Diablo II: Resurrected BETA | PSA - EU Servers Restarting

Still not up yet I’m afraid…


wow that same error we’ve had for 6 hours straight is still happening in EU

bravo blizzard, you really care about EU :slight_smile:

good thing you tweeted fixes were coming within 30mins… 50mins ago


Yea like wtf? been able to play for 5 mins … always had this prob with D2 no response from EU and we just sit here.


Still not working. Games are made, but players are unable to join!! Fix this sh*t!!!


cant find one anywhere im running 144 hz 1440p vsync and at 144 fps in game but only 120 in menu

and i got 74% usage in game and 99% in menu

Just wanted to share that the restart has been completed and wanted to check in to gather feedback in terms of being able to play on EU servers.

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Just played for an hour, it seems to be working fine, except the somewhat high latency - hovering around 75-120 ms. EU servers - playing from Bulgaria.

I capped the fps from the GPU drivers, but apparently there seems to be some problem with the main menu - even though i am capped to 68 fps ( manual from the drivers ), the gpu goes to 70+ degrees with 60% utilisation ( RTX 3070 ). In game i get 40% utilisation for 68 fps with only around 60 degrees. There is definately something fishy about it…

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It works now, but what feedback do you expect when Blizz fire out an official status 5 hours after going down?? Most people gave up and went to sleep.

Do better.


Cant even get in… everytime I hit the play button says " The application run an unexpected error." :confused:


Me neither getting appcrash in .exe file on startup. No fun

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been waiting hours what a load of poo…why carnt i play .whats going on?

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Maximum use of the graphics card, 100%. I can’t see my graphics card settings, energy limit etc. The only game I have it in. Yours sincerely

  1. AMD Ryzen 9 3900 XT processor
  2. MSI Radeon RX5700 XT GAMING X 8G
  3. MSI X570-A Pro motherboard
  4. ATX Thermaltake 1000W Modular power supply
  5. Kingston HyperX DDR4 2x16
  6. Cooler Master 240
    Only Resolution Scale set to 50 helps but it is not good solution :frowning:

ok so, that did nothing, still unable to play after 13h, is this how it is going to be on launch, just a scam preorder streamer scheme .

Haven’t been able to play yet - started trying 18hrs ago, am now trying to install AGAIN, I hope it works this time.

same error on my end.
edit: deinstalled an reloaded. Still same errors.
esit2: OK, my fault. sorry. My PC is too old. Now I’m sad. gl hf everybody. I will play the “classic” version.

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This was 12h ago and i still can’t play due to an unexpected error, blizzard scaming ppl for money once again? Pre order and geta beta acess, what a pile of bull, just so they can cash in on a few extra bucks with a game that is not able to run. sorry i’m tilted…

I still get the freaking errors since yesterday 7pm…

All like this after pressing the start button: F5B45B30-95CB-448D-B403-82A593BD1555

I even switched the Regions from EU to US and Asia and back…to may get to a sever…

My other bnet games are working(like D3), just this is not…

This is so frustrating…

Guys, fix the errors @ the EU Servers, can’t be that hard…

And btw. like u see, the reset of ur servers yesterday fixed nothing

How is it, that Blizzard one of the biggest gaming industries allow such a horrobly coded beta to be lauched? Smells fishy to me, terrible costumer support, terrible beta, and most of all terrible lauch, lauched in a few plataforms but not in others, super bugged game, unable to open. Like WTF it,s not even a new game it’s a remastered. Garbage company

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Guys, why are you so grumpy (no offense)?
It’s just a beta, most of companies would not release the game until it is well ready.

Here, we have a chance to have an early taste of what the game will be on 09/23 and we can play 5 classes until A2. That’s cool, I’m enjoying the game, sure I found some crashes and lost 2 times half an hour of game…so what? I’m pleased to have a chance to taste this new D2 and I’m very happy Blizzard decided to finally make a nice remaster of our beloved game!
If you really want to have something more polished, maybe stay out of the beta test and way for end of september?