games for opt in is solved.

I am secretly or not so secretly smiling.


Then offering private leagues would be huge actually for cash

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You are 100% correct. What they did to console multiplayer is terrible and we should all be upset. The fact that they have no plans on fixing it either despite most of the console players agreeing is also very disheartening.

It’s may not be a bug, but it definitely hinders the game from working as originally intended.

I just wish they would take the console side of things seriously.

The controls are great, the graphics are great, but the communication, the menus covering the entire screen and the multiplayer as a while are just bad.


At this point i feel lied to. I love classic D2 and still play it to this day. But the QoL improvement from the mods is what made me really dive back into playing D2. I pre-purchased Resurrected with the thought im going to play the normal D2 and enjoy it for awhile, and when my fav mods are out im going to super deep dive back in. New graphics with all kinds of QoL added! now AFTER ive spent my money im told, oh BTW the thing we said about Modding it was a complete lie.


I don’t think I have agreed with you much thus far, but i see ya. :sunglasses: :+1:

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How is that best experience for Deaf gamer to play if they cant communicate since they cant hear?


It’s called “Securing Q3 Profits” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Honestly, I hadn’t even thought of that. That reason alone should be good enough to add actual text chat to the game. Especially since they were really highlighting accessibility options before.


You are a good person, kudos!


Wow you guys are seriously tone deaf aren’t you?

Look I’m a PC player but I can’t imagine playing this game on console with these decisions. Console needs custom game names with the same lobby PC has, mouse/keyboard support and the in-game text chat.

I mean how in the hell will console players trade? Will they just randomly join a game and hope someone will trade with them a specific item? Will they voice chat every person they encounter until someone has the item they want? Will these players have to rely on using a forum or 3rd party site?

Thought the team were Diablo fans but they just don’t get it.


Maybe we can start some lobbies up to trade with concole players to help out?


To be fair, that is likely what most PC players will rely on too.

But yeah, your post is completely on point.


I mean you’re right but I still have the option to make a game called Gul 4 Shako and people can join that posses a shako.

It’s crazy.


I like this part here.


It’s not even the best experience for the average gamer.

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I’ll just wait for mods to show up before buying then. They are EXTREMELY vague about all of this and the security concern is BS. They just want to try to limit piracy.


There’s a lot of people who don’t play PvP, and that’s why Blizzard really needs to listen to the people who do play PvP when it comes to balancing PvP and the few things that really matter for it, like WSG being omitted and 21:9 advantage. The most active D2 community was always the duelers and the economy that fueled dueling, so screwing up the PvP is a huge mistake


You have the most excellent name lol

Literally why I want to be able to use my headset to chat.

I’m a miner, I work underground, I’m partially deaf.


It would also be great if anyone from Blizzard could tell us how Uber Diablo is going to work in D2R before the game comes out