Diablo II: Resurrected Console Lobbies, TCP/IP, & UW Updates

To me, for the console version, it’s a great single player game. That’s what I do most on for when I play console. Play single player games. Yes there are multiplayer games with voice chat, but Diablo II wasn’t originally capable of supporting voice chat. To me, as long as they add in more chat character voices, I think that will scratch that lack of communication Diablo II doesn’t have for console.


How is anyone supposed to trade on console? You are basically promoting third party websites for trading. Trading is a core part of D2


Hey a simple request: Monitor the situation with PvP and ultrawide monitors. If it turns out that 19:9 is giving players an unfair advantage compared to everyone else with 16:9, and forcing people with 16:9 monitors to play in 19:9 settings (with black bars on top), then the logical fix would be to make players with ultrawide monitors be capped at 16:9 only while hostile to other players, and 19:9 otherwise.

That would be something that developers could just, keep an eye on and see how it pans out


Doesn’t matter if original didn’t have it.
It’s ridiculous that I can’t just tell ppl
“Yeah Andy tp is up” or “Anyone got Trav wp?”

In this day and age?


I mean either or would be better than having neither in game heh.


The original game had text chat for communication in game, so what about that?


Basically a mini blue wall of text to state you are not going to change anything people have asked in this forum :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Anyway could you please update the playerbase about the Switch version? On Nintendo page the game recently changed from 8 players to TBD and it’s not really encouraging. Thus there was no beta and no confirmation about how cross progression is going to work on that console. Thanks.


Easy fix, post it in clubs from the game’s different sections on Xbox One or Xbox Series X. Make a post saying “Hey anyone want to Andy run?” then add the titles you think best mirrors what you want out of your experience.

I can’t say if Sony has a system like this on their console but Microsoft does.


I second this. Let us know what’s going on with the Switch version.


But not the artistic integrity. God awful looking characters that aged with us, not to mention the Assassin apparently being racial fluid? If you’re going to age all the characters 20 years, change their clothes, change their ethnicity, and make some really weird censored environment changes (go look up on youtube “Proof of Diablo 2 Resurrecteds Downright SNEAKY Censorship” by Game LORE Dash and skip to 3:00)… at least cut the $40 price tag down to like $20, since many of us probably own multiple hard copies of the original already anyways from when we were younger, haha.


The text chat now is the voice chat on character dialogue wheel.
You know “follow me”, “this way”, “help me”, etc.

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speaking of that , any news about some way to fight against botting ?
a report button specifically to fight against bots for example so that they don’t go in public anymore ? (not a report button for other purpose since it might be abused by players otherwise if they die in pvp etc…)

i doubt it will be answered , but another question , any idea if we’ll have more character slot (and some more non shared character tab to avoid needing mules ? )
20 is quiet a little number compared to what we could do on diablo 2 as multiple account for free was possible.
20 in total considering the number of builds and playstyle (ladder , non ladder , HC , pvp etc…) is quiet a small number sadly, on diablo 3 it’s okay since it doesn’t have any kind of skill tree and you can swap anytime you want the passives and skills , but not doable on diablo 2.


Well that sucks. So much effort to remaster a game that will be pretty much dead in a few months. Custom MP servers were a pretty huge reason why the game is still this popular.


Lol people call those “next gen” consoles and they don’t even have speech to text features in the controller

Would be so easy to just say what you want to type rather than going through the paint of typing it


No 21:9 support, no $$$ for you, just refunded my pre-order…


Please tell that to the “Purists”. Why do we need modded versions of D2, if the original is oh so perfect?

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There was a fighting game that launched on the Xbox 360 in 2005, it had the ability to create lobbies with titles, and in game text chat with a controller. There’s really no excuse not to have it in the console version.


I’m assuming this is a typo and requires act 3 completion?

My other concern is concerning communication. I’m more than ahoy for chat, I prefer it to be honest. The issue was that in the beta there was NO communication. So if no changes are being made that means that we will not be able to communicate at all. Voice chat DID NOT work


Classic shared stash please :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Not one opposing view!!


You did us console players dirty with the changes you made to the lobbies. “Modernizing” the system and removing traditional lobbies is going to kill online on consoles.

If it works anything like diablo 3 you pretty much gave us half the game the PC has.

I and many other players really hope you reconsider and hope you match what the PC has otherwise all the people in console who refunded the game during the beta probably won’t end up purchasing the game at all.

Reading the changes you made for console players in the most disappointing news for this game and I probably going to cancel my pre-order now.

I don’t want the game to fail, but I don’t want to play the game anymore.