Diablo II: Resurrected Console Lobbies, TCP/IP, & UW Updates

Err that seems a bit steep for bnet. Especially if you guys are able to keep bots at bay. Is this going to be ip based again too or regional or what?


I just requested a refund for my purchase that I’m hoping you will honor. I spent over $1,000 USD on my widescreen monitor and the simple fact that I can’t use my monitor to its fullest to play a 2021 re-released version of a PC game makes the purchase rather pointless.


If you think about it it’ll probably be the same way. I don’t think we are all on the same IP address every single time we join a game. There are probably different IP addresses like og D2, and therefore DClone will spawn on different IP addresses depending on how many SoJ’s are currently sold on each.

You guys are morons lol. Literally all you had to do was not destroy a masterpiece of a game.


They will honor it.

I can’t help but think how silly it is to purchase an ultra wide screen monitor, exclusively for playing one game. To each, their own I suppose. Just my opinion.


That’s a good thing isn’t it? NL players should have a few extra Soj laying around after a while.

In my opinion Uber Diablo is one of the most epic gaming events in gaming history. Has any other game ever done something similar? I know it was used as a sink for duped soj, but I’d like to pretend they were just this innovative to create these kind of gaming experiences in the early 2000’s.

This is the problem though. People AFKed forever once they knew a spawn was about to happen, or even when they didn’t on the off chance one would. I AFK-spawned multiple Annis in old bnet, it was stupid. Then they implemented an anti-afk kick, which is easy enough to work around without any software of our own.

In short, the bnet system is terrible.


Hi! Does anyone knows if the next hit always miss bug is gonna be fixed??


They said no on Twitter, but that they’re open to feedback about it. I hope they change their mind. You can Google Rod Fergusson’s twitter to find the tweet if you want also.


Yeah, for what I’ve been reading here and there, there’s many of us that want that to be fixed. Well, who knows? Hopefully they do change their mind.
Thanks, I’ll go google that now.


I love how they just targeted 21:9 aspect ratio in the UW support to not make it seem like that big of a change. However at my 32:9 ratio (and others) this is a significant blow. We suggested multiple times if we can at least have this for SP, we talked about a 16:9 check mark for MP games when you make your game, how keeping the cast range to 16:9, etc.
Going from 4:3 on my screen to 16:9 is barely a difference. It was working fine in the alpha, especially if you didn’t include it in MP.

You are referring to a very niche play of someone using missiles at an extended range, which is debatable if it is even any faster than doing it normally and running over to the other mobs at a faster rate.

I can’t believe that at SP games you cannot decide for yourself that you would like to run at your full native resolution. It would be up to you if you want to do a hack-job playing and hitting monsters with missiles across the screen, though it would be incredibly boring.

There has been so much stress on PvP when considering the UW resolutions (and where people are crying about), but why is SP not even mentioned?

I was extremely hopeful of the remaster and was incredibly excited to be playing at the end of this month. After the cut in the beta of the UW support, I figured you guys would have a proper solution. Alas, this is not the case and I shouldn’t be expecting anything more from Blizzard anymore.

If I wanted to play at half my screen I could go back to original D2, not have to fork out $40 bucks and have a lack of modding going forward (as it sounds like good mods will still not be able to be enabled). Heck, even some of the mods support ultrawide and farther.

Such a disappointment.

Sorry, is this a joke? 75-120 was based off of botting and duping. This is supposed to me minimized in D2R right? So why would the base amount be the same? Also, why arent we getting details? Is it globally? IP locked? We just sit afk and wait for it to pop? Kinda terrible. Change this please. 1 soj per game.


I will be following suite. I find it incredibly frustrating that at the very least full resolution isn’t supported in SP. Even suggested about having a 16:9 only aspect ratio tick box in MP games if you want to create a game like that (for the PvP’ers). Totally boggles me that they waited until just a couple weeks before launch for this to be announced. Felt like we were baited the whole way until now.

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It’s broken in PvM, too. They’d have to rework aggro range and everything, it’s all spelt out in Pez’s post.


There are a ton of us that already have had the UW monitors previous to this (2 years for me to be exact, or 10 years on super UW 48:9 w/Eyefinity).

It’s really not out of the realm for any major developer to have support for UW and super UW resolutions. They even said at the very beginning of their livestream many months ago that ultrawide, including 21:9 would be supported.


TCP/IP was always a big security issue. No idea why the tried to implement it into D2, when this game is completely full with hack or bot users.

You expected a 4:3 game to be converted to your UW monitor is the problem. How can you be so hard headed to understand their logic behind this? Even in single player the game is not meant for that resolution. The INTERNAL gameplay is not meant for those monitors. Just get it out of your head, this is a remaster of a 20 year old game. They are running the same exact game underneath, they couldn’t of accounted for the resolution back then when writing the coding of the game and how things respond. Just refund and get it over with. Nobody wants to play against or with people that have an advantage because they spent more money on a monitor. Even for single player it doesn’t make sense to change the resolution to appease you 75inch monitor guys.


All they see is 4:3 or 19:9 and freak out because their 1k monitor is useless now lmfao. 5-0 blizzard.

What I expect is that what a MODDER is able to do to be able to have the game work at UW resolutions, a whole TEAM should be able to find a solution…or am I just the crazy one thinking a team outweighs a single person?

They already had the resolution working fine in ALPHA, only the edge cases of people using missiles from across the map. I don’t want to play like that, I would still play how I normally would. Just would like the game to fit my screen.

Since you want it so pristine, would it then be fine to have no 16:9 support and everyone has to go back to 4:3?

Except it did not as they explained. It did not work well.